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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. 😱😱😱Beden Davis: use his son. Received a large amount of funds from the Chinese government: Obama. Utilization: He is in Shenzhen, China: Working brother: Get hundreds of millions of dollars from the Chinese government: They sold the Chinese government: Selling the United States: National interest! Do the Americans still believe in Bidden? Obama. Bidden. Eight years in office: Became a billionaire: Where did their huge wealth come from? ? Because they betrayed US national interests: earned. The Chinese government gave them: I am from Beijing. I know all the truth. All insider! All Transactions! If Bidden becomes president! The United States is the second China. horrible! Bidden is a big liar. He only loves money. Will not love the United States. God saw it long ago: what did he do? God will leave the great America to him!

  2. I'm not working for you Biden said…….well…duuhhh! You working to see just how much money you can get for your family and yourself!!!! Biden would do well to remember that Americans pay his salary through taxes! Bottom line Biden does not care about "we the people"… only his bank balance. Vote him OUT!!!! No presidential run…and OUT as Senator. Enough with the crooked " Capital Hill Gang"

  3. It's funny how people count in the United States in case they get a virus, what about those who are not legally living in the United States and who are uninsured in the United States? Do they have a family doctor? How would these people have test kits? In fact we don't know how many people are sick now, just take care of themselves and pray

  4. No need to wear mask anymore because majority of people already helping stop the spread of infection. Don't waste money, let others spend.

  5. Yay to the people/person who put lysol wipes at the walmart for the shopping carts. Make sure those wipe boxes are full lol. I'd even have the greeters pass them out

  6. SPREAD Helpful info, not FEAR! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!: KEEP YOUR PHONES CLEANED WITH ALCOHOL it harbors tons of germs in general. Keep hands washed, don't touch any opening on head and keep clothes clean especially if out in crowds, change when you get home and wash them. Wash your door knobs and light switches often.

  7. CV-19: Can you say, "Beta Test, Bench Test, Field Test, Road Test, Test Flight, Dry Run, Trial Run, Dummy Run, Practice Run, Dress Rehearsal, Combat Rehearsal, Mock Trial, Acid Test, Bench Test, Road Test, Practice Session, Try Out…and on and on and on and on.

  8. Friendly reminder to globalist media scum: if you get the panic you're pushing for, the people are coming after you FIRST.

  9. So where is the cure? Obviously this is a known virus because it is listed on old Lysol cans…so What's up gov-ment…STOP the the mean time watch containment on Netflix

  10. More virus stuff, are you telling me NBC news, there was less exciting things to report or more exciting, so like when i picutre coronovirus, do pictures bakrobbers in face masks, or maybe cornoa what about antifa they where masks and use antiseptic stuff in the past

  11. More evidence that FEAR of the #Coronavirsus hitting the Global Economy. Self Isolating won't make it go away just like that.You can't hide from this Airborne Germ-warfare Bio weapon.

  12. Anybody ever see the movie "I am Legend" with Will Smith? Let's just say, we are currently living it, with Congress'es Republicans playing the part of the zombies!!!

  13. Well, after managing to stomach about 9 minutes of THIS, mostly out of curiosity, I'm reminded first of all why I haven't watched TV or mainstream media in well over a year, and also what curiosity did for the cat………ugh

  14. Come on people..why would you go on a cruise if you know yoga have cancer? If you have too lose the money ou paid for the cruise zone be it..😏

  15. The planes are responsible for this They need to be doing more tests to get the gate. They need to shut down. Until they figure out how to quit spreading viruses across the world. It's not rocket science.

  16. Fear is the greatest weapon of control gov’t has. 650,000 Americans die of heart disease every year in the US.

  17. Trump can use Putin's dirty money to bolster the economy instead of funding his rat and bug infested properties !

  18. We need more masks. Why no one is wearing mask? Washing hands vigorously will not help much if someone infected with coronavirus sneezed/coughed on you.

  19. Good for New York for a strong response, but I read people are still allowed to go in and out, they need to lock it down like in the movies then set off a nuke if too many people in the hot zone have the virus or open up hunting season, instead of taking out wolves from a helicopter, they can take out infected towns people.

  20. Self quarantine here,,,,live in Fort Lauderdale Florida ,,,barricade the doors everyday any way,,,,door lock salesmen are the rich ones,,
    Government will keep everyone alive to pay taxes,,,dead or not we’ll have to work

  21. Only older and already sick useless eaters die from this, how convenient, cull the hurd and save social security, China at the same time is meditating the disastrous one child policy they use to have, which produced an unsustainable amount of old people. Most people dont need to panic, stocks should go up with all the money that's going to be saved, people should be happy.

  22. Miguel has to have one good immune system he has been overseas covering the coronavirus story back to the US

  23. That moron that said it's nothing need to stop down playing look at italy just because your not suffering doesnt mean other cases aren't and soon you will when the hospitals are overwhelmed and then the whole system becomes stressed. Then people that run the utilities start getting sick, say hello to rolling blackouts and infrastructure failing not just around the country, but the world. It is better to overreact and be prepared then to risk the lives of others….

  24. When are we going to hold China accountable for there actions and the spread of this virus? Corona 400 right? We don't feel sorry for Billionaire Air Lines … They have been bailed out before already; what about the American people who need there pay checks? And suspending the debt against credit scores?

  25. This young man is not a professional and has no right to speak about the odds of fatality. I'm glad he was lucky the chance of fatality in my age bracket is 8% the chance for my brother is 14% the chance for my daughter is 3%

  26. The Coronavirus is bad, but nowhere as bad as the TRUMP virus, currently
    affecting the highest levels of the Senate and executive branches of
    the US government.

  27. Everybody who thought this was a joke is about to see how serious it is once it affects everyone’s pockets, business,schools, food, travel n day to day activity people take for granted

  28. I have not seen any afro american pictured with the virus. Could they somehow have immunity? Something to think about. At least Trump stopped travel as soon as he did. or we would have more cases. He was called a racist for doing that.

  29. Italy is still racist, USA military,,,
    Philippines seems like a rational dream today.
    Thermo readings at large stores, and immediately removing victims and also
    Following contact possibility, we are not rich like Korea we made a fast Test at UP, its in production now

  30. wearing facial mask (surgical/N95) is very important! Avoid direct contact with suspicious and confirmed cases (should be quarantined) because this virus is highly easily infectious. Young people is also under death risk if they cannot receive medical treatment immediately and properly. According to cases in China, if one is confirmed then no family member can get rid of it.

  31. Man people can't afford to stay home. Find babysitters all day.
    That's why we're on crisis and stocks dipping. Listen to the ones exposed or sick.
    Hopefully the person who takes care of these people is clean. Some are not. Trust me .

  32. fake fake news will not tell you Vitamin C cures the problem..No the Big pharma folks in bed with the WHO would loose billions if that got popular..

  33. You can keep your tests and your vaccines and everything else you got stay the heck away from me. What is this a worldwide conspiracy to buriy all the old people. I think the young people are suckers and I think you better go back to school and study your history. No offense.

  34. Escucha a Sid Roth minuto 15 lo que dijo un Rabi al presidente Trump acerca de corona virus , minute 15 in English

  35. Black guy says… Joe knows us… He's been working for the black community for forty years…. Yeah, okay buddy… You were paid how much???

  36. idk what is more disturbing. the hysteria this will cause or the joy some religious types have hoping this is their prophecies coming true

  37. (please read full comments)This is
    the biggest human tragedy. Is it possible that there is a 'foul play'? Meaning
    is there a human factor in causing virus to mutate, make it extremely virulent
    see it can propagate, reproduce, isolate it, colonize it and then introduce to
    bats or otherwise? I have feelings that it can be done in a sophisticated lab.
    This is not the time to point fingers who did it, but ask look what have you
    done! This is the excess of money which makes people blind.What fearing is not
    the virus itself but the fearful power of human mind. Excess of money does NOT
    make you rich What make you rich is if you love mankind and you are loving
    peaceful and truthful. Then Khuda (God) loves you then you are Rich regardless
    of how much money you have.This is the major sign of apocalypse and end days or
    last days. Soon there will be Descent of the True Messiah. But what is the
    identity of the true Messiah? What Khuda (God) told me that there are few
    extremely important things to recognize the True Messiah. He must be Extremely
    intelligent, genius , he must have achieved something is his life MUST NOT OWN
    any property or estate or any piece of land, MUST have a SINGLE NAME. MUST be a
    believer in Major prophets namely Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and others. He
    must be truthful PEACEFUL and love mankind regardless of color, creed, origin
    religion. There are already many false messiahs around. So wait soon he will
    reveal himself. Thank you for reading all this.ease read full comments)

  38. So wait in Italy citizens have to stay in but tourist can walk around exposing themselves and others to the virus. Is this correct?

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