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Nation’s Hospitals Preparing To Handle Coronavirus Patients | NBC Nightly News

Nation’s Hospitals Preparing To Handle Coronavirus Patients | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Trying to convince my daughter to stay home, but she insists on going college, sitting up all night watching news, hopefully Boris will be sensible and shutdown? 😟

  2. we will see nurses in NYC protest and strike, my hospital not ready. so much confusion puts staff members at risk.

  3. Trump has decided to create a new magic czar, who will be tasked with making the coronavirus dissappear – Poof. The new magic czar will also be responsible for all things magical. Trump's first choice for the new magic czar appointment was Magic Johnson, however Magic refused to return his calls.

  4. Everyone standing there, who said they were on the front line, should be wearing gear head to toe. They have no idea what is about to hit them. They need a better sense of urgency if they are going to survive treating this.

  5. Hospitals routinely have disaster drills with the possibility of an epidemic being one of the scenarios. Big kudos to John Hopkins hospital for implementing their own plan to address the Coronavirus and realize they need to provide support to their frontline healthcare workers. As a retired nurse the lack of our government to be more proactive and not heed the concerns of the physicians in the trenches is distressing

  6. I think the whole Coronavirus issue is much ado about nothing. The fact that currently 98% of those who get it recover, makes me unconcerned about the whole thing. If I had other health issues, which may cause my immune system to be compromised, then I would be a little concerned and very cautious. Otherwise, most of us are good to go and may get a cold. In fact, many of us have probably already had one of the other coronaviruses during our lifetime.

  7. BIG BIG mistake to treat corona patients or screen suspect patients in public hospitals. This will spread the virus even wider. Unless these hospitals will admit only corona patient.

  8. If a new disease developed that was asymptomatic, but highly contagious and 100% fatal, and only spread by kissing, it would turn Spin the Bottle into Russian Roulette.

  9. Hospitals WILL BE OVER run BEFORE april 1st. MILLIONS WILL BE turned AWAY. Banks are GOING to DEFAULT BECAUSE MILLIONS LAID off will not pay THEIR BILLS.

  10. So we're just going to have to die if we cant be treated in a hospital? I understand we can't just go in all of a sudden to risks others health but if we quarantine at home with hardly anything to help ourselves the death of us is more higher than surviving.

  11. The CDC and John Hopkins are putting out redacted data. We used to be able to see city by city the spread of this virus their interactive site now only shows numbers per state not able to track locally fear will sit in

  12. If ppl has mild symptoms does not need to go hosp it is encouraging these carriers to spread to others and the vulnerable ones – old and with illness history within the family and community.

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