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Nancy Pelosi Introduces House Managers For The Senate Impeachment Trial | NBC News

Nancy Pelosi Introduces House Managers For The Senate Impeachment Trial | NBC News

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  1. DOD DOJ ARREST This Unconstitutional Criminal CHICKEN Schiff-Hole COUP or CIVIL WAR !!!!!![ DEATH To ALL Who Signed the FAKE Articles of Impeachment ]

  2. 🎶corruption junction what's your function Moscow Mitch🎶
    It is said that every time Moscow Mitch tells a lie his wattle grows

  3. The House has some nerve trying to say the Senate might conduct a sham trial after the crap they pulled. I hope the Senate gives it right back to them.

  4. Stop waiting and dragging you feets. It is TIME to lock Trump up for all the CORRUPTION he has done against US Americans. Trump stealing from our military, spreading hate and racism, dividing our people, locking up innocent migrant kids. He should be locked up!!

  5. America is hand cuffed and represented by a crimiinal minded multifarious lier,moscow Mitch and the republicans are enabling gang members.

  6. Much ado about nothing. This is nothing more than pure partisan nonsense designed to gaslight the American people. Donald Trump will NOT be removed from office. And chances are high he'll be re$ellected in November.

  7. Why does nadler always look like his body is there but his mind is somewhere else. He always has that weird blank stare

  8. The vice president protected his son from prosecution by using his office and threats to withhold financial aid. He is on video bragging about it. I'm generally not too keen to support Republicans, but this is too much. There is going to be a generation of ultra conservatives because of what you are doing.

  9. Wow they all have been in the government way toooooooo long. Drunk, Incompetant…….
    I wish them good luck presenting all of those undisputed facts and protecting our constitution………………….NOT !!!

  10. 13 and 15 yrs as Congress people. Wow that shouldn't b allowed lol they have been taking kick back from companies for yrs

  11. "Impeachment" is how you politic, when you have NO RECORD of accomplishment, DON'T have a voting majority and have nothing to offer America, except "race", lies, MSM propaganda and Hollywood celebrity.


  13. Some of these comments are unbelievable, must be Russian bots. The Congress and Senate took an oath to the constitution not to Trump. Do your homework on Trump and his entire life, you have YouTube, he’s been a fraud his whole life.

  14. Last week man-baby Trump selfishly drove the United States to the brink of possible nuclear war. Iran may already have nuclear weapons, and so our lives are less safe with that maniac Trump in charge. How much longer must we endure Trump's heinous decisions causing deaths everywhere he have a connection? We don't have a president, we have a thug. Thanks to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party for standing up for our democracy, and fight Trump's fascist regime

  15. Pelosi put Schiff in charge of the Managment so that he cannot be subpoenaed to testify in the trial. Otherwise he’d have to expose his contacts that he denied having with the whistleblower.

  16. Nancy Pelosi is over California. She keeps speaking on impeachment but not the emergencies of her own State. Impeachment does not have anything to do with her doing the right thing about contacting the correct Parties about the attacks on innocent People in California. I would not be an Individual if my deceased Daughter Ex-Husband of my two Children, Dad, Mom, Sister In-Law, of my and other Associates were not killed or setup to be uncomfortable to speak out about injustices by this corrupted Government. I don't fear any of them. Nancy Pelosi Court and Government in California is wicked and crooked. Nancy Pelosi is aware of the Law. She needs to stop fronting like She does not know the deal. I cannot relate to Women like the Women in the Emmett Till case that allow prejudice Government to front like they are the ones being threaten. The last thing I want is to be around these mentalities. These People be are upset that you are not like them and do not want to be around that kind of evil, that they have to make up stuff to exist. A true sickness. To the Family Members in my Mom and Dad Family. They cannot speak on age or their Kids can speak on age because all of the Kids Parents are older than me. Their Kids are not that far in age from me. I do believe I was the one running on the treadmill at the Gym last night without losing my breath and singing for 34 minutes. Before that on the treadmill stepping backwards for 45 minutes. Lifting weights and doing stomach exercises with a blood irritation that is now under control because of me. Even when I am tired. I do my exercises to stay strong to fight these Oppressors and their Followers. FACTS.

  17. Is there NOTHING wrong with congress people who have been in congress for decades? IF PRESIDENT HAS TERM LIMITS*(FOR WHAT REASON?) WHY DOESN'T CONGRESS?

  18. This is a great day for Americans. The day is coming to remove chump from office. He’s been covering up lies like his bald 👩‍🦲 head!!

  19. so many Russian assets here! I wonder how much they're are getting paid to imbalance peoples' sanity.
    pathetic little souls , I feel sad for you.

  20. She is wasting a lot of tax payers money. The generation of democratic babies. They need to use that time and money on issues that will actually matter.

  21. Listen, I am all about checks and balances in our government. It’s apart of what makes America a great nation and entices many from around the globe to seek permission to live and work here…BUT I have never agreed with impeachment. I feel it’s counter productive on the world stage as well as staying strong for all of us at home. There has to be another way to keep our presidents on the right path and still look powerful to the world. I don’t believe impeachment is the answer. Like the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, it’s time to get with the times with a more modern approach.🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Great job Nancy!
    All the negative comments show that you are on the right path!
    Lev P. Has lots of new info on this corrupt impeached president.
    Restore America justice and no one is above the law!
    All roads lead to Putin!!

  23. These Democrats are completely insane. Schiff created his own whistleblower and lied about bribery and the Dems abused their power of majority of the house by impeaching the President because they don't like him. Vote all these delusional Democrats out of Congress before they destroy this Nation.

  24. Got to have one ☝️ Black in the team! But NOT in 7th Democrats debates…Oh I forgot…
    They’re afraid of Andrew Yang ….

  25. Hey Nancy stop accusing Trump of what u and the rest of those Dems of what u guys have been doing all along….trying 2 take the light off your self…not working…so that reminds me…GET BACK TO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!! Stop stealing your paycheck also…scheessh

  26. None of these dumbacrats have a clue the people who voted these parasites into office should be ashamed of themselves for helping these maggots destroy america but there's a new sheriff in town and his name is President Donald Trump. #FTDNC. #TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  27. Just a sign. A symptom of the sickness in the Democratic party. And throw in the media for giving this debacle any legitimacy.

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