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My Pocket Square Collection – Gentleman’s Gazette

My Pocket Square Collection – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette and
my wardrobe series. A lot of you have asked me about my wardrobe
and what it looks like. Because it would take too much time to do
just one video about everything, we split it up. In the past, we did my accessories such as
my ring collection, or my cufflink collection, as well as my shoe collection. Today is about my pocket square collection. I always found that adding a pocket square
to a jacket instantly upgrades the look, makes it more stylish, and so I always collect them
whenever I found one that I liked and added it to my collection because I wanted to be
able to have different ones for different situations, in different shades that work
with my jackets, especially if they’re patterned; not every pocket square always works with
every jacket. First, let’s look at my white pocket squares. If you don’t have any pocket square yet, investing
in a simple white linen pocket square with hand rolled edges is the best money you ever
spent. Because it’s such a wardrobe staple, we have
a whole range in our shop with different initials so you can either use them for yourself or
as a gift or have them even as a handkerchief that you need in your back pocket. It’s a worthwhile investment and most men
have at least three white linen pocket squares in their collection. White pocket squares work well with any kind
of dark suit as well as tuxedos or tailcoats for evening wear. If you wear a lot of business suits you may
not always want to wear a simple white pocket square and then it pays to have white with
a dash of color. So for example, in our shop, we have a whole
range of white pocket square with hand rolled edges and an embroidered colorful edge. It really makes everything pop if you have
a crown fold which just shows off the different colors of the tips and it creates some visual
interest but you still have the white background. Alternatively, you get a white pocket square
with a hand rolled edge in a contrast color which is very popular and it is likely not
going to go out of style anytime soon. While these white with contrast edge pocket
squares are almost mainstream among clothing aficionados, going with the contrast stitch
especially an X stitch is very different and it gives you the same effect, yet it has that
craft element in it because it’s a fine X stitch stitched in both ways and it’s very
unique and you can find a selection of those in our shop here. Other white pocket squares in my collection
are this one in white with some brown paisley. Also this slightly off-white with polka dots
and a contrast blue edge. As well as this white and green or beige dotted
pocket square which works really well with brown tones and Brown suits when you don’t
want just a harsh white. Of course I have all the pocket squares we
offer in our shop in my collection, however, I only want to show you a few of them otherwise
the video would take too long. Another more unusual white pocket square is
this one with hand embroidered blue polka dots and it’s just a fun little accessory
it’s not something you usually see usually polka dots are printed they’re never embroidered
especially not hand embroidered and we make those with skilled artisans in Italy and again
you can find it in our shop here. I really like to wear it with any kind of
navy suit or navy or blue blazer because it really makes it pop in a sophisticated yet
not super formal way Sometimes it’s also nice to have a white silk
pocket square and I don’t like the solid white silk ones simply because they have a tendency
to look flatter, they’re a little shinier and so I prefer linen but if there’s other
printed elements on there it’s just this one it works well with darker suits. Personally, I try to avoid white pocket squares
with any kind of casual garments such as tweed jackets sport coats or suits because they
just don’t work well together. The easiest way to pair a white pocket square
is with a white shirt because that way you don’t have to pick up the color in any other
parts of your outfit and it’ll always look classic. If you decide to go with white silk pocket
squares make sure they’re thick enough because the thinner silk is quite flimsy and it will
likely collapse on you in your pocket or sometimes also come out easily so if you go
with a silk go with a heavier silk otherwise linen specifically made for pocket squares
is your number one choice, even better than cotton. Linen is crisper it has a nicer look and it
wrinkles in a different way than cotton. Cotton is usually too thin and too lightweight
and just doesn’t look as sophisticated and dapper. Next up let’s look at my blue pocket squares. Blue is a very popular color in menswear,
particularly for men’s ties, and suits and because of that blue pocket squares pick up
those colors and make for a sophisticated overall outfit as long as there are other
colors incorporated into the blue. One of my favorite blue pocket squares is
probably this kind of turquoise mohair blue one from Fort Belvedere. We
sell that on our shop. It is a mix of silk and wool which makes it
different than wool, it’s softer than just wool, but it’s also not as flimsy as silk
and it is the perfect middle ground in my opinion. It also has a bunch of different colors such
as red which is another dominant color in menswear as well as green and yellow and gold
tones so it’s very versatile and I like to travel with it because chances that this pocket
square will look good with any kind of jacket I bring are very high. Otherwise, I have a bunch of silk pocket squares
such as these ones I think from Turnbull & Asser with again white and red which work well with
classic business outfits. Another one I really like is this kind of
medium dark blue one with little printed patterns on it. I’ve worn it with a lot of different outfits
and it gets the scale quite right so I can wear it even with a patterned tie or with
a solid tie and it also stands out from a patterned jacket. This paisley inspired one is made of a dark
navy with tones of orange and green you can find in our shop. I like it because it has different areas on
the square so depending on what my outfit looks like I have a visible color that is
either more orange or blue or more green and so it’s quite versatile. This pocket square is another favorite of
mine. It’s a light blue with small paisley prints
in white brown and dark blue, goes with a lot of things especially with blazers business
oufits as well as Brown tones because it incorporates the brown tone and you could find this color
as well as a bunch of others with the same pattern in our shop here. This blue Paisley pocket square is a little
louder as the yellow tones but it’s a nice classic paisley print. Next up is a different kind of blue with greenish
printed rabbits that are based on old tapestries and again you can find it in our shop here. It’s that same silk wool blend that I like
so much because you can pair it with business suits as well as tweed sport coats and it
will always look debonair but not shiny and cheap. Just like with the white linen pocket squares
and the colored edge, you can find the reverse. A darker base color with a white edge and
I sometimes like combining this one especially if I have a more summery suit. Ideally you do this with a lighter jacket
otherwise it just doesn’t look as good on darker jackets. Here is another linen paisley print one which
I wear in a puff hold which is unusual because usually linen is crisper and it’s more suited
to a crown fold. If you’re a friend of subdued colors you will
like this one it’s a dark navy one with blue polka dots you can find it in our shop. it’s another wool challis and because of that
the size is smaller. the wool challis is simply thicker and so
it needs a smaller size. Traditionally pocket squares are cut so they
yield the most number of pocket squares per width of the fabric, however, I realized that
that doesn’t always lead to pocket squares that are ideal for your chest pocket. So all of the pocket squares you can find
in our shop are sized exactly for a regular men’s chest pocket so they look the best and
even if that means we’re wasting some fabric we still do it because ultimately the pocket
square is about how you look and not about how many pockets squares I can cut from a
piece of fabric. Interestingly that is not often talked about
but I was sick and tired of super large linen pocket squares that just bulged up in my chest
pocket so I decided I needed to size those down. The silk ones, on the other hand, are thinner
so they need to be bigger. Wool challis need to be even smaller and so
with every fabric, we try to get the size exactly right. This pocket square I bought early on it’s
kind of a very dark navy from Christian dior with some printed motifs. I wear it very rarely because it’s so dark
and it only goes with lighter jackets. Here’s another rabbit motif pocket square
in navy with more yellow rabbits very similar to the other ones. Sometimes the contrast white edge is too hard
so here is a light grey that’s a little more muted I like to wear it with for example a
petrol blue jacket. This pocket square has interesting colors
in teal and mustard yellow. It’s definitely a vintage piece and sometimes
it’s nice to have something that is different than a modern one because the color palette
is just different and makes your whole outfit unique. If you’re looking for a blue classic stape
pocket square I’d say this is it because it has not white but a slightly off-white polkadot
on a simple navy its wool challis so it doesn’t wrinkle perfect when you travel and it’s just
an all-time classic that will never go out of style. This is an interesting pocket square it has
an open weave it’s kind of a prototype we looked into but I didn’t quite like the feel
of it and rather I’m looking into some linen ones right now so stay tuned. Here you can see some prototype pocket squares
with this kind of very special linen that we’re currently testing. We just have to make sure that we get the
size right otherwise it will look bad in your pocket Here’s an interesting pocket square with tones
of purple and yellow. It’s surprisingly versatile and I wear it
sometimes when I want some typical checks in my outfit, works well with solid jackets. When it comes to white and off-white you can
probably have 30 different shades. When it comes to blue you can have all kinds
of different shades so because of that we added some pocket squares in different blues
with different hues and here a white contrast trim border. I also have other ones that add a little more
texture with a twisted yarn so you get more color flecks. overall I think you can hardly ever have enough
blue pocket squares. This pocket square here is rather loud but
I distinctly remember buying it in 2005 while I was doing an internship in Frankfurt in
Germany at the time my style was louder and bolder and so I thought this was quite a good
investment turns out I hardly ever wear this pocket square anymore simply because it’s
too loud Instead I now wear a pocket square like this
one here again silk wool fabric it picks up tones with purple brown green and off-white
and it’s much easier to combine with your outfits it always looks debonair. This is an interesting square here with brown
tones and blue two colors which are very dominant in menswear and so having those two combined
in the pocket squares is always advantageous because you have brown shoes or
maybe a blue suit or a blue shirt and it will always look harmonious. For summer I really like this kind of light
blue linen fabric with a contrast yellow edge stitch. Works particularly well with all kinds of
yellow ties for example yellow knit ties. Some other good combinations are red and light
blue again red is very dominant in menswear and so is blue so having them both together
in a pocket square makes it pretty easy to combine things. Next are red pocket squares. I’m wearing one here right now with the same
rabbits you could see before again you can find it out shop here. This one here is quite interesting it has
a Prince of Wales check or a Glen check pattern with a contrast edge and kind of a silver
gray. I found that I wear this one a lot particularly
with solid jackets in gray or a navy so I’ll try to reproduce it so we can offer it to
you in the shop because I’ve just wanted to be so so versatile. This one here is a classic dark red pocket
square that I found vintage. It has this kind of bronze tone that is rich
with some blue in there and I just like to combine it with madder silk ties or bow ties
because it has darker muted yet rich colors. Another great pocket square in the same pattern
as the turquoise teal one the very first one introduced is this one in red it picks up
the same color tones but it’s slightly different when you fold it and again I like to travel
with it because it enables me to create very classic combinations that are easy to combine. This is an older Fort Belvedere pocket square
that we initially used to sell we currently don’t have it in stock maybe I’ll reprint
it at some point in time I liked it because the red was a little stronger yet there were
green and blue tones in it and so it was easy to combine. Overall I think it was a little small so the
next iteration will be a little bigger so stay tuned. This is a pocket square I bought years ago
it has white edge it’s a bright red it’s linen but it is a little too bright for my taste
now so I hardly wear it at all anymore unless I have a very muted outfit. This one on the other hand is a really nice
pocket square it has exactly the right tone which is like a deep burgundy with off white
polka dots I think it’s from Ralph Lauren but you can find them in many places and I’ll
definitely want to add one of those to our collection because it’s a real good staple
to have. A really underrated color for pocket squares
is orange and orange is underrated in menswear in general which is why I made this video
here, please check it out it shows you how to combine orange and having orange pocket
squares is a really good way. For example here we have kind of an orange
white herringbone that is a little more reddish. It works well with fresco jackets or any kind
of solid jacket where you want to add a little more texture to the outfit. We also have these three different orange
linen pocket squares with different contrast edges from Fort Belvedere which are very easy
to combine in the summer because it’s a warm color it’s contrasting and it’s different
than red. For fall/winter having orange and green such
as in this wool challis pocket square with polka dots
from Fort Belvedere is really great. I also like this kind of salmon orange toned
one which is very similar to the blue one we saw before but with different colors so
it works well in a different context big fan of it during a fall winter season. Probably the most versatile orange pocket
square I own is this one here. It’s the same pattern as the red one or the
turquoise blue one. Silk wool blend different colors phenomenal
works with business suits casual garments sport garments it’s just wonderful. This orange one again is quite bright so I
only wear it in the summer for example with a seersucker suit. Other than orange I’m a big fan of yellow
pocket squares because they’re soft they’re warm but they’re not quite as harsh as white. This one here comes in a color that’s also
known as buff which is a soft yellow with a hint of beige mixed with some red in here
and black and they work well with madder silk ties. This mustard yellow pocket square with brown
accents from Fort Belvedere is really nice during the summer because it’s very rich and
almost like a Sunflower. These two pocket squares are essentially the
same pattern but with the dye and discharge process sometimes the color shifts a little
bit so you don’t always get the same the one is a little more yellow the other one is more
beige and off-white but it’s again that same pattern that we saw before with a salmon with
the blue and it’s very perfect to combine with all kinds of casual garments I don’t
like it as much with suits because it’s too clashing but with any type of brown or green
tones it works really well. When I started out at menswear I found these
two pocket squares and I wore them a lot. one is made out of silk and yellow the other
one is a little more pale and made out of cotton turns out both are thin and flimsy. So when I found these yellow linen fabric
I knew that it would look phenomenal with the contrasting yellow X stitch and so we
added it to our shop. It’s a perfect size among my number one choices
of yellow pocket squares in the summer. Now apart from those color palettes I also
have a bunch of different ones which I can just group so just want to walk through them
one by one. First this kind of a beige one with a blue
contrast edge works well with any kind of brown and blue very easy to combine. unfortunately it’s cotton so it does not wrinkle
as nicely so with this one here you get it in linen with the blue X stitch again you
can find it in our shop and it’s another one of my favorites. If you like Paisley patterns you probably
like this it’s kind of a burnt pale brown with a very soft off cream tone and it’s just
very nice. we used to sell them years ago we may add
it into our program again we’ll see this printed English silk pocket square has
nice tones of blue and brown again combinations which make them very easy to combine and you
can find it in our shop here. this one I thought was a cool color combination
because it had this kind of orange brown with purple dots that are rather bold so if you
have a tie with finer stripes it works quite well to balance the scale and the size of
patterns this one here was an interesting vintage fabric
I came across that we sold out of it had threads of orange in it so it was a very rich we also
made ties out of it of course I would never combine them together and if you want to learn
how to combine pocket squares with ties and shirts please check out this video here. Another great pocket squares is a madder silk
one here from Fort Belvedere in brown with tones of bronze gold blue red and you can
always tell it’s madder silk if you look at the back because you can see the color of
the dyeing discharge it has this kind of blue tone which is very characteristic of the madder
silk. It takes a lot more steps and is a lot more
complicated to print and because of that madder silk is more expensive than regular silk. In that same vein we have this kind of brown
orange and green pocket square again it’s a madder silk pocket square and you can see
it in the back. this pocket square is also from Fort Belvedere
with green tones and very bright oranges I always try to only have a little peak of the
orange pop out otherwise it’s too overwhelming for my personal taste but some people like
it louder. Here’s an interesting pocket square, it was
kind of a prototype we did it’s a cashmere pocket square with a slight pattern I found
that it just doesn’t look quite right in a pocket and it was a little too soft which
is why we never brought it into production this color is also too bright and I don’t
find any use for it. Instead I like more muted greens such as this
one with a purple dot and orange rim easy to combine yet different this pocket square is from Ralph Lauren purple
label it has a very chalky and musty feel almost like the very old
madder silks you could find it’s almost like a washed effect and it works with lighter
jackets when you want something that’s contrasting that is not too over the top another great versatile pocket square is this
one here with tones of blue green red and brown makes it easy to combine with all kinds
of things without being boring. If you like a bit more classic this Macclesfield
neats print is the way to go you can find it in our shop here. this is a sample pocket square in green it
has the same kind of print the same kind of color scheme just printed on linen which is
really nice for summer because it wrinkles differently and it stands up in a different
way. here we experimented with an olive green and
purple edge I don’t wear quite as often but it’s very unique and if you want something
different this could be it here’s a pocket square that I found and liked
because of the dot spacing it’s very wide and that’s something you don’t usually see
so I thought it was a good idea to pick it up so we could create our own dots and the
pattern the color is a little too bright for me but again it’s nice to have different options
in a wardrobe here’s another purple pocket square from Fort
Belvedere fun during this summer this one is one of my favorite purple ones
again it’s madder silk with this backside that you can see on the front it has colors
of orange rust bronze and maybe green makes it easy to put together an outfit in a very
sophisticated way here’s an interesting pocket square with a
base of black or charcoal which is not something I usually wear but when you fold a pocket
square you see the center medallion and it doesn’t look black at all you can also fold
it so you just see the edges or just a black so it’s like three pocket squares in one you
can find it in our shop here this is a very old pocket square from Brioni
I always liked the pattern it was an all-over brown Paisley Here is on of the first pocket squares I bought. It has kind of a fine rib silk pocket square
in solid purple I wore it with a tuxedo and I think that’s pretty much the only way I
still want to wear it because it’s quite bright and the shine is only appropriate for evening
occasions so keep that in mind if you get shiny silk it looks oftentimes cheap and you
can only wear in the evening where the sparkle of the light really makes sense Here is another cool pocket square that I
came across and I really liked the color combinations of those mustard green and purple tones it’s
a very nice and I like those it’s sometimes hard to combine them
or to conceptualize them so whenever I come across something that I like I pick it up
so we can play with it and maybe make it into a different pattern because the end of the
day having different pocket squares and different colors makes it really easy to create a different
unique looking outfit on a day to day basis. So here is a silk pocket square it’s not quite
as shiny yes it has some shine but it’s not as shiny as the purple one I showed you before
also it’s in yellow with bold printed motifs in red and blue as well as green and I like
to wear it sometimes without a necktie or a bowtie because it’s bold on its own this one here’s a pocket square that we offer
in our shop it’s quite bright and honestly it turned out too bright for my taste I thought
it was darker and more muted turns out some people really like that color and so we’re
still carrying it instead I would go with an orange like this
which is kind of golden and you can mix it with yellow tones with orange tones it has
the blue green and white paisley printed on it as well as black makes it easy to combine
and it always looks phenomenal especially with like navy or blue jackets a pocket square color that is really underrated
is this kind of copperish bronze we have two pocket squares
in our shop one is that same kind of pattern it’s a madder silk with a kind of green and
red printed pattern it is oversized the other one is a little more playful with madder blue
tones green and blue as well as red and it’s just fun to combine it works with all kinds
of brown tones as well as fresco jackets and you can even pull it off with businesswear
it’s just not a color you typically see in menswear and I think it’s super underrated
so we want something special consider a bronze or copper bronze pocket square you could find
them here in our shop for the summer I also like these large oversized
Paisleys in kind of summery and lighter colors and some people also like the color pink now
I’m not a huge fan of pink in menswear but I still do have some pocket squares. this one is a printed one from Hermes it has
kind of a basket weave pattern on it with blue and yellow elements honestly it’s quite
bold and so I hardly ever wear it. I also have different pink cotton pocket squares
in different shades they are cotton and very thin so I only wear them in a crown fold when
I want to just have a slight accent in a pink color which is rarely the case for me and I also have this linen one with a white
contrast edge which is not something I wear too often however if you’re into pink shirts
having pink pocket squares is definitely a good way to put together an outfit. I hope I didn’t overwhelm you I didn’t quite
show you every single one I had but overall you get the gist you get the color combinations
and to learn how to fold pocket squares please check out this older video here and if you
want to know how to combine them this is a really
great video In today’s outfit I wore a Glen Jack jacket
with a slight kind of reddish orange over plaid. pocket squares were changing. my shirt is plain white I skipped the necktie
or bow tie. my pants are quite bold it’s kind of a Nantucket
red and I combined them with chukka boots in a sand color with a belt that picks up
those sand tones but also has dark brown elements in it that work well with the jacket and the
sole of my boots the socks are contrasting there are light gray
and light blue shadows stripes from Fort Belvedere

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