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MY 10 CASIO WATCH COLLECTION | Very rare vintage piece

MY 10 CASIO WATCH COLLECTION | Very rare vintage piece

hello everyone GHF here today I like
to share some of my other watch collection instead of just G=Shock I’m
just gonna show you guys some Casio watch most of them are vintage. If you
watched some of my videos that I make few weeks ago where I bought a lot of G-Shock watch in bulk and in them there are some casio watch and vintage models usually
this is one of them still working fine and I haven’t polished it up yet, but it
is still working fine solar-powered so over the years I’ve gathered not one but
a few of them already throughout the years and today I’m going to just gonna
show them all together to you guys and here is. This is the casio solar-powered
model and this is a csio wave ceptor tough solar as well in ana-digi model
these, digital display over there and the solar panel didn’t even look like a
solar panel that is very very cool I gotta say that and next model I think is
pretty popular which is called a Casio Wrist camera, this one was released I
believe in the early 2000 or in the 90s this is very very cool for the size of
this thing and for the technology in the 90s. I’m very impressed of how far casio could already achieved in the 90s there
could put a camera in your wristwatch and take photos although they are just
black and white but still it is a photo look at that, there’s a photo of a person of the previous owner i guess i should have deleted that. but anyway there we go, the one in stainless steel, looks like titanium though and other model is also a
wrist camera, I own a bunch of this wrist camera so this one is a black and white
only a monochrome display but this one is colored camera it could take up I believe RGB? I can’t recall but regardless it could take colored photos and this is a lot
better than this although I need to fix up the display in there but
this is a lot better than this and most models only could take monochrome this
is a lot rarer than this guy so let me just show you guys all the wrist camera
that i have first this is not one as well also similar to this guy except
in different colorway and strap is nylon and other wrist camera have is this one
came in a resin band and now or black colorway which is really really nice I
gotta see that so the battery runs out because this model really drains a lot
of battery I’m done replacing them so this is some of them and next is really
impressive Casio watch which I believe I already shared before this is called a
Casio Land Farer where it tells you time in analog and also built-in compass
like literally like that very very cool it is see through you could
put it on your wrist like that and use it as a compass pointer, close
you back in and you could even rotate this bearing in there if you wanna sell
to specific directions.Very simple concept. Totally rare alright so next
model is a very a simple one I believe this one is still existing up to date
an ana-digi model with a tide graph display on top this one has a lot of
scratch, although is still working fine I think I could polish the glass out and
makes it looks good again. So this is it ana digi AD..AQW-100 so I’m gonna make a specific dedicated unboxing/review video for each and every one of this so that’s why
I’m not gonna go through the details or else that’s gonna spoil everything you
know what I’m saying. So next watch will be a very very vintage one I believe
this is the oldest that I have a casio chrono and full stainless steel gloss
finished look at the digital displays, it is very cold the reference number will be AW-220 fully made in Japan, stainless steel, it is really slim look at that I believe
this is the the nicest if..or.. should I say the rarest Casio watch that I have in my possession right now very very nice I’d
I’d haven’t explored on how to use it and such but I’m guessing it’s just some
sort of sport watch with chronograph, lapse time and such and all those things and this
is called Casio duro I believe this is one of the most popular Casio watch
amongst collectors the Duro series because it has 200 meter water
resistance most of this watches that back only high 5 bar or 10 bar this one
is 20 bar. Look at that, in olive green and what I
like about this watch is that you could rotate this bearing around that mineral
glass over there light so really really nice almost like a sixty clicks if I’m not mistaken, so cool. Alright, you could lights out the entire face plate as well
I love this thing a lot and next one will be this one. This I believed to be..
also one of the rarest one I have is actually a collaboration, and look at that
there’s a speaker on the back because this is an audio recording wristwatch
you can see record and play over there this is the microphone side, the speaker
is at the back, 30 seconds audio record so you could store some notes and some memos in here if you wanted to, just put it on your wrist like that and start recording
go through out your day and you could play it back at the end of the day which is very very
cool especially in this colorway and I believe this is one of the most special
possession I have Easy Record Casio series and last but not least supposed
to be one of the weirdest most unique cancer ones that I have owned and this
is it it it is actually an analog digital Casio watch. Alright the
reference number is only WVX-100 J a wave-ceptor ana-digi and it looks like a full analog right but check this out guys, press this
button it will lights out the seconds, day-date, seconds, and both. Look at that so this is I believe to be one of the coolest Casio watch I have and eventhough it look big, the size, this size is so nice it is very comfortable, it is really
lightweight, it is only 42 millimeters and at the same time ana-digi and the
digital display even has really really good contrast for a floating concept
like this, so that’s a belief which already sums up all 10? right? 10 of them right? 10 Casio watch that I have on my possession right now and I’m gonna make a dedicated unboxing or review video for each and every one of this on my
second channel yes I’m launching my second channel now, the channel will be
linked down in the description box called shaz shazshazs
I mean I just create the channel like in 2016. I created that awhile back, I already published got a few videos already but
I don’t think I’m gonna be promoting that at all until today you
know what because I have so much, and so much to share and I don’t want you guys to
miss out on them and the way I’m gonna review them is that, just gonna make it totally easy and simple and I’m gonna review them based on a g-shock owners
perspective so if you like to know that kind of perspective have a look I’m not
gonna review them in term of Swiss watch perspective. So it’s gonna be a little
bit different I could say that probably that gonna change in the future are
probably gonna change the channel name as well in the future but because I just
created that, just leave it there. I mean it already 2019.. so there you go subscribes and probably I’ll publish a video at least once a month I’m not gonna focus on that
channel as much because I didn’t have a lot of Casio watch anyway but that
depends if that channel get popular probably gonna add up some new models
like Edifice, some of you guys still request me to review a lot of Casio
new release watches as well and probably if I were to review them, that would be
on that channel, not here this channel is purely for g-shock only, like
this guy so if you want to have Casio watch review other than G-Shock. go
there alright so see you guys over there with the review for this one. I already
make one, so if you want to watch the detail on this, go there. Look it up so
that should sums it all thank you very much for watching this is ghf g-shock high fashion channel, reviewing Casio watch and I’m… out

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  1. LOVE the funny Casios, so full of tech!
    I don't think anyone would mind if you used the same channel for both, but regardless, I'll be subscribing to the new one as well 👍😊

  2. Wow 😮 awesome collection and looking forward to those reviews!👍🍻
    Will also check out and subscribe to your other channel!👍🍻

  3. Have you ever done a review on a lord elgin chevron jumper watch? I have one, but there are no reviews on youtube about them. Very interesting peice.

  4. OMG, when I got to 5:31 in the video, I almost fall out of my chair. I also have the wvx-100 (not J) with sliver hour hand and red minute hand. Had that for over 15 years, and it is still ticking, I think the motor is giving up as the hands are lossing minutes from time to time.

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