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hello my friends we are in Minsk and we are heading to Moscow it’s cold as hell but let’s say Ukraine is not warmer now I’ll guiding you to my room here’s QR code when you scan it on a screen you waiter and you send a review and you can pay tips through Apple pay or by your card hi again I did haircut yesterday Unfortunately I didn’t record how fun was it I’m very busy here so I really don’t use camera I dye my hair you will see it later when I wash my hair now I wanna show you what I’ve got in Gold Apple yesterday I wanted for so long this mist I already used it today very very nice with good smell Everything on a natural basis this moisturiser was a present and already tried on as well Bought this peel must didn’t open yet so no comments for now very small cup I excepted a bit bigger but it’s ok this one is cleaning pores very well then we have cleansing foam Liked so much now I use this one I feel it’ll finish very soon so I refreshed and detox mask for cleaning clay this spoon goes with the mask sulfate-free I just started to use I don’t see differences much but everyone recommended and I like smell and quality how soft is it the most important is that face products must not scratch your face and did not creak and we are heading to the breakfast in Gasanova outfit guys I just did this mask peeling and just look at my face this is hell I’m red and pinches of course I read instruction after using you have to put it before bed and no sun and don’t put anything after I kept it for 4 mins and with panic I washed my face :et’s hope for a good result good morning it’s third day I’m going to shoot and I took a lot of stuff with me but at first I’m gonna have a breakfast with Sasha Zayats She’s a bit late but I can’t wait anymore and i’ll order some food as you can see my face is not read anymore only cheeks I’m like crazy doing shopping here I bought new books I love book stores in Moscow Moscow House of Books pedagogical book house we can see it right at the corner so and now we are going to Tekhnikum and now my bag so heavy I’ll show you which books I bought everyone recommended me this book the power of now Mary advices me This one Evgeniy Zhuk advices me numerology written by his girlfriend this is very true book I already checked with my bday date The Brothers Karamazov and Chehov russian Classic I adore russian books me and Sasha are coming to museum named after Pushkin we joined children this is beautiful area Golden domes pleasing my soul (song) so my followers we wanna say that ticket costs 400 rubles under 25 yo and for russians a discount 50% Unfortunately we are not Russians or fortunately this is first written laws I learned in uni this is stone where they all have been written Hammurabi’s code of laws a lot of rooms here we came to Egyptian Roman Near East
troia Black sea only left 7 more this is only first floor and we have a second one the future is coming on Sasha and I were lucky to catch exhibition of Jacob Jordaens all paintings are from Hermitage in St. Petersburg and this exhibitions is temporary so I advice you to hurry up we are already tired yea a little bit too many halls already wanna eat they got a cafe at G floor be ready and patient because now we are heading to oriental jazz but it doesn’t seem like that very pretty hall The painting called “Dogs and beaten wildfowl” and the most funniest thing is Sasha’s last name Zayatz (Rabbit) the most beaten wildfowl poor rabbit People here are charging me on positive vibes and good energy so much after meeting with Sasha I’m still smiling and somehow here you feel cold and warm in heart at the same time I’m very delighted every time actually humans make our trips not places you know city is.. minor thing people surprise me the most just for you to know – bus station in Moscow this is how it is where is he? where is he? let’s go to look around he’s already shocked you are gonna be in my vlog you wanna go to live in Ghana? where? to live? yes with you I’ll go to edge of the world how are you? not bad, and yours? good, tell my followers how you met me such a scary story I promised you gonna use a belt or a stub? a belt wow. We have been introduced to each other in disgusting city why is that i just hate it Gelendzhike? No it was Barcelona but we stubbornly told everyone it’s Gelendzhik absolutely random I’ve got a girlmate which was a blogger I followed her from childhood and our big company came there in Barca and Lena wrote down in stories like Hey who’s here write us and call us and here we are Valeria replied back and we all went together not a really big crew had a party after went to the hell for two days and we decided that we won’t see each other again so we can do whatever but it turned out to be wrong fortunately we started to speak often and see each other enough not enough but at least once a year sometimes even more do you recall how we played a game “truth or action” and picked only Truth because we are not gonna see each other anymore so it’s like that my friends we didn’t support musicians because we really need support ourselfs from you guys press likes and follow us press alarm and that’s it

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