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More Colleges Suspend In-Person Classes Over Coronavirus Fears | NBC Nightly News

More Colleges Suspend In-Person Classes Over Coronavirus Fears | NBC Nightly News

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  1. i’m in high school in washington state and they said “unless someone contracts the coronavirus we will remain open” so rip

  2. If I eat the booty of my local whores will I catch the coronabeervirus? I'm really worried about not being able to eat some booty.

  3. I’m taking my children out of school Monday morning. I will be keeping in touch with my children’s teacher’s on getting their work.

  4. ♥️ God Bless You Young People
    One day you’ll be able to tell your grandkids, I survived the coronavirus. Well, some of you 🙁

  5. Boeing planes were falling apart. Colleges were closing across America already. Malls and infrastructure are failing. Republic had turned dictatorship. I want my Universal Income and let the robots have at it. Don't be dense )

  6. Everyone is like:
    Is this akshullee reeee-uulll…..
    Much more real than those video games you been living in your entire life.

    I wonder how many sthu-dntz have learned how to find clean water. Read a map to find less travelled ways to get into a safe place AWAY from others who don't know how to find clean water in an emergency.

  7. I think it's very practical decision. If colleges allow international and homeless students to remain living on campus while providing food that's a great first step. Next, allowing students whom already are passing labs to complete online assignments or perhaps or give credit if there's already adequate assignments completed. I'm sure credit will be calculated and given to the hundreds of thousands of students leaving their rooming early. Ideally, it should get applied to their future bills. With online schooling continuing and as long as there's measures to help students that have no idea how to navigate blackboard (etc) this is a safe decision. Other countries are on lockdown unable to leave their homes and managing. Be safe, alert and cautious. One half of a semester healthy is better than the opposite.

  8. I work in a state historic sites job. We get visitors every single day that are national as well as international. It's only a matter of time before myself or a coworker gets sick. It doesn't help that 4 people in my state have tested positive for the virus. I have been officially ordered to report to work. I'm a little bit worried for myself but extremely worried for my parents who are both older than 70.

  9. 👍Great address tonight on Coronavirus by a great president looking out for Americans unlike Democrats looking out for more power at tax payer expense and health safety.

  10. Florida schools are already shutting down. Universities over here are also transferring online; I doubt anyone will come back after Spring break

  11. It's almost is if the classes are worthless and the degree is just as valid as one from an online only college

  12. I get an extra week of spring break and online classes for a week

    But I am a music major. What am I going to do?

  13. It’s not enough to close schools, close it all down. All Travel in the United States , All the hot spots, close it all

  14. Time to completely overhaul the University system. Let the 90% of administrative positions created in the last decade fall by the wayside for starters.

  15. Well no big loss with closing down the college racket, what is taught in most colleges is more dangerous than any virus will ever be to our nation!!

  16. Take that room and board money and use it to build better on line classroom and course experiences for students. Apply it to their on line class tuitions. Let’s keep America moving forward through this. The panic comes from Americans not knowing what to expect next because they feel they are not being informed. Let’s get them informed now.

  17. Future Freeloaders of America.
    Liberally indoctrinated drones, that never had any intention of repaying student loans, or getting a job, because a major in lesbian dance theory probably doesnt pay well, and will end up sponging off of mommy and daddy for the rest of their miserable lives.

  18. Escucha a Sid Roth minuto 15 lo que dijo un Rabi al presidente Trump acerca de corona virus , minute 15 in English

  19. My sister is came home to get something and she’s going back tomorrow to some of her stuff, AND One of my sisters friends IS TAKING A CRUSE And when they get back there gonna be put in quarantine to be checked, My mom said my sister should say bye to her friend

  20. Oh man colleges are canceling no way God no more Bernie Sanders fans being able to gather and protest man that sucks.

    Well I guess the good positive outcome is that they will actually get an education now.

  21. My econ prof cancelled classes for this week and next week is finals week and most finals will be done online. Also, my uni is considering doing spring quarter online.

  22. You don't have anything else to lose. Give up your life to god now. Matthew 24:6-7 look it up and I'll catch you peeps on the flipside! ✌ ❤

  23. COVID-19 virus is being utilized by Fascist governments, Corporate-media and Social-media, to Bankrupt small businesses and close down "Brick & Mortar" stores!

    This Power grab is taking place, through the manner in which Earth's corporate controlled governments (specifically the USA, formally controlled by the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who fought so bravely to unshackle themselves from their past Tyrannical governments) are managing this virus, which sprung from a Capitalistic Chinese, exotic wet market.

    If we let the media's scare-tactics prevail, most of our society's future commerce, social and educational activities, will be consolidated into internet platforms, which will only be servicing and profiting a select few.

    There will come a time, when human to human contact will be illegal. Sadness and Depression will fester in Man's heart, while Fear and Hate will Reign throughout our lands.

    The World is what We make it! The Time to act is Now! Stand with GOD, against the wicked Golems, which our Capitalist society has created. Their Greed for Power and Control is Insatiable. They may have the Wealth but we have the Numbers!

    Do not go gentle into that good night; Rage, rage against the dying of the Light! Unus pro Omnibus, Omnes pro Uno!!


  24. They can babysit all the little kids when the schools elementary junior high and high schools close

  25. Do thing as this to solve virus problem and save you, your kids, kin and your friends life: buy the air purifier, UV disinfection device and ventilation fan system, 3 things add together become a antivirus system. Place this antivirus system in your home and in every public place like market, bus station, airport, cinema, restaurant, school And etc… wash your smart phone while you wash your hands, drink 2X water than your drink normally, clean your house 2X than your normal cleaning.

  26. Good. This will just demonstrate that these classes can be done online and there is no need to attend classes in person for most topics. This will probably be no different for many as classes are often just some T/A reading off a PowerPoint. Even the magical engineering degree can be done online.

  27. Labs are mostly a joke anyway and are a waste of time. Unless you are doing PhD or assisting in research, going to lab is pointless. How many undergraduate labs aren’t just canned experiments with outcomes that are easily found?

  28. My school just transitioned to all online classes, and there is one thing I can say about it, they were not prepared.

  29. I think of all those people who are likely to die from this elderly and babies.
    I also think of all the people likely to die from diabetes and heart related issues, but if I try and help them I’m called a fatphobe 🤷🏽‍♂️ more people die from that than anything else. I don’t see the media going craz

  30. What should be broadcast across our media outlets to balance the COVID-19 hysteria, is the fact that there are over 7,700,000,000 humans on this planet. As of today less then 30 people have died from the COVID-19 virus within the United States. All cases were of the elderly or people with compromised/undeveloped immune systems.

    Within a year from now, the COVID-19 virus will have infected practically everyone, in development countries. The majority of the population won't even know they had it.

    This will happen whether our societies spend $1 or $1,000,000,000, attempting to impede Mother Nature.

    The Odds of dying from an Accidental Gun Discharge in America is 1 in 8,527.

    All firearm deaths in US for 2019:
    Number of deaths: 39,773
    Deaths per 100,000 population: 12.2

    This issue is within the direct control of human beings. Where is the media coverage on this information?


  32. Good then maybe they will learn about the Real History of our country instead of the Crap these Liberal College Professors are teaching them. Stay at home and you'll have more common sense!

  33. I got an email from my University, that we don’t have to return after spring break bc all in class lectures r canceled and to become online classes instead. Except I have a 4hr lab each week, so idk about that. The email also said that we can return if we want and the only thing open will b the cafeteria, gym, library, student center, computer labs, and on campus health center, other than that everything will b closed. I also got a lot of stuff n my dorm and just got the email a couple hours ago and have to b gone by tomorrow night, so I’m just gonna leave some stuff here and just return when spring break is over and just chill n the library and student center with all the international students bc tbh, I don’t wanna stay with my family rn when I’m gonna b with them all summer.

  34. College women are now going to have a hard time acting and dressing like whores in public and on campus now 😁🤗

  35. SMU just did the same today thank god! BUT it took our student senate to say something the university president was going to do nothing!

  36. all these kids that had their parents pay top dollar for the "university experience" now wish they had went to a community college instead

  37. The CDC claims that the flu strain can be in your system up to 14 days before you begin to show signs of it. Scarey stuff.

  38. As long as this doesn't last forever. Put this cold virus to sleep and go back to human contact. 2 weeks (14 day) is how long it lasts right? After this I think we need to back off the antibiotics in everything. No body's bodies can handle anything anymore because no body plays in the dirt anymore. This is just my thought in my head. I don't need any hate from my opinion.

  39. My school is in the meeting of finals. Some prof cancelled the finals while some say it’ll be a take home finals. It’s a great treat for all of us

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