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Money Matters – Episode 4 | Local Loganathan Vs Quarter Govindhan | Jump cuts (With Eng- Sub)

Money Matters – Episode 4 | Local Loganathan Vs Quarter Govindhan | Jump cuts (With Eng- Sub)

Are you Local Loganathan? You guys did a very good job We never said we are selling doctor Past patients are the key to future
research Arpudam Euthanasia, we are going to see a case related to this But you still didn’t tell the unique part
about the case Even if it’s not the parents decision their friends and others concerned can also make the decision Arpudham, the 10 lakhs you asked for! I have to save Mr.Govindhan somehow But how can I do this? Can I do this? Fakir Leaving 1 lakh for the nurse, the remaining
9 are here This is 50% yours and 50% mine You shouldn’t touch my share, I won’t
touch your share Okay?
-Okay Arpudham Take this 4.5 lakhs with you No you only have it. I will lose
it if it was with me Is it so That’s true Tell me when you need money, I will
give it to you Okay Arpudham, what are we going to do with
this 9 lakhs? What can’t we do without 9 lakhs? Arpudham, let’s go to the wine shop? Drive to elite Brother, sign here How many times should I sign the register
in a day? Balu Internship Present What’s today’s date by the way? 6th January
– I already know I was testing you So there are only 6 days to save Govindhan What did you say brother? No no, I was talking to myself Arpudham, do you know how bad I wanted
to buy a shirt once for 2000 rupees Sir Sir bill You called me?
-Yes take this 30000 rupees Arpudham? Where are we going next? Fakir Like how you had a dream, even
I have one to fulfill This tablet is for bladder infection, one in
the morning and one in the night Hi Balu Hi Jenny, I will see you later Oh my god, I can’t bear this Nurse One minute Tell me Balu, what happened? Nurse, are you cleaning his body daily or no? No Balu we are shifting him to the college
in a week right, so I didn’t Can you stay without taking a bath for a
week nurse? What? No, you daily take a bath and stay hygienic right? Same way patient has to stay hygienic right? No Balu, that’s not my job Then who else would do this job? Okay leave it, why are you getting so
tensed over this? You can’t handle me if I get tensed nurse Move it Give me a dettol and wipes Thank you Arpudham, why are you cleaning this car? Louis 13 is waiting for me, let’s go hit it Wait, we will go Arpudham, how many times did I tell you not
to keep your hand on the car Stand away and have a look at them I can buy this car You can’t even buy a snack Today I am going to buy this car Go make the bill Go prepare the bill! What Fakir? I’ll get on? Yea get inside Fakir Fakir look here But it says don’t look Get in Don’t worry Govindhan, you will be alright soon Hey man, come here
-Yes sir Are you the hotel owner?
-No sir, receptionist Receptionist Can you get the owner here? No sir, he is in New York We are going to New York next week right? Don’t talk needlessly, get the work done quick Next week we are going to New York,
we will meet him there, not a problem By the way Can you ask all the customers to get out of the hotel? Because I am going to rent this for a month Sir 2 minutes sir, I’ll talk to them Sir, it will take 20 lakhs 20 lakhs? 20 lakhs, what do you say? I’ll spit on your face Arpudham, don’t mess around By the way, what’s your name? Bruce Lee Bruce Lee? 20 lakhs is not a problem for us at all,
we could just toss it and keep going But it’s sad for the customers right let them be there, it’s not a problem If you give us a room at the corner, we
could stay there Because I am used to living a simple lifestyle now Can I park the car here?
-Yes sure sir Will you ask 2 lakhs for this? No sir I would have given if you asked Balu, do you want coffee? I’ll drink it…if needed By the way thanks I needed coffee, that’s why I made Even you are working the whole night I forgot to tell, Govindhan’s reports
have come I had kept it here somewhere It’s here somewhere right? I will see that He must have been a heavy drinker from childhood, Balu The lungs have been affected a lot Yes Jenny, the reason he went to coma is
because of over consumption of alcohol Looks very bad By the way, thanks for the coffee Jenny You made this for me even though it’s not your job Oh Balu, you still didn’t forget… What perfume do you use Jenny? Victoria secret It’s your secret, not Victoria’s By the way, I am leaving Jenny,
the coffee was good Arpudham, tell one more Arpudham, one more? Get me all of this Jenny?
-Doctor? Follow up with Venkatesh and submit Govindhan’s report Then take the donor documents and get it signed
from the nominees Fakir and Arpudham The file has to go for review tomorrow Understand it well Jenny, the file is going for review Okay doctor Fakir, you stay here I’ll speak and come Hello? Hello, Arpudham sir?
How are you? I am good nurse, how are you? I am fine sir Everything is going according to our plan now In another 2 days we will get our settlement You remember my share right? Oh Jenny, when it comes to cash I am perfect You don’t worry Okay sir super, Can you come to the hospital now?
You need to make a signature Jenny, I have come outside now You can do this, I’ll share my location with you you come here? Then we can meet, talk and
you can get my sign, okay? Okay, I will come Come here then Jenny? One minute Why are you sweating so much? I am scared sir Scared? I’ll open the window, you can get some air Jenny? Why are you playing PUBG instead of doing the
work I assigned you with? No doctor, Balu said he will take care of everything Jenny, it’s true that he is doing an internship but you don’t have it give him all the work What if he found out about our illegal
organ donation play? Doctor, what if this patient found out? No problem, I’ll finish him. Jenny you got
what I said right? Doctor he is intelligently innocent, such a
sweet guy Take, donor documents I have placed dots in 3 places here get the signatures here If you get it wrong, we can’t get
a new document, got it? Lawyer? In case, after getting the signatures here if the nominee changes his mind and does not
agree for organ or body donation what will happen? Process will stop, what kind of question is that? See these are just the paper work, it all
depends on what the nominee says Only depending on what the nominee says, the
commitee or the hospital will make a decision At the end of the day, it is all
in his hands If he says okay, or the process will get aborted Thank you lawyer Jenny didn’t come? No sir she had some
work so she sent me Sir, I am Balu, pursuing MBBS final year Currently doing internship in All Is Well hospital What do you want? They asked me to give you the document
and get signature in these places You sold your friend for money What did you just say? No I know you understood me You sold your friend for money Who told you we are selling? The nurse? No, no one would agree to donate a body
in such a short time And if they do, everyone in the hospital knows why You know it right? Then why are you asking questions Come here, just take the signature and mind your business Brother, just because everyone knows it, you
don’t have to go saying this around, got it? Fakir, leave him. He might start crying No Arpudham, I felt like hitting him Arpudham sir? If you sell him to the hospital, you
can never see Govindhan alive sir Brother Govindhan is already dead How does it matter to us now? 4 days back we used to sleep in the beach
or the bus stand But now we are enjoying staying in a luxurious hotel This is our dream All this is possible because of Govindhan He gave us everything while leaving Why will we refuse that? Give me the pen Take Fakir What was your name again? Balu Look here Balu Take these documents and give it to the nurse and go watch over Govindhan Okay? Don’t poke your nose everywhere Take the documents and go Arpudham, I don’t feel it right to leave
him like this He is just a kid saying around things It’s nothing leave Arpudham, why is he coming back? He is coming to tell sorry No His pen is with me, I think he is coming
to take it back Arpudham sir Sorry The signature you gave… This is the hospital document But not this Didn’t get it right? I’ll read it out Me Arpugham and Fakir have donated our friend
Govindhan’s organs legally to All is Well hospital This is nominee Fakir and Arpudham And you have made a beautiful signature sir Fakir? Is he serious or trying something funny? What do you really need brother? I am trying to drink this juice from that time
but you are not leaving He is asking for the class again If you are going to accuse me, even your
hospital will also get caught Then how will you complete your internship
and your MBBS? Your college will kick you out Arpudham sir There is no chance for that Do you know who got 1200/1200 in 2015
state board paper? Me There is no way they can take
me out of the hospital Even if they wanted to, they need
a strong reason Arpudham sir I just want to re-introduce myself I am Balu State topper Balu Do you even know that? I’ll come? What sir? You want the document? Here, tear
it apart Did you think I was arranging the
documents standing in the side? I had already scanned this using document
scanner and sent it to all my friends There is no point even if you tear this apart Do you want to tear it? Fakir sir, if you don’t mind, my pen please? I’ll leave sir I am going sir See you Thank god he didn’t tear the document If he had, the whole plan would have been spoilt Arpudham and Fakir sir! In the commitee meating on Sunday You shouldn’t agree on donating Govindhan If you did, the document will go
straight to the police station Got it? I’ll leave sir, have a nice day Lawyer? Can I get a bond paper? It’ll take 30 rupees, pay it outside I’ll take this pen too That is 10 rupees I’ll pay

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