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MN STRAP 1,4 JUTA VS 140 RIBU ‼️ Apa Yang Bikin Mahal ⁉️ | Cara Pasang MN STRAP [English Subtitile]

MN STRAP 1,4 JUTA VS 140 RIBU ‼️ Apa Yang Bikin Mahal ⁉️ | Cara Pasang MN STRAP [English Subtitile]

The left one is the MN straps made by Erika’s original it cost 80 Euros or around 1,3 million IDR the right one is a MN strap 100% made in Indonesia from Strapguy which cost around 10 dollars wonder what makes it so far different in prices? keep watching my video after the intro welcome back to Horology Story as usual with me Adrian in a channel I build myself which focus on discussing everything there is to know about watches or horology feel free to subscribe if you are a watch lover or a watch enthusiast or you just want to learn more about horology so you don’t miss the newest update from my channel quick wrist check today i’m wearing a brand new watch from France a watch from the brand Yema this is a space watch limited edition in collaboration with Center of Space Studies in France or CNES as an anniversary of France simulated gravity flight so this watch has a timer in parabolic flight feature details coming up in the review although it has very good design cool dial and it is the right size for my wrist back to the topic, here are many MN straps 100% made in Indonesia I told you about before in the earlier video made by a friend of mine the Strapguy I even made a comparison with Chinese strap, link in the description below now I will compare it to the inspirator of MN strap the Erikas Original here since 2010 Erikas MN strap is already very popular until now it is still very well known the prices is also pretty high from 75 Euro to 85 Euro some are even more expensive let me just begin by answering the questions I often received since I started selling Strapguy the first question I often received is Does it means Strapguy is an imitataion from the brand Erikas? I need to make it straight here straps like this exist long ago since it was worn by the French Navy Seal and the strap like this is called Marine Nationale strap I already talked about how it differs from the other you can follow the link below for the video so whatever the brand is this type of strap is called Marine Nationale strap whether it is Erikas Original or NDC straps or strapguy or Chinese brand no matter where it’s made it is called Marine Nationale strap Erikas Original is pretty smart here the word Marine Nationale Straps is too long so it was shorten to MN strap this the smart move from Erikas, she patent of the Logo and brand for MN Strap because she knows it will become famous so the MN brand is registered under Erikas Original name but the Marine Nationale strap is not a patent own by anyone it is a genre name for straps like this anyone can make it anyone can sell it so it is very clear MN style strap made by Strapguy or anyone else is not imitation of Erikas of courese they look similar because that’s Marine Nationale Straps look like with similar material and each design inspired by the other the second question I often received is is it really 100% made in Indonesia? first of all I will correct the other video I made earlier there I said the materials are imported but after I talked to my friend I realize I was wrong from the materials to the buckle making all are done in Indonesia so I can assure this is 100% made in Indonesia the third question is are spring bars included with the straps? the anwer is of course, no similar to Nato or Zulu or the other straps spring bar used is the one that came with the watch because every watches has different lug size the 4th question I often received is about lug size there are many different lug sizes also the lug constructions are different in watches so you will should know more about your watches than I am by measuring your lug sizes with rulers to clippers then choose the strap suitable for your lug width sizes available from Strapguy are sizes aside from that will be annouced once they are made the most frequent question I got asked is the fifth one how do you install the strap? although I’m sure many of you already know this but I will give a short guide of how to install MN strap here is the Yema Zero-G released from it strap and I will install MN strap to it the lug size is 19mm so I choose the 19mm strap size first make sure the buckle position is face up like this move the keeper of the other strap closer to the buckle if your wrist is big don’t move it too close for my 17cm wrist circumference size the keeper is placed around here next make sure the adjuster, this one here, is on the other side of the strap, here so I move it back then attach your watch to the strap make sure the number 12 point to the buckle side and make sure the spring bar is released next install the spring bar you have to be careful in this step, first flip the watch without changing the position of the watch then make sure the strap is placed between lug then install the spring bar one by one to ease this step you can pull the strap back and make it stretch a little next install the other spring bar, then it’s done and lastly, adjust the watch position according to your wrist until you feel comfortable wearing it after the installation you can still make adjustments and that’s it for the short guide, hopefully it’s helpful next the 6th question I often received what’s the different between Erikas Original which cost 80 Euros and the strapguy which cost 10 dollars why is the price so far apart I will make a comparison here here are the straps, the far left is from Erikas Original the one with olive-yellow color very unique color from Erikas next to it are the Strapguy straps there are the olive-orange, and green-yellow and some of the new variants the yellow stripes and also the bronze buckle let’s get to the comparison first I will talk about the material and finishing I can say they use the similar type of material same parachute nylon chord material with different finishing or the knitting result the Erikas has smaller fiber whereas the strap guy fiber is bigger and grippy about the neatness of the middle line color I can say they are both very neat so the one made in Indonesia also has good quality next the elasticity they both seems to have the same elasticity when tested together but if I test one by one the Erikas Original felt little bit more stretchy or elastic although not as elastic as the Chinese strap I show you before whereas Strapguy felt more solid, not as elastic as the others but the different here is very small and I’m sure Strapguy made it not too elastic so it will be more durable this is also caused by the thickness of strap guy which is a little bit thicker 1.7 mm whereas the Erikas Original thickness is 1.5mm next the hardware quality the material used is the same both use solid 316L Stainless steel just that strap guy offers many variants for the buckles, there are the black buckles and also an upcoming limited edition made from bronze the different with the Erikas is in this 4th point the detail and finishing on the hardware for the buckle finishing I think the Erikas buckle looks more premium compared to Strapguy I will show you the same color variant, you can see for yourself also the logo engravings,the Erikas engraving is deeper and neater whereas the strapguy has rough looking finishing on the buckle and also not rather shallow logo engraving also it is painted so the logo is visible in my opinion it is better to just left in plain like the new one they are making, the bronze I think this one looks better aside from the different finishing, the buckle size is also different the strapguy has little higher buckle and more taper tip and also the hook on Erikas is flat or parallel whereas the strapguy has straddlling hook so it is easier to attach to the adjuster and the Erikas is actually a little bit harder to use because of it it will feel even harder when worn on the wrist the strapguy is far easier to use because of the more taper tip and the shape of the hook so it is easier to use even when worn on the wrist the negative impact of the more taper buckle is it will move a lot when worn because the buckle tip is smaller that the adjuster whereas the Erikas Original is tighter fit as you can see it does not move as much as the strapguy according to an Info from my friend, this is being upgraded let’s hope the hook’s still straddling so it stays easy to used for the keeper part, these here both have the same shape and size but the strap guy keeper is tighter so it is not too loose for the adjuster, the strapguy has higher adjuster the inside shape is a straight rectangle the Erikas has shorter adjuster and with semioval inside shape so it pull on the strap more let’s hope this also get an upgrad soon next the stitching style and quality as you can see the Erikas sewing does not reach the edges of the strap and it also has more consistent stitching and look neater whereas the strapguy stitching is full to the edge and has farther distant stitches and I think the stitching in this one looks much better than before so my friend actually did the upgrade the rest you can see for yourself lastly the strap lenght and color variants because of the Asian reference size the strapguy length is shorter than the Erikas this part is up to your wrist size and taste mostly small wrist sizes like mine will be happy with strapguy sizes but many people with bigger wrist size has some difficulty wearing this strap for the first time fortunately the material is elastic so it still can be stretched let’s hope strapguy also comes up with lenght options Asian size and regular size next for the color variants and styles strapguys I think has younger and fresher options more colors and styles whereas the Erikas Original is more conventional and less choices to choose from aside from that they focus on supporting vintage watches with softer colors so I think each of these brands has their own style I think that’s all the different I found and I think the physical differences is not significant at all so what makes it so expensive also there are very far different in my opinion, aside from the little advantages I mentioned there are something other than the physical differences that makes Erikas more expensive and although it is expensive it is still well received first things first Erikas Original claim that every single pices of their product is hand made especially the stitching so it looks neater whereas the strapguy is machine made whatever it is, Hand made products always have higher price compared to the mass produced maching made products next the branding strenght Erikas has over any other brands it can be said that the pioneer of MN straps is Erikas although there are also other players so the strap and brand has higher valuation compared to Strapguy born just 3-4 months ago I think that’s it, the rest is Indonesian made strap also has competitive quality especially with this price difference 10 strapguy for 1 Erikas very far pricing to be honest talking economically, I’d rather choose strapguy, not because I’m selling it but because it is cheaper with good quality it only has some flaws which I think very minor and can still be upgraded in the future so I think Strapguy has very worth it price but if you still choose the more expensive one that’s your choice you have your own judgement I only give you some guidance let me end this video here feel free to subscribe if you are a watchlover so you don’t miss the newest and best update form this channel share my videos to your friends if you think they are useful I’m Adrian, see you in the next videos

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  1. Hallooo Broo! Mantap Strap Guy .. tetap upgrade kualitas spy bisa menandingi Erika's. Cinta produk Lokal!!

  2. Menurut gw secara kwalitas sama tp strapguy lbh value for money 👍 btw thks for "little wing" nya Bro lgs dirilis 😄 Rock classic 🤘

  3. Yg horizontal hand stitchingny lebih suka yg erika's, ga sampe bagian pinggir. Klo SG kan full smpe pinggir, jadi kliatan sdkit miring.

  4. Saya malah sdh dpt gratis..tiiisss "StrapGuy" dikirim via JNE ke rumah langsung dr ownernya. Hahahaa…😍😍😍💖💖💖

    Btw, kereennn abess gitarannya.
    Jooosss gandooss. Double thumbs up.👍👍
    Dl semasa kuliiah dulu di kampus jg sempat ngeband & pegang gitar. Tp kayaknya bro Adrian jauh lbh expert drpd saya.😆😆😆

    Good luck bro.🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖😍😍😍👍👍👍

  5. Saya punya 3 Marine National straps:
    1. Erika's Original
    2. Buatab China ga jelas
    3. NDC strap original pattern
    4. Parstrooper strap by Cheapest Nato

    Menurut gw 3 & 4 yg paling ok👌

  6. Mumpung hardwarenya mau diupgrade, kayanya logonya kegedean bro jadi simbol registerednya juga terlalu mepet kepinggir. Mungkin juga bisa ditambahin option warna mate black

  7. Kumpulan intro outro ada di channel satunya :

  8. Gw udah beli. overall, keren nih strap. Dari bahan strap, bahan beai dan tampilannya eyecatchy. Persoalannya cuma satu, cantelannya agak ribet, nyangkutnya susah. Kl buru2 repot, mgkn bisa dipikirin lg.

  9. gue beli tahun lalu waktu masih murah 40 euro. full mod jadi kena 70 euro. pas kemarin lihat udah 70 euroan itupun masih basic. gila. tapi yang gue suka beli di erika originals, si mrs Erika baik banget. gue minta harga yang di tulis di ekspedisinya diturunin dibawah 40 usd biar gak kena pajak cukai eh dia mau. malah cuma ditulis 4 usd. wkwkwk cincaai

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