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Minecraft Bedrock: WORKING Simple Iron Farm! Up To 2 Stacks/hr! Village And Pillage Update

Minecraft Bedrock: WORKING Simple Iron Farm! Up To 2 Stacks/hr! Village And Pillage Update

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  2. I'm ready to throw my tablet through the wall here. I built this thing, and I can't get the 'mayor' to center on the bed over the lava. I place the bell, break the bell, find the angry one. Glass the rest in. Break his bed, work him up to the center, and get him in bed. If I spawn any more villagers at that point, it seems to automatically shift the mayor to one of them. Kill the new mayor it shifts to someone in the row. Wash rinse and repeat, and I've literally killed every single villager but the one over the lava and he won't 're mayor himself. I've been through the process half a dozen times with over a hundred villagers. It switches the mayor out to the front and the golems spawn and wander off in the distance.

  3. for those who are confused cause the golem wont spawn build in in the middle of the ocean and use glass to replace the solid block and surround your floor with leaves it worked for me

  4. doesn't work at all tried every troubleshoot written in comments except to waterlog beds i dont know how to do that fuck you!

  5. For some reason the villagers aren't linking to their beds, even though I followed the instructions, and I broke their beds before trying to link them to make sure they didn't already had a linked bed.

  6. Place an enclosed zombie in a cauldron with water and a trap door on top and name him whatever u want to so that he doesn't despawn

  7. My farm doesn´t work… i built it in the same way but Nothing happens… Only really much cats around my Village.
    I have 10 villagers, 26 beds and no blocks where the Golems could spawn.
    Can somebody help me? SHould i do something with the beds or with their Jobs? The farm is really near to my Village and near to my villagerfarm.
    I tryed everything for Hours…

  8. I had issues with cats and golem spawning on the edges….. put the villager pod in the center next to the kill chamber and bring the beds to each side of the kill chamber and extend the spawn platform out a bit more….. I made mine 34×34 and that seems to be a bit much…. I had no issues since and I’m on Xbox one V 1.12 hope this helps ✌️

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