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Mercedes-Benz GLE (2018): In the Long Run

Mercedes-Benz GLE (2018): In the Long Run

Good job. Bye, John! Good luck tomorrow! I think you should go talk to her. So you are not coming tomorrow? No. Ok. Hey Mercedes, call Jenny!

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  2. Dear Mercedes-Benz

      Will you be so kind to go back in time and change the time about the w163 shocks…
       You see, I been you loyal customer for 12 years, my first car w124, it was riving softly,
    but not like the S-class, then I but AudiC6, it was riding super hard, so much that it hurts,
    so, I sold it after 2 years, changed it for ML, which is riding softer than the S-class.
    And it did, but then something suddenly happen, all of a sudden, it started to ride hard
    like the Audi A6 which I just sold, I felt very sad because I knew that created pain,
    Then it started after 2 weeks to ride soft again, then after one day, harder, then after
    one more day hadr like before, then softer, the after minutes hard again.
       A real Mercedes-Benz should ride like a limousine for the lot of money given to you,
    are you going to set the suspention at a specific tune which hopefully does not shake
    the SUV violently up and down all the time and let that stay like that all the time?
     Thank you,
    Sincerely yours – The Light


  3. Congratulations Mercedes-Benz! I am not a 'car person', but thank you for featuring our sport of Triathlon. Excellent, & moving, video! 🙂

  4. there is no meaning or any reason to relate the new gle with a human cases or a family's life issues . very bad idea to advertise your vehicle. by the way my friend is handicap could you make a short movie with him he will allows you to show the new sl 600 in the end of the movie. I have a doubt if he is accepte this. but I will try

  5. Der Titel song ist so toll, ich kenne den Song schon länger, ist in den USA schon 2017 erschienen. Hab mich immer gewundert, dass der Titel hier noch nicht bekannt ist, na vielleicht jetzt, dank Mercedes

  6. In our town, the prevalence of SUVs makes cycling and running more difficult. Solution: smaller cars, fewer emissions, more space for sports and for nature. The only one who can profit from such a fat car is the one who owns it, and the one who sells or makes it…

  7. Ridiculous, dinosaur car which worsens the huge issues of increasing CO2 emissions, permanent traffic jams, lack of parking and road capacity in cities.

  8. Another meaningless commercial of obese cars for selfish people to promote even more congested cities. Please think about tomorrow.

  9. Идиоты, блять!!. Рекламируют не автомобиль, а всякую хрень!!!!. Это видео, получилось как бездарный фильм и ещё с плохой графикой!!. Не позорьте марку автомобиля, своей бездарностью!!.

  10. Haha nice spot but I don't get it what it has to do with the car. You could put any car from any manufacturer in that spot and it would be a nice spot 😂

  11. American advertising and a very big Mercedes SUV drive in german city like Stuttgart? We are only stuck in traffic in Stuttgart, but in comfortable Cars.

    -> Amerikanische Werbung und ein sehr großer SUV fährt in einer deutschen Stadt wie Stuttgart? Wir stecken nur im Stau in Stuttgart, aber in komfortablen Autos 😉

  12. Прости Мерседес, ну ты тут не причём. Вызвать «абонента через голосовую команду» можно и через всеми любимый (и мною тоже) iPhone. Ролик красивый, жизненный. Человек который может позволить себе такую машину, никогда не будет смотреть подобное.

  13. Non capisco, ok coma ed incidente… La figlia è triste! Perché? La madre ora è in grado di correrere. La figlia non vuole andare… perché? Il padre la va a prendere perché la cretina legge gli articoli?… ??? Perché???

  14. This is the second time I've watched this ….and the second time I've cried from watching this. Please stop making me cry at work. Sincerely, an MBZ Concierge

  15. I am so confused! That GLE that was used in the film had 3d Burmester speakers and AMG sport package. The thing is that you cannot have both AMG sport package and 3d Burmester speakers. I am so confused

  16. Loved the story within the Mercedes Benz commercial, the strength and endurance of the Vehicle mirrored the dedication and effort put forth Of the women athlete to overcome her injuries to survive and grow stronger…Nice touch*

  17. If only this were played in as many cinemas as humanly possible as the “theatrical treat” before the movie, it’d be a joy. So amazing until the hook of the ending. After this point, it’s brilliant.

  18. It’s not a bad ad. It is good. But too emotional. It needs some fixing. It didn’t put a smile on my face. It didn’t make me want to buy a Mercedes Benz. It didn’t left me feeling awed or full of pride. I kept feeling something bad was going to happen. In the end something about the ad has to inspire me to want to buy a Mercedes. Usually a feeling of happiness, awe, pride, belonging, a sense of purpose, simplicity or practicality is what I feel from a great car ad. It could have been done better.

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