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Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Final Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Final Trailer

I tell people my sister moved out west. ♪♪ YELENA:
You’re a science teacher. YELENA:
Your husband… he renovates houses. YELENA:
You’re thinking about moving but you’re gonna
wait until the interest rates
go down. NATASHA:
That’s not my story. [NATASHA laughs] ♪♪ NATASHA:
Before I was an Avenger… …I made
mistakes… …and a lot
of enemies. YELENA:
His call sign’s Taskmasker. YELENA:
He controls the Red Room. YELENA:
They’re manipulated… …fully conscious,
but no choices. NATASHA:
I should have come back for you. How many others
are there? YELENA:
Enough. [Drumming intensifies] ♪♪ NATASHA:
We have to go back to where it
all started… …so they never do
that to anyone again. ALEXEI:
We are family… ALEXEI:
we fight with you. MELINA:
You won’t win. MELINA:
I always found it best… …not to look
into the past. YELENA:
Okay, you got a plan or shall I just stay,
duck, and cover? NATASHA:
My plan was to drive us away! YELENA:
Well, your plan sucks. ♪♪ NATASHA:
At some point we all have to
choose… …between what the world
wants you to be… …and who
you are. [Drums intensify] [Heavy gunfire] NATASHA:
I made my choice… NATASHA:
…I’m done running. ♪♪ YELENA:
Woo! ♪♪ NATASHA:
Here’s what’s gonna happen… MELINA:
Natasha, don’t slouch. NATASHA:
I’m not slouching. MELINA:
You’re going to get the back hunch. ALEXEI:
Hm, listen to your mother. NATASHA:
Oh my God this… ALEXEI:
Up, up! NATASHA:
Alright, enough. All of you. YELENA:
I didn’t say anything, that’s not fair. ♪♪

Reader Comments

  1. All her family definitely die otherwise we would of seen them in endgame and everywhere else, Natasha wouldn’t of sacrificed herself. She said in endgame she has no one 😯

  2. Movie should've came out before Infinity War actually, since chronologically it takes place after Civil War and before Infinity War

  3. Captain america: I have an indestructible shield..
    Black panther: I have vibranium claws..
    Hawkeye: I have deadly precision..

    Villain of Black widow: Funny, I have all of them..

  4. Anyone : how do taskmasters copying their fighting style?
    Also Anyone : he watching every marvel movie
    Me : Taskmaster stole the sharingan.

  5. Marvel’s Spider-Man game: IM TASKMASTER AND YOU ARE AN INSECT
    BlackWidow Main Villain: TASKMASTER IS BACK FROM THE DEAD!

  6. When i rewatch mcu films and see tony… 😪 same feeling when i see natasha… 😪 so happy to see her once more! 🥳

  7. Final exams uploaded 5 hours ago: #1 on trending
    Black widow final trailer uploaded 1 day ago: #9 on trending
    aashish : 😎
    only Indiana can understand

  8. Theory: Taskmaster saw Spider-Man's vlog of the Civil War airport battle and has copied Black Panther's skills.

  9. Black widow,Captain Marvel are such wonderful , amazing and talented role models…
    Even though Natasha died in Endgame…she is the reson they were even able to win the war…and as sad as the truth is…she is a wonderful human being…
    Carol…is a badass

  10. Maybe because taskmaster has black panther and others skills, we might see him in other movies acquiring them🤷🏼‍♂️hopefully

  11. so is Taskmaster the ultimate Avengers fan?:
    -Has a shield
    -Uses a bow
    – Has claws
    -High tech suit

    This dude a hammer away from being fan#1

  12. Tony stark should have mind his own business instead of coming to ross, since then that guy doesn't want to let go ,

  13. Has anyone noticed that the cast of this film is Robert Downey Jr. as well,, you can check at google.

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