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MARCH 2019 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

MARCH 2019 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

hello everyone GHF here, it’s already
been March 2019, let’s have a look at what Casio G-Shock Japan have for us. before I get started, I’m wearing the new Rarthwatch 2019 Rangeman and a Gulfmaster which I will make a dedicated video talking about them, starting off
with this model first, and then I’ll publish a video about this. I already made
the video just haven’t publish it yet. Okay I’m not gonna brush off the fact that I haven’t published any videos for like two weeks, over than that really but I’m
back and come here, come here, alright I cat is back as well, and do
you know who else just make a comeback? Mike835 and The Chavoo (Gi-Shock GO) the two big g-shock specific unboxing and review channel on youtube. This two channel is
the inspiration and the reason why I created this channel at the first place
at all. So a I highly recommend you guys to check them out. and do you know what else that
just make a comeback? a new G squad color series which will came in army green
brown and little bit more tint of blue six models altogether, two being the ANA-DIGI GBA-800 and another four will be the digital version but one will be from the
seven lucky god series which you know what, I’m not gonna talk anymore, just..
there it is, if you want one, buy one I did mention that I’m gonna buy this seven lucky god GBD-800 but after seeing like all of these upcoming new releases which
to me looks much better you know what I’m gonna pass on this, I’m good, I don’t
really need this model anymore, so there are other three digital GBD 800 G squad series which will came in army green obviously and brown. All of which are in the
military color to me but they call this the utility color, the price are just the
same as the previous releases so if you are interested in any of this new
colorway just grab them out, for me I’m gonna pass. And let’s just move on to the next
model and that is the new GA-2000, this new GA-2000 gonna be a game-changer for all entry-level G Shock watch, at a price range of 16,000 Japanese yen and
also the red one will came in 20,000 Japanese yen; that is really affordable
and I’m very looking forward to get the black and red version. All together again
black and yellow, black and blue, and also black and red as you see over here, this
new series is called the carbon core guard series.model, since the hard
case of this very models will be reinforced with carbon fiber, very much
similar to the construction of a gulf master model like this and most high-end
master of G, so that’s why I said this is a game changer because now we could get a great construction at a low price and since the hard case is tough enough
already you don’t need a lot of padding at all
to make sure that watch it’s tough so the size could be reduced and at the
same time the toughness could be maintained if not higher. I’m not gonna
go through in depth about this very model because I’m saving all the details
in the unboxing and review video which gonna be made soon, so stay tuned for all those,
and now let’s move it on to the alternative to this GA-2000 called a new
carbon monocoque, monocoque, monuhkok monocoque carbon monocoque. Anyway the new gravity master GWR-B1000 this will feature a new kind of material literally
a material that is used to make an aircraft up there. It is very light in
weight as such you are wearing a resin watch but it is tough as metal I’m not
sure how it is comparable to titanium but it is incredibly tough and 5 points that I need to highlights about this model first (1) being the material is lightweight it’s much
lighter than this titanium frogman so I’m really looking forward for Casio
to use this material to make a next generation frogman soon, I really wish
they use this. Since it’s called carbon monocoque so, (2) “mono” means single unit
single constructions, now you’ll be able to see that there are no more backplate.
The back please built together with the hard case if you want to have access to
the watch you’re gonna need to remove everything from the front, much similar
like the construction of a G-Steel model and next (3) being the guard from the front now consists of 52 layers of carbon fiber, compressed carbon fiber to make the bezel that is just insanely lightweight
insanely tough is just incredible, and not just that, (4) this guy will feature
Bluetooth capability, (5) solar-powered there aren’t anything like this out there.
Although this is just gravity master which means it won’t have any sensors
like this model would but the construction alone is just revolutionary.
Again I’m looking for for Casio to utilize this kind of constructions and apply them on other Master of G models as well. The retail price for this model will
starts as 90,000 Japanese yen but you could get them lower for sure, I
don’t think this model will sold out at all so don’t worry and I don’t think I’m
gonna grab them right away because I’m very sure they’ll be more upcoming soon,
a more interesting, more vibrant, more I don’t know more playful colorway; I hope..
but yeah, this is incredible, just awesome. ok moving on to the last model the list
called the G steel series three models one being a collaboration which not a
lot of people are talking about probably because it is a collaboration between
Blue Note Records which is a jazz music related. so if you are into jazz music you’re
probably gonna be a fan of these models but if you don’t and you don’t I’m
definitely not a fan. I like jazz but I’m not really a fan of them, the colorway is
nice IP plated to blue and black it’s just something different from the
previous models but it is what it is I’m not a fan of this. Alright, I’m just gonna be
honest with that other two G-Steel will be called GST-W330 a mid-sized model I
think I mentioned this many times before this is just a new colorway on leather
strap, black and brown. This is just an alternative to the GSTW100 series which
also came in similar as a strap except this is just smaller in size. So this one
would be better, my favorite pick of the month is the Carbon Monocoque and I
believe the GA-2000 in red and black only so other than that, these are some new baby G models which is to me quite interesting I’d like to hear your thoughts on
opinion as well about all of these new models will you buy them, will you not? will you just ignore all them together, let me know. okay, thank you very much for watching
guys, this is GHF and I’m… out

Reader Comments

  1. Glad to see you back mate!
    Nice release update & looking forward to them reviews (guessing you’ve fixed the Gulfmaster🤔) and am hoping to get one of those earth Rangeman your wearing (if I can)👍, Cheers 🍻

  2. Good to have you back man!
    Got my GW-9404KJ last week, realy nice watch! Have ordered a yellow GA-2000. Will get me a GWR-B1000, but like you i'm going to wait for some other color options.

  3. The monocoque case of the GWR-B1000 is an incredible evolution of Casio watch case design. Other companies (including Seiko, Citizen) have used this design to effectively produce more robust cases. I hope this case design finds its way throughout the. G-Shock product line. It is a big improvement over the four screw case back configuration that most G-Shocks currently use.

  4. I’d like the GA-2000 with a red face and black strap. The present three colors don’t do it for me.
    I’m fairly basic about the G Shock. I’m more into the look then the features in general. I went a long time not wearing a watch. But recently I’m a G Shock guy.

  5. great video man! still amazed watch makers arent anywear near what casio is doing on their gshocks. my all time favorite gshock is the gwn-q1000, wish i could find spare parts for a decent price though

  6. Great to see you and Mike back!!!
    Love the new materials Casio is introducing 👍👍👍
    Apparently a new Mudmaster is being made with the same materials

  7. Hype I said ever 2 years they G-SHOCK will bring out a new G-SHOCK like you need a new one I have 3 G-SHOCKS sitting on my table yesterday I got low blood sugar but I still got a useless G-SHOCK my brother can have one when he comes out to see me. Life is more than gold.

  8. buen vídeo friki relojero, conseguí al final retirar las bandas de los relojes gmw b5000. Continua con tu trabajo subiendo vídeos. hasta otra

  9. nossa cara! que inveja eu tenho desses modelos vendidos aí pra vocês!!!! e mais um Excelente vídeo meu amigo!!!

  10. You get all the nice G-Shocks there. I wish they would send us some like that here in the United States. I'm wanting that GA-200

  11. Hey GHF! Bro I love your videos!You are responsible for killing my bank account 😂.

    Can you tell me what is the series number of the DW-5900 army green (G-Squad series) you have mentioned at 1.03?
    I found the DW-5900RS Green and yellow but not the army green you have on your wrist.

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