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  1. I have no understanding of/interest in engineering, but this is freaking fascinating. But damn, now I have to look for the other parts of this "tutorial."

  2. This guy got the talent of 100 people. Sometimes I feel like he got my talent too and left me with nothing, but I am not sad. At least I know that it’s in good hands.

  3. This is the very magic I depend on from Martin. I can get lost in the music while I wonder at the brilliance that only Martin seems to possess. Thank you.

  4. Ever thought about including grade schools and high schools in your touring the world? With your art and engineering, your drive to succeed and focus, you're an amazing inspiration. An actual, modern day Michelangelo.

  5. this man is genius, i can't believe stupid ppl get who get a lot of views deem themselves successful because of it

  6. I do understand, and comprehend everything,
    Except for the engineering,.
    Perhaps, 10%. My father was an structural engineer,.. therefore, I have a good aspect of the physics involved,.
    But, I must say that you a a very unique super human, not only you have deep knowledge of physics, and engineering,. But also have deep knowledge of music geometry and acustics,..
    You are the New Einstein.!
    But the one for human wellness,..
    We're definitely a handful of methaphysics beings…
    My best wishes…*

  7. Wowww This Amazing young man (European ? ) is a wonderful Creator ..look like he is an Enginneer and Musician too ..I am very Proud of him ! Hey Keep doing on what you doing Ok ..I wish you all the best and successful with all you creating and become a Millioner $$$$$$$ 🙂 Grandma Ruby from the USA ……

  8. Вот это развитие цивилизации,у нас бы он слесарем стал,а так творчество

  9. У нас бы похлопали по плечу и сказалиб что мол какой молодец отобрали бы эту хреновину, а на следующий день послали куда по дальше и все забыли бы об его существовании.

  10. I have literally spent the last HOUR searching this channel for THIS particular piece of music.

    I downloaded the song a couple of months ago listening to it every once in a while. But then my harddrive broke and the MP3 of this song was one of the data, that got lost.

  11. The soundtrack for this is beautiful. Do you have an album with the song included that I can purchase? Never mind. I watched until the end and see I can listen to it for free or purchase it! Good deal!

  12. What music you call korny and minimalistic I find profound and soothing. You are so talented in so many ways and your videos always bring me joy. Thank you for sharing with us and much love from Fate, Texas!

  13. Какой ты выдающийся человек! Пример для всех новаторов! Я рад что живу в то время, когда могу наблюдать за такими людьми как ты вживую!) Удачи тебе друг, всё у тебя получится!)

  14. it'd be nice if the marble droppers dropped a ball moving in either direction which could be done with a rocker, those one side would need a guide to drop. I guess it depends on whether or not single sided can play as fast as you need. if it ever is too slow then that may be an idea to use bi-directional switches for things that need to translate some distance along a path that remains the same forward and reverse.

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