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MacBook Pro 2020 Rumors, Redesign and Release Date! (EVERYTHING)

MacBook Pro 2020 Rumors, Redesign and Release Date! (EVERYTHING)

My name’s Isaac, you’re watching Apple
Hipster. We’re going to be talking about the upcoming
MacBook Pro’s. I’m saying 2020 because 2019 already brought
some MacBook Pro’s. Just spec upgrades. Nothing that major. Even though it’s going to be in 2019, these
MacBook Pro’s. Uh, we’re going to be talking about design,
main internals, other, pricing/storage, then release. There’s not a whole lot to go off of, we’re
going to start with design. Ming-Chi Kuo is saying we’re going to get
an all-new-redesign which is fantastic. We’ve seen the same design for the past
few years. The past 3 years. Since like 2016. So this is fantastic to hear. It’s going to be an edge-to-edge display. 16 inches with a resolution of 3,072 x 1920. Unfortunately that’s not 4K… it’s between
2K and 3K. There’s a lot of laptops now with 4K so
that’s pretty unfortunate to hear. But it’s still better than the same resolution. The pixel density is going to stay the same
@ 220. Also it’s going to be TFT-LCD. Unfortunately we’re not getting OLED. So the screen isn’t as fantastic as we’d
hoped it to be. But increased in size, 16 inches is great
for the Pro users to see more of what you’re creating. Going into main internals. Apple’s not switching from Intel to ARM
in-house chips until next year. That’s going to be in 2020, end of the year
probably. So we’re still going to see Intel this year. Apple’s not making their in-house chips
yet. That’s 2020 and will be fantastic to see
but that’s not coming this year unfortunately. Also we’re going to be seeing a larger battery. Right now we’re at 7,300mAh. The capacity is likely to increase due to
the performance increases. Their’s going to be major performance increases
actually. Even though the battery is increasing, due
to the performance upgrades you’re probably not going to notice a difference in battery-life. Hopefully they just maintain the same battery. Going into other. Face ID generation 3 which is coming to the
iPhone 11, is a possibility it’ll make its way. Alex Black wrote an article explaining all
the reasons why Apple will and should implement Face ID into all the future MacBook, MacBook
Pros, iMacs. It’s pretty great. Also that camera at the front where Face ID
will be, since there’s going to be a bunch of upgrades and reworking in that area, hopefully
we’ll get a megapixel increase to 10MP. This is pretty great. Ming-Chi Kuo is actually saying that they’re
switching back from the butterfly keyboard to the traditional scissor-mechanism that
every other keyboard pretty much uses. That’s fantastic admitting that they were
wrong. There’ve been so many issues with butterfly
keyboards. I’ve personally never had issues with them
but I’ve heard many reports so that’s fantastic to hear. We’re also going to be getting this glass-carbon
coating on the keys which is going to make them shinier and hopefully a nicer feel. Not a whole lot of information to go off of
there. And then storage/pricing. We’re going to get the most expensive MacBook
Pro we’ve ever seen. It’s going to start at $90,000 Taiwan dollars
which translates to $2,899 USD. Pretty expensive for a base price. It’s going to be upgradable to about $6,399. That is just my guess. Pure speculation. We don’t know what the actual max price
will be. But regardless, it will be an expensive computer. Release. There’s been a lot of conflicting reports
between September and October. Announcement, Pre-Order and Release is likely
to be in October. Since the iPhone and Apple Watch is coming
out in September and we’ve never had a MacBook launch in September alongside the iPhone and
Apple Watch. It’s likely to be in October however production
will start probably at the end of September. That’s pretty much everything we know on
the upcoming MacBook Pro’s. If you like this video, subscribe. I’ve noticed that 90% of my viewers
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Reader Comments

  1. A few things,
    first, aren't the new iPhone Xs using OLED panels from LG? (Bc Samsung conflicted with Apple) so why doesnt Apple just have LG produce OLED panels for Macs??
    Second, my Surface Book 2 (and a lot of Windows computers) have "Face ID" (Windows Hello) XD works awesome
    third, best for last, awesome video youre doing great Isaac im proud

  2. apples in house processors a good thing ? them going ARM is like going back to powerpc. if you like lack of comparability due to Architecture. Microsoft tried that with surface RT it failed

  3. I am planning on upgrading from Air to Pro but because of the butterfly keyboard issue I am a lil wary.
    Do you suggest waiting for a couple of months before the y get back to the original keyboard

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