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Love is Blind | The Reunion | Netflix

Love is Blind | The Reunion | Netflix

(upbeat music) (cheering)
(applauding) – Hey, everyone. I’m your host Vanessa Lachey. – And obviously I’m Nick Lachey. (chuckling) – Welcome to the Love is Blind reunion. – Yeah! (applauding)
(cheering) – I love it. I wish you could feel
the energy in this room. Now, we have seen all of our contestants fall blindly in love for each other. They’ve connected
emotionally and physically. They have made out. They’ve broken up. They’ve made up, and some of them even made it down the aisle. – That’s right. We’re here today to catch
up with the participants and talk about the results of
this Blind Love experiment, and their reactions to seeing
it all play out on screen. (whooshing) (soft music) – It’s just crazy to think that, you know, a couple months ago I was single, I was living the life, and the journey has just brought me here. – Will you marry me? Will you marry me? – Will you marry me? (chuckling) Yes, yes. – I will marry you. – I’ve spent every second
focusing on finding my wife. – Oh my gosh. – My favorite was Barnett. He made me laugh so much. Hi. (giggling) – Hi. – I know we’re gonna
have a lot of challenges in the real world, but I wouldn’t
change anything about him. – You guys, it’s so good
to see you all again. – Yeah. – Yes. – I feel like a family reunion though. (scattered agreement) – Like a true family reunion that you kinda don’t wanna go to. (laughing) – I think the first thing we
should do is kick this whole thing off with some quick
updates from you guys. Raise your hand if
you’re currently single. – Okay, raise your hand if you are married to your fiance from the experiment. – [Nick] Wow. (applauding) – [Vanessa] Beautiful, right? All right. – Well, guys, raise your
hand if you’re currently in a relationship, okay. – Yeah, I guess I would also be. (scattered murmuring) – Raise your hand in you’re
currently in a relationship with your fiance from the experiment? (applauding)
(cheering) So what goes around comes around. (awwing) – This is good already. – I know.
– We’re barely started here. – Nick, I don’t know about you, I’m gonna need some details. – A lot more details. – A lot of details.
– Yep. – [Vanessa] We had Kenny and Kelly. – Yeah. – [Vanessa] Hey guys. – Hi.
– How’s it going? – So what’s going on? – Yeah, so I am still single, but I did a few like career
transitions since the show. I also dated one of my best
friends since the show, and he was actually at our wedding, (laughing) right, but you know,
I think since the show it’s been a lot of self-growth, from what I’ve learned from the show, taking that into that relationship. – How about you, Kenny? – I honestly, not to sugarcoat it, but could not be doing better. This experiment, whether
I understood it or not, allowed me to find the
person I’m with today. (awwing) Because it allowed me to open myself up, to truly be vulnerable, and I have the best girlfriend for me. – And I’m sure you guys are documenting everything on camera. – I’ve actually learned
that as not a good thing. – [Vanessa] Are you serious? Amber and Barnett, you
guys, you got married in our experiment and
you are still together. Fill us in. – Well, I haven’t killed him yet. (laughing) We’ve been doing great. – Learning about ourselves
while we’ve been traveling and doing fun stuff. It’s been awesome. – The best. – [Barnett] It’s been awesome. – We did move closer to the city now. Our house was haunted, ya’ll. Not a fan. (laughing) – She thinks it was haunted. I think it was dust, whatever. (laughing) So ever since this show,
we’ve been followed by bad spirits. – [Nick] And on that note. – So what about you, Jessica? What have you been up to? – Honestly, you know,
we’ve all just kinda seen this all play out. There were some really
cringe worthy moments for me, watching it back that I’ve
been able to reflect on. It was kind of rough for me, you know, when I realized that things
were really, you know, going the way that I
hoped that they would, so I took this past year,
went back home to Chicago for six months, just to be, you know, closer to my family and
kinda heal up a little bit, and kinda reflect and
figure out, you know, how to change course, and
then now I’m out in L.A., and I’ve just recently
started dating again, so it’s all right. – I love that, I love that. Carlton? – [Carlton] Yes? – So what’s been going
on since the experiment? – I’ve really just been
working on Carlton. I’m single still. I’ve taken some self-reflection. Obviously what happened on
the show was major in my life. It was very important to me
to preserve my personal space and my mental space because
subject matters like that could take you down a dark road, so in the back of your
mind, you’re thinking oh my God, did I really
just share my entire life? Like, there’s no other secret. – Yeah. – [Carlton] You get what I’m saying? – Yeah. – So like, on one end I feel very free since doing the show but
then on the other end, I’m just very disappointed that, like, love didn’t work out the
way I wanted for it to. – What you did in confronting
that and doing that on a television show like
this takes an incredible amount of bravery. – Thank you. – I know we were all
very, very proud of you. – [Carlton] Thank you so much. – For doing that. – Still processing it, you know. It’s kinda weird sometimes, but I’m proud at the end of the day. – Damian and Gi, so ya’ll are together? Please dish. – We are so together, like every single day,
waking up next to each other, and going to the gym together. I don’t wanna lose this. I just don’t. – [Nick] That’s awesome. – And I didn’t. – Okay, so Diamond, how
you been since this show? – I’ve been great. I’ve been waiting on Beyonce to call me. (laughing) Everybody’s been loving
that for some reason, that I quoted her, (laughing) but anyways, back to me, everything’s been great. I’m working on my PhD, so I’m going back to school. – [Nick] Wow, congratulations. (applauding) – Thanks, guys, and I know, for each and
every one of us can say that this was like a very
hard thing to open up to the world and allow people to come in and even judge, and you know, we have to really take that all in, and also try to be able to cope with it. – Yes, especially in this day and age, when you’ve got those keyboard warriors. We’ll get to those. – Exactly. – Lauren and Cameron, so you guys, just like Amber and Barnett, found love in this experiment, got married, and are still together. – Still together. – So what’s happening? What’s going on? – Oh, life for us has
been really, really good. I mean, each and every day is
like our own little experiment because we’re still learning each other, even though we’ve been
married for over a year now. – Yeah. – Trust me, that never stops. – Well, seriously, never
been as happy as I am with Cameron, like, he makes me so happy. – I can’t wait to dive
into that love story, and I’m gonna come up here to Mark. How are you? – I’m good. As a man, I think I learned
more about vulnerability, communication, and just, I don’t know, just more about myself. I think I could speak for everybody here that like it was totally
worth the price of admission, and yeah, life’s been good. – And you’re single now? – Yes, I am single. – So guys, it’s probably one
of the most asked questions, but how was it dating in the pods? – I know I said myself a
lot that it was possible that this could work for me, but I honest to God didn’t
think it was probable. I went on this show thinking, you know, it’s a chance to find love. Why not? Let’s see what happens, but. – Yeah, I mean, hey, I was
as skeptical as anyone was probably watching coming into this. – Is there anything that in a pod, where you’re like this is not the one? Like it an instant like? (murmuring) (laughing) She was like oh, Diamond,
you’re a stripper. She was like. – Nope. (laughing) – If you would’ve given
me a second chance. (laughing) – He’s still trying to be smooth. (laughing) – So Barnett, you had
enough going on as it was. – And I’m so sorry that
I feel asleep on Amber. I’m so sorry. (laughing) – Okay, in all fairness, in this process, it was exhausting, and the second date, they, nobody got to see Carlton. – She was all over me on the second date. – Get out of here, no. (laughing) – Hear me, and Carlton say, oh my God, you’re so interesting, I wish I had known this
on the first date, okay? So no, I am not boring. – Barnett and Diamond,
you guys didn’t connect, but as I mention. – I love you Barnett. – You had a pretty active thing going on as far as dating in the pods and there was a lot going on there. – I dated like 15 women. (laughing) – Should we watch a clip? – Oh. – I think we should watch a clip. – Me and LC were very freaking
similar and it’s like, what’s going on here,
like why are we so alike? With Amber, she excites me, but she also scares the living hell out of me. – [Jessica] Hey, B. – Hey, girl. I think Jessica is my number one because every time I talk to her there’s like mad goosebumps. (chuckles) I love everything about these girls but all in different ways,
and I’m like, what the hell? What am I supposed to do? – Let’s talk about this a little bit. Now we just watched that
clip, and seeing how secure Amber and Jessica and LC all
felt about their relationship with you in the pods, watching
that and looking back, would you have done anything differently? – Actually, no. The last couple years,
before I went on the show, I was kinda like, emotionally empty. I had no connections, I
couldn’t figure myself out, excuse my spit, but. (laughing) – [Nick] Could we get a napkin please? – [Amber] So smooth, so smooth. – Or a bib? – [Kenny] Or a bib? – Face mask deal. Anyhoo, so it’s really
crazy to go to a place where you actually start opening up and you feel people
accepting your emotions that you’ve never really shown to anybody so it was just kinda crazy. I think most people could attest to that, that I’m not very, like I’m not super good with girls actually, so it’s
kinda funny to see it, but. I don’t know, I guess,
when you think back to it and you’re sittin’ there
trying to figure out who would be the best
wife, you kinda want to see what they think about even getting married and I may not have used the best words, like saying I would
propose to you tomorrow or something like that, but I feel like it gives you a good idea of
how someone’s gonna react to the thought of even marrying you, so. – Do you feel like you have any regrets with how things went down? – I always regret everything I say, so. (laughing) – Ahem. – No, I don’t regret anything, really. I think that maybe there
are better words to use to feel those feelings out but I mean, really I don’t regret it ’cause it got me to where I am today so. – Everyone has a different
path that they take on something like this, and
so that was your journey. – And to see him, he’s
crackin’ his knuckles, and I feel you. I’m a little uncomfortable,
so you guys are actually seeing this process and
like, for Amber, you knew. You knew, ’cause on the women’s side you’re like, you knew this. – There was a very strong
sense of girl power over there and we were all leaning
on each other a lot and we were very supportive and open about who we were all interested in, and when it got to the
point that LC and I realized we both really cared about Barnett, we came to a mutual decision, like, can we just not talk
about our dates with him, and she was really respectful about that, so Jessica coming out of left field, trying to tell me that he
proposed to her that night. – Maybe he’s, like, having
issues but he told me tonight that he just doesn’t know what he wants and he’s fucked up in his head. That’s what he told me. After last night, literally
told me he was gonna marry me. – I was not happy. I confronted Matt about Jessica, and I said, what the hell? What’s going on here, like
what are you thinking, what are you doing, what do you want? He told me he was trying
to figure things out and feel it out and he was like, he shouldn’t have said that. That wasn’t how he meant it. I’m like okay, that’s
not how you meant it. I believe you, like that
was all I, I trusted him. As far as I was concerned,
that was nothing after the fact so to see her throwing
herself at him in Mexico. Bitch, you’re shysty. You’re so fake, coming to
my face like we were cool. You are so fake. I think you are a very disingenuine person and you know what, I hope
seeing this, you do grow from it because that is not what the world needs is women who go behind
people’s backs like that. You were engaged to another
man that you were leading on. He was engaged, he made his choice. Anyhoo, so no, I’m not
super happy seeing that, but I would have been
a lot more comfortable had somebody else said like, hey, I’m still having feelings for him. – Do you think you should
have come forward sooner? Do you think, I still respect
the way I kept it to myself? – Yeah, so, I mean (clears throat) for me, obviously there’s, to go
back to Barnett’s point that I really wanted to see how my relationship was with everyone. Everyone needs to realize
this was days, not weeks, that we’re trying to find a
connection to spend forever with someone so I really
wanted to vet everything out. Obviously I was rejected by Barnett. I didn’t take that very well. Seeing that play out is brutal. So I was really trying to keep myself open and work that all out. I don’t think that necessarily played out but I do definitely owe a
major apology to you, Amber, and to Barnett who, I
super respect them both. I respect their
relationship and definitely was not good of me to
even ever question that, so I apologize and I have
nothing but the most respect for you both and wish
you nothing but the best and I’m just happy that
I was able to participate in an experiment where this does work out and there are happy, married couples. It’s, I have no hard feelings
towards you whatsoever at all. – I have a whole lot of
respect for you for coming here and being a part of this
and being big enough to say, I messed up and I apologize. – I want to clear this air. She is apologizing. Do you accept that apology
or is there something that you’re like, I just wish
that this would have happened so that we can all move on? – My, I had a full understanding
of what this experiment was and I knew that she may have
had a crush on him still and the fact that she was
going to him behind my back with me in the same room
saying these things like, are you sure this is what you want, yeah, that bothered me,
because if you still have feelings for my husband and you’re engaged to my
friend, the least you can do is be honest with everybody
else about where you are at, and I fully believe in being
upfront and I have no filter. As you guys have seen, I have no filter. So what I needed to be okay
with this was for her to say, look, I’m still feeling
him, I’m still confused, so that I’m not sitting
there looking like a fool thinking we’re cool, we’re friends. – Well, I don’t know that
you were lookin’ like a fool ’cause you got the guy,
but she had her process, so do you accept an apology now, or are you like, I still
need a minute to process? – I accept the intent behind the apology. I can’t be fully there yet. – [Vanessa] Yeah, and that’s okay. – [Nick] Well, the process continues. – I know every one of
you sitting here today decided to choose to spend
the rest of your life with someone, sight unseen. So let’s hear more about what
was going through your minds when you saw each other
for the very first time. (dramatic music) – Ho ho! (laughing) (dramatic music) – [Vanessa] Aww. – [Nick] Whoa. Heh heh. – [Vanessa] Yeah, D-Money. – [Nick] Smooth, smooth. – Who surprised you the most when you guys saw them in person because you obviously talked to everybody? Like, everybody dated, even
for the speed date round, everybody dated, so who did you see that you were like, wow? – I’d say Lauren, honestly, ’cause I think you and I talked twice, or we dated twice, and I mean, you’re
captivating, you’re stunning, and it shines through. – I agree with that. I mean, it is funny, I love you Cam, but, (laughing) it is, because me and Lauren,
I think we dated every day up ’til the point of engagements. – [Lauren] Yeah, we, yeah. – We dated every single day, and we had the best conversations. – We would laugh all the time. – We started talking in Star Wars voices. (laughing) – We really did. – Wait a minute. We gotta see a Star Wars date right now, like what’s your voice sound like? – [Damian] You want me to do it? – [Lauren] It’s just like, hey baby! (laughing) – Hi, Lauren. Hi, Lauren. I was trying to do the Yoda thing, but I’m not getting casted for Star Wars. (laughing) – I was really surprised to see Mark. I really was. He actually really
attractive, like he’s like. – [Damian] Rico Suave. – Good looking guy. (laughing) Wears his heart on his sleeve,
so I really thought like, he’s a beautiful person. – You know, y’all are
both single right now. (laughing) – So we have a pod in our garage. (laughing) – Well, we already seen each other, so. – We talked a lot about
the emotional connection that all of you, I
think, found on the show, but you guys took that
emotional connection and you developed a physical connection and obviously with that, face-to-face time brings new challenges, brings
new obstacles to light, and reality really started to sink in. We’ll see right here. – [Carlton] Diamond? – Yes. – Will you be my wife? – [Diamond] Oh my god. – Will you marry me? (romantic music)
(crying) – [Diamond] Oh my gosh. Yes. – [Carlton] You will? – [Diamond] Yes. – Baby! (squealing) – [Carlton] Ah, the one
that just sounds despairs. – I know, right. What is it like, Carlton,
Diamond, to see that? – I get emotional, I really do, because to actually hear
someone actually say, do you wanna be my queen,
do you want to be my wife, I’ve never heard that before,
and to hear those words, a lot of us been wanting
that for a long time. Christ, you see I was crying like a baby because I’ve never heard those words, I didn’t even know how to respond to it other than, I knew I wanted to do this. – And Carlton, you said it’s a lot? – Yeah, it’s a lot. It’s, I think it just goes back to, no one will fully ever understand what was going through
my head in that moment. That day, still to this day, by far is the happiest day of my life, to the point where I’m
actively trying to top it so that we can just move to
the next chapter of my life. – Well, as we all know,
once Carlton and Diamond got to Mexico, their relationship
shifted almost immediately and it came to a head the
morning after you, Carlton, opened up to Diamond about
your past relationships. – I’m okay with or without
this situation, I am okay. – Boy, you know what? I ain’t got time for this because
you having a bad attitude. – [Carlton] Go ahead, go ahead. – No, this not even for you. – [Carlton] Have your moment. – You have your moment. I don’t care if you’re
not fuckin’ with me. I gave you that ring back. – I don’t give a fuck about a ring. Fuck a ring! Fuck a ring! This is why I don’t deal
with bitches like you. – Oh, I’m a bitch now. You gonna call me a bitch to my face? – I don’t deal with women like you. – Fuck you. Fuck you, fucker. – [Carlton] Yeah, fuck like me. – [Diamond] Fuck you. – [Carlton] Bye. – ‘Cause you, watch my
ass turn on that dick boy. – Watch your wig, ’cause it keeps sliding. – [Diamond] Who the
fuck do you think I am? – [Carlton] Your wig been sliding since. – You ain’t married to
no average dick boy. – [Carlton] Peace out. – Okay. I first of all want to thank
both Carlton and Diamond for coming here today for the reunion. I know that this has been hard, and kind of what I was
talking about earlier, we have a lot of keyboard warriors and a lot of the fans
have voiced their opinions so I’ll start with you, Carlton. How are you feeling being here? – Um, so it’s very awkward. It’s obviously something new for me. I’ve gotten death threats. It brings you to a very dark space. The biggest misconception
is that fluid people are just like rabbits, just hopping around sleeping with everyone,
talking to both parties at the same time, and that we have no self-control sexually and
I think it’s very unfair, and it’s a very ignorant
assumption for anyone to make. Out of everything, I think I’ve
more concerned with Diamond and her backlash and I
just want to make it clear that the woman that I fell in love with, I’ve never felt that she
was bi-phobic, homophobic, or that she wouldn’t love me. I just was afraid that
we would have some issues that we would have to work through. The types of feedback that
I’ve been getting online, it’s no reflection of who I am. Now, do I deserve some of the feedback? Yes I do, because I
made a horrible mistake and indirectly called her out of her name. That is something that
should have never happened. There’s no excuse. – And I told myself,
before the show started I want to at least be comfortable
with him in the same room and I didn’t want any animosity
or any tension towards us. I felt like I could at least do that, at least hear what you have to say and then he did apologize. – Who initiated that, that contact? – I think it was happy
holidays or your birthday. – That’s how we were able to move forward and even be here, because like you said, he was getting remarks
and people attacking him. I’m getting the same thing, I’ve gotten death threats as well, I’ve gotten a lot, been
called those names. I was really hurt by that and I’m like, well why would they, people seeing it in a totally different perspective? My goal right there in that scene was to just talk to him
and get more understanding ’cause I didn’t know about it. I didn’t want it to get
crazy and out of control and me going off and
coming out of my character ’cause that’s not who I am, although if you do mess
with me I do have a tendency to put my foot down. – You were just spewing words and I know, sitting here watching you
watch that, you’re mortified. You’re like, this is not me. So if you have an opportunity
now to right that scene, and I’ll start with you, Diamond, what would you want to say? – So I guess, in my way,
maybe I should have just approached it a lot differently
and being more comforting and maybe approached it
in a way of saying that, I respect you as a person. You all right? – Yeah, I’m good. – Would you have told her sooner and do you think that would
have made a difference? – I would have done whatever it takes to be sitting on the couch as happy as these people, even these people. I would have done whatever
it took had I known then that that’s what it took to
sit here happily married. – To her. – Yeah. I think that in that moment, I felt I went back into my shell. It was a shell that it was
difficult breaking out of, not to mention in front of the world and once something just
felt like it wasn’t right, I immediately let fear sink in and like, oh I have to go back into
Carlton’s the only person who’ll defend Carlton and
understand Carlton mode, and that has translated
into my everyday life. Sometimes, people may say,
oh he’s so into himself or he’s so standoffish. It’s not that I want to be. It’s just that whole fear of rejection and being judged for something that, why do we have to be
judged for who we love? That’s so lame to me. – Even now, I could see people going, okay, well now you’ve cleared the air, so you’re good, right? What is that like now for you
to sit here across from him? – I mean, no one, I know
you wouldn’t allow him to disrespect you like that. I see your love, I see you guys are really passionate about each other and I always felt like a man
should have his woman’s back. When we couldn’t even just
have an open communication just to be able to say hey,
this is me, let’s move forward, let’s move past this
and just that disrespect as to myself, I can never
probably let that go and move past that. – And I think that it’s fair now to say that you probably won’t get back together because you feel you’re that hurt and you’re that disrespected and that was a red flag for you? – I think what I’m
hearing from both of you is regret that that scene
ever played itself out. – It’s disappointing that
there is a line drawn because my sole purpose
of coming here today, as much as I didn’t want to,
I wanted to make it clear that I am here for you. No matter what was said or
what we’ve been through, at the end of the day you’re
my ex-fiance in real life. Forgiveness sometimes means
let’s create something beautiful through all the darkness
and today, I would like for it to be the start of creating something really beautiful, and I’m not proposing to
you, before you’re like, uhh. (laughing) – Okay. – Didn’t seem like a good idea. – Like, uh, are we really gonna do this? – Let me get down on one
knee and just apologize again at eye level and I hope that
you take this ring again as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful without any type of plan, or
this is our plan of action. Look familiar? (laughing) – Did you go in the pool for that? – Sure did, sure did. – I do. I accept your apology
and I do forgive you. – [Carlton] All right,
well I think I’m supposed to put it on your finger first. – Oh, okay. (laughing) Oh, it don’t fit anymore. Oh my god, okay. Thank you. (applauding) – Want the box? – [Diamond] Sure. – [Nick] Wow. – I’m never speechless. – Trust me, never happens, but that was. – I don’t know what to say. – Thank you. – But that’s what today’s all about. Well, another relationship
that had everyone talking from the moment she proposed
to the moment he said I don’t, Giannina and Damian. – I wanna ask you, Damian Powers. Will you marry me? – I will marry you. – I’ll marry you too. – [Giannina Voiceover]
I needed someone strong, ’cause I need to be able to really be me. – [Damian] I felt closer
and a stronger connection with her than I have anyone else before. – You guys were fiery from the get go. There was a lot of passion. Damian, have you ever dated
someone like Gi before? – I could combine all of them
together and it’d still be no. (laughing) – Well, so Gi, you, the
proposal heard ’round the world, (laughing) did you know you were
gonna get down on your knee and propose to Damian
or did that just happen in the moment, in the pod,
you’re like, I’m doing this? – I had no idea I was gonna do that. – Really? – I didn’t. – Oh. – What I, (light laughing) I mean, I wish I could say I’m like, yeah, I was gonna propose to him, but I, everything that
Damian was saying to me while we were in the pods,
he always spoke about wanting to find his
equal and that’s always what I wanted too and that’s what made me say, we’re soulmates. It was the first time where I felt like, if he says yes, then
okay, we’re so in this and it’s not even funny
how we’re gonna be in it ’cause it was just, he
sees me and he gets me. – But then you go all the
way to the wedding day. So, do you think you and
Damien weren’t ready? – I mean, yeah I, looking back I respect his decision. I feel like where we are now is just, it’s so right for us
where we can just date and he has his own place,
I have my own place and we, we’re getting to know
each other at our own pace and it’s just so refreshing and, it hurt so much but it’s all
about, what can I do with that and what did I learn from that. – Well, you mention that. It was hard, I think,
for all of us to watch both of your emotional
reactions to that day. – You blamed everything
on me and all I did was tell you how I felt, and I wanted to work everything out with you. – Gi, Gi. – I wanted to work it out so bad. – This is you running. – So bad. – And I’m trying to talk to you. I know what happened is embarrassing and you’ll never forgive
me for it and I’m sorry. – You messed up. Honestly. (fabric ripping) That was such bullshit. (fabric ripping) You can take your bow back. – I mean, looking back on that, would you have done anything
different on that wedding day? – No. – Why not? – It was definitely a strong
love from the beginning and we pushed through a lot of challenges as did everyone here,
but I wanted it every day since the day I told her
I loved her in the pods, and it turned into our love story, but she was in and out of it so much. The butterflies weren’t there, stuff even like the sex conversation. By getting to the day of the wedding, me and her had talked and I said, look, no matter what happens,
we leave this together, and she’s like yeah, we do, and when she said I do, I didn’t, I didn’t expect that. I thought she was gonna
be the one to say I don’t, and I was gonna say,
okay well I don’t either. I’ll walk away with you. I wish I could take the
pain away from her that day and the hurt and the embarrassment. To her family and friends, I’m sorry that I ever put her through that. I am, and to you, I’m sorry, but it was the hardest decision I’ve probably ever made
in my life, honestly, and I would stick by it again
because of where we are now. – So, okay, I love, love
that you are proving that love is blind. This is beyond the show, and
how has your relationship evolved since we stopped filming? – So, I mean right after,
there was a lot of things that we both come into terms with. I was so afraid of
driving this person away that I was just instinctively
doing it anyway. I guess, like the whole thing
with me is I self-sabotage and I’m aware of that and I felt because we were in the pods and
we would communicate so well that he could instinctively
tell, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t read my mind, he
couldn’t know these things, so when I felt frustrated,
I just let it out in very non-constructive, insensitive ways and looking, especially
looking back on it now, it’s just, how did you ever come about and be so calm and patient with me, and I really just want to take
that time to apologize to you and I never want to hurt you either. You know, we both have expressed ourselves in really hard ways, but
you know, since the show, it’s just, it’s been such
an amazing journey with you to get to know you and
to see how we integrate with each other’s lives and my
friends and family love you, (chuckling) and so there’s
just all these fears that we were never there in the
first place so, I’m so happy. (crying) – I love that you guys
have the wherewithal to be able to see your
faults, and I don’t mean that in a negative way, but to see what it is you have to work on. I’m so proud of you guys,
and I love your love. Well, Kelly and Kenny were a couple that seemed solid from the beginning, but as the experiment went
on, fans were surprised to see that maybe things weren’t as perfect as they initially seemed. – We were able to make this
commitment to each other, and then we haven’t had sex yet. I know how I feel about it. Like, how do you feel about it? – We are just so perfect on every level, and I just don’t want to throw
that in the mix just yet. And that’s why I keep feeling
like I’m not in love with him, because I feel like if I was in love, I would have that infatuation
like, nothing else matters. – The emotion was there because there were senses of guilt and
senses of embarrassment, getting my friends and
family involved with it. Didn’t even know how this
would come to fruition and be portrayed to the
masses and quite honestly, it doesn’t matter. So, I love the fact that I was able in that moment to share that. I think about all the
takeaways that I went through on the show, I’ve applied
to my current relationship and I’ve been able to be
vulnerable and I’ve received it. My takeaway at this point is that I am not embarrassed by anything and that is why I’m supposed to be here, is to hopefully impact others
to make them feel supported in times of fear, in times of doubt, ’cause there’s nothing you can’t overcome. – I say, Kenny for President. (laughing) So, Kelly, it was hard. At what point did you know
you were gonna say, I don’t? – Right. – I mean, I can see now
how emotional you are. – Yeah. (sniffling) I mean, from day one of
watching the show back, it’s definitely brought up every emotion. I cry not just from my journey, but Carlton’s, everybody
made me cry. (laughs) I think with Kenny and my relationship, I think we both agreed to an
I don’t way before the wedding and for me it’s like,
although yes, I was not like that girl that planned
everything of her wedding to a T as like a dream, this is how my wedding’s gonna be, but I imagined how my wedding would be. I wanted a bridal shower,
I wanted those things. I wanted the conventional, and I’m like, you guys, I just, I don’t
know how you did it. I kept saying, my head and
my heart are not connecting. My head and my heart are not connecting, they’re not in the
right place and I think, something for me is that
what I have learned, what I have reflected on is the fact that Kenny, you were amazing. You’re a great guy and I did love you. I did love you, I was not in
love with you, as we mentioned, but I did love you and I
wanted to continue our journey of dating and getting to know one another, and that didn’t happen, and
it’s water under the bridge now. I’m so happy for you in your relationship, but I think I just need, I needed time. For me, it’s like, again
Kenny being such a great guy, I have friend-zoned a lot of
those great guys in my life and those are probably all the guys that I shouldn’t be marrying. Now it’s like, Kelly, stop thinking like, we attract who we are. Put it out there into the universe, what are you gonna accept
now into your life. – Yes, what a love story
that ended in two I do’s, is Amber and Barnett. – What what? (laughing) – Yes, you said I do and
she said I do, Barnett. That’s two I do’s. – Oh. – You guys pulled the
trigger, you both said I do, you got married and it’s
been what, over a year now, so how’s it been? – It’s been a wild ride, I’d say. (scoffs) It’s a. – Lots of laughs. A lot of fun. – All we do is have fun, like I mean. – That’s. – Not all we do, we’ve had
the normal arguments and stuff that everybody probably has, but shoot, I’m really excited that
we found each other and have gotten to grow
together over the last year. I mean, really, it’s been crazy. – It’s been a great adventure, and I’m actually really
proud of how far we’ve come from where we were in the pods and how fast the process kind of was. I know there is one point
where we almost broke because we had such expectations out of what we wanted out of a husband and wife and we knew we were married
and we knew we were in love but also we were still
learning each other. I was working as a cocktail
waitress and there as well, I was making Matt so uncomfortable,
like, I wasn’t working, so that was putting strain because I was so financially dependent
on him which was new to me. I’ve never been financially
dependent on somebody before. I’ve always had to figure
that out for myself and had friends help me along the way, but financially dependent
on him was something that was totally new and then I think him, y’all saw how he like
to flirt with people, so obviously he was totally
used to his bachelor life and I was used to my bachelor life too but I think it took us a while to hang out and party together. – And be respectful. – [Matt] Yes.
– Yeah. Normally in a relationship,
as you’re dating, you take time and you adjust to that, but we were married so
immediately we expected it to be different, to be changed,
and we weren’t giving the, giving it the time that
it needed to adjust. – Interesting. – To get used to it. I, at one point actually called about, potentially getting the divorce lawyer. I was like, this isn’t working. Something’s not. – [Vanessa] Oh, you threw the D word out. – Yeah, I. – Definite. – Sorry, Mama Barnett, I
love you, just kidding. – I’m a stubborn asshole, so it’s. – Which, I’m stubborn too,
so we butted heads a lot and that took time to figure out how to do because when we were still
in the bubble on the show, we hadn’t really butt heads at that point, so ’cause everything was just so perfect. – It was easy. – But seeing how we both are so stubborn and strong-minded and bullheaded, we butt heads, it could be
bad, it could be intense, so figuring out how to handle that, it made a huge difference for us. – Yeah. – We stopped trying to force
what we expected on each other and once that happened,
it’s just nothing but really good things since then. – So I love that you guys
have found what you need to have a lasting relationship, and that is working on these challenges. – You guys are happy, clearly,
and that’s a beautiful thing so it’s great to see. – So for Mark and Jessica,
their relationship kept us on the edge through the entire experiment. We wanted to see how
this was gonna unfold, so check out this clip. – In the outside world, I would have never looked twice at Mark. I would have figured out his age or maybe that he was a fitness instructor and that would be something
maybe I wouldn’t have been into. Usually, I’m someone who
runs before commitment but Mark has exceeded every expectation. Taking those vows, it’s a huge commitment and it’s something I take very seriously. – Jessica, what’s it like
for you to watch that over and watch your relationship
with Mark on the show? – Yeah, actually I kinda looked
down ’cause I’ve seen it all and I don’t need to see it again. Yeah, it’s tough because watching it back, it was obvious that I was
working through some things. I still don’t like the person that I saw and the things that played out, obviously I was really uncomfortable. I was drinking too much and that was really disturbing to see play out and some of the comments I
made that were derogatory, and that certainly wasn’t fair to Mark, who’s a fantastic person, and obviously very, very attractive. I’ve gotten a lot of
messages about that and it’s, that was never a concern
whatsoever and you knew that. I need to start with a
friendship which ultimately, that’s not a good situation
to sign yourself up for when you need something that’s gonna maybe progress a little bit slower. – Mark, I want to ask you. What, what in your opinion was the reason, or maybe reasons, that it
didn’t work out with Jessica? – Um, wow. I think we were just two
people trying to figure it out. We got engaged in 10 days and I think that you get into this situation
and maybe we just, even myself, like I didn’t
realize how much all of it was, how intense it was and
I think we were just both trying to figure it out
and she is a phenomenal woman. I still to this day, like a
year and a half has gone by and I still, I learned so many values and still have so much respect for you. No matter what happened
and what went down, I’ve become a better man. I know you are introspective,
and I know you’ve done the same thing, and I
couldn’t be more thankful to go through it with someone like you, and I think that’s why, if anybody asks, that’s why I’m like, oh Mark
kinda feels strung along, no, we did have really
powerful, strong moments, even when we were in person. – It’s almost like I blinded
myself, no pun intended, because I had these thoughts
about the age difference and I annoyed the living
hell out of myself. It’s tough watching it back, but seeing the connection that we had, obviously that surpassed
any differences that we had, which we found out were many. I think we just needed more time. – Yeah, I agree. – And to commit to him, that
that was gonna be forever, he didn’t deserve that
’cause I wasn’t there. – I will say and I know we’re all here to clear the air and everything like that. I wish you would have told me the Barnett. I feel like we, I thought we
cleared the air about that, like if you were still
having re-occurring feelings of how Barnett or anybody else
that was in the experience. I felt like that could
have been an obstacle we could have talked about
and tackled together. – Yeah, so I just saw
the behaviors that I have in the real world, where
I normally go after something that’s unavailable,
and I think you see that I kinda struggle with just accepting and understanding that
people just can love you and accept you for who you are, and then also I was served whiskey. Like I said, the comment was not something that I ever should have
said and that’s truthfully not how I felt in the moment, so I don’t know how to answer it. I really didn’t have those
feelings for him at that time. – Not to hold the
pressure and what you were feeling like that day, I still remember it and I am sorry that we got
kinda sucked into this vacuum and I’m sorry that we didn’t really get that chance and opportunity to
really get to know each other and get to know each
other’s friends, family, and what we stand for,
but at the end of the day, I still respect you and I still
am thankful for all of this and I know that no matter what you decide to do moving forward, you’re
gonna be even better off and kicking ass, so. – I was always honest and I
get a lot of hate for that. – You come right and you tell it. – I was always honest from day one that it wasn’t fair,
for sure, so I’m sorry. – You still never made me
Italian beef, by the way. (laughing) You said that the first
day, that’s all I mean. – That’s right, I forgot about that. – Just kidding. – No, no, no, it’s not too late for that. Well, guys, obviously while
not every relationship has a fairy tale ending, Lauren
and Cameron’s relationship had the happy ending
everybody was rooting for. – Before, I wasn’t really
that happy, to be honest. I think it was because I
felt like I was missing you. – I’ve never had a man so just willing to show me how much he loves me. – So, you gotta catch us up now. How is married life, how’s it been? – Well, we really started to
get to know each other more and do things together
that we’ve never done, I mean, of course coming
from different backgrounds, as they said so much on the show, (laughing) but you know, it’s like we’re able to teach each other things that the other may not have experienced or enjoyed, so I feel like Cameron has
opened my eyes to so many things, like he teaches me stuff every day. He’s so loving, he’s so
genuine, he got me a puppy. We have a furbaby, like, life is good. – I think people often think that changing who you are is a negative thing. I mean, Lauren’s an amazing woman. Obviously we all know that. Just being with her, I feel
changed me in many ways. I mean, watching the show back, it was still me but I feel
like I’ve evolved over time because I’ve become more
like her in a lot of ways. – I don’t think that changes either. After you get married,
it’s just like you continue to evolve into each other. – [Nick] Yeah, nope. (laughing) – Whose idea was the furbaby? – All me.
– All Lauren. – That was a part of, like, I was like, if we get married, I have to get a puppy. – Yeah, that was in
our marriage agreement. The thing from my mom was, she had known that I had always said, I
would never date a woman who wanted to have a dog, which
sounds crazy in retrospect. (laughing) She knew it was true
love because I told her, yeah, we’re gonna get a
dog and that was something we agreed on, and so she was sold. She knew it was true love. – His name is Sparks, ’cause of sparks, because this. – Oh, that’s so cute! (cast murmuring) – Like, the furbaby, we got a furbaby and that was like, we’re then committing to seeing what we would
be like as parents. – Oh, yeah. – Are y’all excited
about that opportunity? Is that actively happening? – We’re definitely excited. We’ve already talked about, our kids could look like
anything from this to this. It could be Drake, it
could be Barack Obama. (laughing) So we are just, one day. – They’re gonna be gorgeous. – [Damian] Hopefully soon. – [Lauren] Oh, thank you. – You know, we gotta talk about Dad. – Oh yeah, Papa Speed. – Papa Speed. (laughing) He kept it real. – He did. – If I think about how it would be if my daughter came to me and said, hey, Dad, I’m getting married to somebody that you don’t know or never met, I. – And you met through a wall chat. – You’re a white guy, she’s a black woman. Let’s talk about that. – I had a serious relationship
prior to meeting Lauren. We dated for five years. – Okay. – She was a black woman. I’ve experienced being in
an interracial relationship where people have issue. – Well, that’s not
everything, but it certainly gonna play a factor in
how you live in the world. – Your daughter is the most
amazing woman I’ve ever met. I fell in love with her
without ever having seen her. – I don’t judge you by anything other than how you treat her. – I appreciate that. – Okay, let’s see how this goes. – Lauren’s dad, I mean, I
love him, and we’re family. He loves Lauren so much and. – Here we go, crying again. (laughs) – I mean, we have that
in common and also too, Lauren has a strong
connection with her father, so it makes sense that
I would love him too because she’s emulated him. In a lot of ways, she’s her own person but they have a lot in common. – At first, I was kinda nervous because me and my dad are so close. Sorry, and I’ve never really
introduced him to a boyfriend, so for me to introduce
Cameron as my fiance for the first time, him
ever meeting anybody, that was a lot on its own,
but for me it was kinda scary and, but Cameron was cool
as a fan the whole time. He’s like, I went over it so
I’m good, I’ll just be me. So, of course I was nervous, but I’m happy that things turned out great. Both of our family are so important to us. I love Cameron’s family, like
his mom, his dad, his sister. I’ve visited Maine a couple times, they show me the deers, honey always. Out there in the apple
orchard, it was great. So, you know, me coming
from Detroit, the city, that’s a whole new world to me. I felt like Jasmine in Aladdin. (laughing) Yeah, but it’s beautiful
just how our families have blended and merged, like we just had, ooh, I feel like I’m snotty to y’all. – No, here we got a
tissue right here, girl. Aww, he got a hanky! Stop it. We just had Thanksgiving
together for the first time with both of our families recently and that was so beautiful to
see our dads getting together, Bobby drinking bourbon, our
moms baking in the kitchen, a dog running crazy, it was just like wow. It was such a beautiful moment. – I’m, I’m, (stammering),
I’m getting emotional too because it’s (stammering), sorry. Now I commend your families
and all of your families who are coming together to
accept you for who you are and to trust your judgment
and to trust your opinion. This is true, this is
real, this is who you are, and this is the man that you love, and your dad accepted that,
he didn’t hold you back. So you can honestly,
truly say, love is blind. I truly believe that you
guys are finding yourself, if not have found yourselves
through this process and sometimes it took a
route of finding a guy and going to Mexico with him. Sometimes it took a route
of saying some stuff on TV that you think is
cringeworthy and sometimes it took a route of
running down the streets of Atlanta, Georgia in a wedding dress. (laughing) – Most that I’ve ran in my life. – And I am just, I’m so
amazed and I could honestly, and I believe that Nick
and I have said this, that this was called a social experiment, a love experiment if you will, but ultimately these
are your real emotions. This is your heart. – Absolutely. Yeah, even if the end
result wasn’t marriage for all of you in this love experiment, it clearly affected how each of you looks at love and relationships today. We’ve all said we’ve learned
a lot from this experience. Mark, what have you learned walking away from this experience? – I think that all of the
things that we went through prepared me for who I’m supposed to be, and that’s why I’m forever
thankful for this experience. – Yeah, and I think now
I’m standing much stronger, much more independent knowing who I am and I’m gonna be much, I’m gonna be ready once
I find the right person. – I’ve definitely learned
that at the moment that you feel like you love
someone and they love you, there’s no fear involved in love. You should be able to let go and just completely be yourselves. – And that everything at
the core of it is love, self-love in particular. If you can’t accept yourself, your flaws, your great moments, the
things that you think are so cringeworthy, that you’re afraid to show that other person, if you can’t accept those,
than you’re not going to be able to allow someone in. – All right, you guys. One last round of Raise Your Hands Dang. – Should we do it? – Even if in the end, marriage
wasn’t in it for you guys, raise your hands if you think
love really can be blind. (laughing) – [Nick] Wow. – Yeah? I think we need a dang, you guys. – That says it all, right. – That says it all. Thank you again so much
to these wonderful humans, these incredible individuals who have opened up their hearts. – And then opened themselves up again to share how they’re doing now. So guys, again thank you for your honesty. Thank you for giving all of
yourselves to this experiment, and thank you for loving each other. – Love is Blind, season
one, down in the books. (applauding) (upbeat music)

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  35. Hmmm…OK now that we see that Damian thought Lauren was beautiful and they had spent alot of time together… I wonder if that is the reason why they had that awkward moment after everyone was in the clubhouse and GiGi got mad. Maybe he was jealous and really attracted to and wanted Lauren? hmmm?

  36. Jessica literally said she be tryna snatch people’s husbands. 👀 “go for something unavailable” sheesh 🙃

  37. Marc is being played by Jessica mark is so sincere but she's not devoted like he is It's to bad I'm not young because zI would show Jessica what it is to take care of a man like Mark I would love him for him got is honesty his soul and heart. She does'nt deserve him he should break off with her and tell her to take a hike she drinks and she not nice she still trying to get Matt but Matt is very happy with his choice.

  38. The fact that this was edited to continuously show Jessica while Bernett and Amber was talking was so annoying and unnecessary

  39. Can we all just talk about Barnett and how he really is that dude who us controlled by his woman. Just kind of her bitch.. sorry to be so blunt. I feel like he cowers a lot, while she's just extra and dramatic as all get out. I would be a little embarrassed if I were him because she's too cocky.. Was feeling herself the whole show above all females regarding him. Like ew. It was hard to watch.

  40. Amber is very insecure and throughout this whole journey, all she has done is forced everything from day 1. This is love, not a military base. Time and a place woman

  41. Kelly is the ONE self-sabotaging not GiGi. She knew she messed up big time!

    I didn't really like Amber on the show but I have major respect for her now. ❤

  42. Jessica? Umm low life. She gave Mark so much crap about being 24, when he was literally like 50 times more mature and genuine than her. He was the best guy on the show. Jessica was low life, the minute she got rejected by barnett she kept trying to shamelessly ruin amber and barnetts relationship, even though barnett was clearly so happy with his own fiance. The worst, the ultimate worst thing was when she insulted Mark, even though he had simply complimented her, she used it to insult him and tell him how hot she thought barnett was. That was disgusting. She would tell mark how similar they were, then she went to barnett and told him how dissimilar, mark and her were. WTF. low-life. Mark was the best guy on the show. Hell he was one of the best guys ive ever seen in my life. He respected his mom, he respected jessica even when she didnt deserve her, he was mature, responsible, treated all women with respect, he was loyal. Jessica, low life AF.

  43. AMBER giving the bitch faced look of “BItch I ain’t buying any of your shit coming from your mouth,” lowkey while MESSICA was talking.🤣👏🙌🥇👀 I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one WHO CLEARLY noticed that.

  44. I’m just going to sit back and watch Cameron and Lauren here. That is true love at first sight. Can’t wait to see more of Gigi and Damian though. I’m sure how they acted is just for show. Because it is a show afterall. But we know relationships go through everything this show covered so I liked it.

  45. Did anybody check on the sista that Cameron was with for 5 years 👀.. I can't imagine sis is okay right now 😩😩

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