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Love Alarm | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

Love Alarm | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

這是一個無法隱藏心意的世界 妳的響了幾次? -什麼?
-戀愛鈴 在他觸發我戀愛鈴的那瞬間 我感覺到全身酥酥麻麻的 誰知道黃宣梧會轉到我們學校來啊? 第一天來學校就這樣 那你呢?你的響了幾次? 喂,要是我也下載,肯定會響個不停 我覺得我每天都在跟自己鬥爭 以後 我也會一直很開朗的 我覺得累的時候 都有你在我身邊 金朝眺! 不過你認識我嗎? 真奇怪 妳把戀愛鈴關掉了嗎? -沒有
-妳還真奇特 你就算沒下載戀愛鈴,也很明顯 沒有那種方法 能停止喜歡一個人的方法 回答我,你真的不喜歡金朝眺嗎? 如果你回答我,那我也會告訴你 因為妳,我的戀愛鈴沒有響啊 我叫你們都退到十公尺以外! 都被打成這樣了,他還是喜歡我 戀愛鈴手機應用程式備受爭議 戀愛鈴只會告知對方喜歡自己的心意 並不會保障各位的安全和幸福 如果當時沒有戀愛鈴 我們現在會如何呢? 你幫我占位子,又給我買咖啡
我問你在做什麼? 在沒有戀愛鈴之前
人們都是這樣做的 看著我的眼睛 妳喜歡我 選擇 是取決於金朝眺 現在我要去面對我的真心了

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  1. I remember the revenge app haha i love that drama, Koreans writing skills is golden , but in working place they are mostly rude, the way they give a joke haha, it's sounds like an insult,

  2. This drama is just soooo heart overwhelming ❤❤❤❤❤ I really loved it💚💛💛💖💚💛💖 But wbt the end part it's so clueless😭😭

  3. Hopefully it wont be like the "Kingdom" that no season 2 and left us with the thought of what will happen with the ending.

  4. I loved this drama but it took a turn episode 5 and it wasn't needed. I love it but episode 5 onwards made me depressed 😭

  5. Sun-Oh and Jojo are the reason for me to watching film. They are for each other. Season 2 please let them come together or I'll give up the movie 😢, please pleaseee

  6. I really want jojo and sun ho to endup together please please please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. They took the idea from that one Black Mirror episode & made a whole series out of it, can't wait to watch 🙂

  8. Knowing that Hye Young is good, but it is common sense that Jojo should come to Son Oh. Because Son Oh was the first vibration, Jojo because of fear and insecurity to break up with Son Oh, not love, if so, the ending should let Jojo realize and have the courage to walk towards Son Oh, excuse me Why does Jojo have another vibe with Hye Young and hesitates between the two? The ending made me really sad and disappointed: ((((

  9. Are Koreans not tired of using the same plot line over and over again? Rich boy and poor girl. Like cmon 🙄 but guess what? I still enjoy them like a fool lol

  10. I just came here to say- if i die before love alarm 2 releases i am gonna haunt the writers, the pds and everyone..
    Team SONG KANG <3

  11. The reason I stopped watching is because how you gonna go and like the same girl you know your best friend has a crush on🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

  12. For those who doubt if they would watch this series:
    This drama is on another level. This isn't like a typical love story. So unpredictable. All parts of the series are climax. It'll play with your feelings/emotions.
    You should definitely watch Love Alarm

    dare if you can

  13. I felt frustrated during the first eight episodes that I found myself skipping parts of the show. I felt sorry for the model male character who got dumped. Not sure if I dislike the show or perhaps I was just having one of those days where I should have watched a romance without a third, fourth, fifth and a six wheel trying to ruin the show.

  14. When will they release season 2? I'm desperately waiting for it to watch they end up the season when i found the most awaited moment please release season 2 😭

  15. I’m actually gonna cry if she doesn’t end up with Hye Yeong in season 2. He’s clearly boyfriend material and she’s not once felt uncomfortable around him. But she stated 3 times that she felt small when she was with Sun Oh.

  16. lol i really liked the idea of this, so wanted to gave it a try, i mean the concept is really interesting, but i just couldn't go on after the first episode. he was like "yo wanna go in this dark alley with me, girl who my best friend is in love with?" and she was like "yeah sure why not i mean there is nothing possibly that could go wrong, i know you for some hours already" and he was literally like " yo wanna kiss?" and then she was like " no thanks?" and then they talk about how sad they are and that her parents are dead or whatever and then they kiss? it was so weird, and the whole dialouge about their backstory felt so forced and i really wanted to punch that guy in the face what a douche, he just totally ignored the bro code i mean how could he???? and the only reason he liked her was because he has this dumb complex that he always wants the things that he can't have or anything and sHe iS diFeReNT and nOT liKe oThEr giRLs, they all already piss me off ngl and i can just feel how the love story between them three will unfold and i don't like it

  17. Si ella no termina con Hye young voy quemar todo!! No me cambien la historia original! Además Sun oh es mala persona y amigo.

  18. شنو هذا الفيديو ؟؟😀
    اعلان لمسلسل جديد
    لو مسلسل قديم
    لو اعلان الموبايل
    لو شنو السالفة

  19. Guys I have question …… normally all I-dramas have 16 episodes and in this film I can watch until ep 8 and more n to ot in Netflix. Did u guys see more than ep 8? Is the full episode finished? Or not? When comes more episodes out? Or I cant just see all of it?


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