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Lord Sugars Rolex Collection 2018

Lord Sugars Rolex Collection 2018

– Hello, everybody. And welcome to this week’s video. My name’s Lee Scott. I’m the founder of Vulcan Watch Straps, and today we’re going to looking at a UK business titan’s watch collection. This man right here. This guy is Lord Sugar, and he has an amazing
collection of Rolex watches. We’re gonna be taking a look at some of the Rolexes that Lord
Sugar has been wearing in this year’s version
of the UK Apprentice. Roll the intro. (upbeat instrumental music) So who is Lord Sugar then? As some of you from other
countries may not know, Lord Sugar is a UK business
figure born in London who has a long, successful history of starting businesses in
all kinds of industries. Starting from humble roots
in Hackney, East London, he has become one of the most successful and well-known business figures in the UK. So let’s take a short
look then at some footage of Lord Sugar so you can get an idea of just who this guy is, and just how successful he is. His whole demeanor just speaks success, and then we’ll just get into
looking at some of his watches. (regal instrumental music) So then, Lord Sugar is most well-known for his successful computer company, Amstrad, that was founded in 1968. Amstrad was listed on the
London Stock Exchange in 1980 and since then, Lord Sugar has founded a number of successful companies, and also is a huge player in
the property investment game and a lot of the property
investments that he’s made make up a massive percentage of his 800 million pound estimated net worth. Before we get into looking at any of Lord Sugar’s watches then, let’s take a look at the
watch that I’m wearing today. I’m wearing a Rolex GMT-Master II with the Onyx Black Vulcan Watch Strap and the black ceramic buckle. Those can be found at For all you people new to the channel, please consider subscribing. If you find this video helpful,
give it a big thumbs up. Hit the notification icon, and that will drop you a notification whenever we upload a new video. But let’s take a look now at
Lord Sugar’s watch collection. So then, Lord Sugar is a
seasoned Rolex collector, and I’m sure he has more Rolexes than what we’ve seen in this year’s episodes of The Apprentice 2018. So to keep this video a little
bit shorter than it would be, we’re only gonna be looking at the watches that Lord Sugar has worn during the filming of the 2018 Apprentice. So let’s take a look at that first watch. So the first watch we’re
gonna be looking at, which can be seen here, is
the Rolex Submariner 116610LV, also known as The Hulk, and as you know, one
of my favorite watches. Lord Sugar was spotted
wearing this Rolex Submariner for series 14 episode
four where the candidates were visiting a bodybuilding expert and trying to sell some
bodybuilding products. So the Rolex Submariner 116610LV was introduced at Baselworld in 2018 and this watch has a 40
millimeter stainless steel case, green graduated dial and
a green cerachrom bezel. I believe Lord Sugar acquired this watch on the 17th of October, 2017
from Michael Spiers Jewelers as we can see him tweeting about it here but he doesn’t provide a
picture, unfortunately. So everybody needs a Rolex
Submariner in their collection and I think that the
Rolex Submariner 116610LV is a great choice, not just for the looks, but for the investment
and saleability value too. And that said, let’s move
on to the next watch. So the next watch we
see Lord Sugar wearing is the Rolex Sky-Dweller Ref 326934. This is the version with the blue dial, and it was spotted on The
Apprentice series 14 episode two where the candidates are tasked with coming up with a new comic book. The Sky-Dweller is part of the Rolex range which was introduced in 2012, and has been a real favorite of mine too. The added dual time zone complication as a centerpiece of this model
I think just looks great, and it really works for me. The rotatable ring and command bezel allows you to set the dual time zone and I think this is a lot more elegant than the way you would set the GMT-Master, but obviously it’s a different style. This watch has a 42 millimeter case incorporating the Rolex Caliber
9001 self-winding movement and mounted on a solid
link Oyster bracelet. I mean, this watch just
looks absolutely stunning. Paired with a blue suit, it
takes it to the next level. I think Lord Sugar missed a trick here when he wore it with a charcoal suit. Sorry, Lord Sugar, but
that’s just my opinion. Should have worn it with
a blue suit, I think. So moving on to the next watch, one that I’m hoping to obtain
myself in the near future, we take a look at the
Rolex Yacht-Master 116680 in full stainless steel. I absolutely love this watch. But then again, I say
that about every Rolex. The 44 millimeter Yacht-Master
just looks amazing with its accents of red and blue. Lord Sugar is keen on boats too, so I guess that he’s using this watch in the way that it was
intended, as a sailing tool. Incorporating the Rolex 4161 movement, this watch is an awesome piece
to have in any collection, and this time paired with a
blue suit, which looks great. We now move on to one of many
of Lord Sugar’s Rolex Daytonas and I’m gonna make a judgment here that Rolex Daytonas are Lord
Sugar’s favorite Rolex watch. He has a number of them, but we’re not gonna go
into all of them here, but we are gonna show a few of them that have been seen in this
series of The Apprentice. This Rolex was first spotted on The Apprentice series 14 episode nine where the candidates are
tasked with TV selling. The model we see Lord Sugar wearing here is the Rolex Daytona 116518LN, which incorporates the Rolex
Oyster Flex rubber bracelet. 18 karat yellow gold body,
black monoblock cerachrom bezel, which has the engravings
for the tachymetric scale. And again, a great watch. Just not sure about the strap. Should’ve been a Vulcan Watch Strap. So next we see another Rolex Yacht-Master, but this time it’s in
18 karat yellow gold. The 116688 spotted on
series 14 episode five where the candidates are
tasked with designing a shoe. This watch is just absolutely stunning, but priced at 33,550 pounds, it may be a while until I am
certainly wearing one of these. As with the stainless steel version, I absolutely love this watch. The dial is just so
different to anything else that you see on the market today. This really is a watch
for the big players, and Lord Sugar is certainly in that club. So last but certainly not least, we look at another of Lord
Sugar’s Rolex Daytonas, and this time it’s the 116500LN,
nicknamed the Stormtrooper because of its color resemblance to the Stormtroopers from
the Star Wars movies. Incorporating the 4130 Rolex movement, this is one of the hardest watches to get hold of at retail price. The gray market values are
double the retail value, but if Lord Sugar has an estimated net worth of 800 million pounds, I don’t think a few extra thousand pound premium on this watch would have stopped him adding it to his collection. Although I’m pretty sure he still would have been able to get
this watch at retail price through a connection one way or another. Seen on The Apprentice
series 14 episode 10 where the candidates are tasked to come up with a new design
for Christmas chocolates, Lord Sugar obtained this watch
on the 22nd of August, 2016 as we can see from this tweet he put out when he obtained it. So, like I said, Lord Sugar
is a seasoned Rolex collector and I’m pretty sure that he’s got a number of other awesome
Rolexes in his collection, including this solid gold Rolex Submariner that he shared on Twitter. But we’ve not got time to
go through them all today. Lord Sugar, if you are watching and you’d like to come on the channel and do a feature to talk
about your watch collection, please get in touch. Like that’s gonna happen. So thanks for watching, guys. This week’s been a bit of a
self-indulgent one for me. I hope you don’t mind. Lord Sugar is somebody who I look up to from a business perspective as well as a watch collecting perspective. I hope you found this video useful. I’ve seen a lot of talk on the forums about which watches that
Lord Sugar has been wearing during the filming of The Apprentice, so I hope this has helped you out to figure out which watches they are. And a little bit more
information about them watches. If you found the video useful, please give it a big thumbs
up because it does help. Please subscribe to our channel and hit the notification icon. Again, thanks for watching. I really appreciate your time. Hit us down in the comments below. Which watch was your
favorite out of all these that Lord Sugar’s been wearing? Was it the Yacht-Master? Was it one of the Daytonas? You’ll let us know in the comments below. Again, thanks for your
time, thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next week. (upbeat instrumental music)

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