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LIFX Alarm Setup – Takes One Minute

LIFX Alarm Setup – Takes One Minute

hello and welcome to another my clever
house video today I’m going to show you a LIFX alarm setup and this video is
only about how to set up the alarm I actually do have a full set up video and
review for LIFX bulbs and you can just click the link that I’ll leave in
the description or I’ll link it here in the video if you need to see an entire
LIFX bulb set up and review what we’re gonna do which is set an alarm
clock or schedule using our LIFX smart LED bulbs you can see I have it
connected to my phone here via Wi-Fi and I have a schedule already set up what I
use it for is 8 a.m. my light comes on bright as the Dickens and wakes me up
first thing in the morning and first thing in the morning to me is 8 a.m. so
I’m gonna teach you how to do this you can use this to turn on your lights for
pets you can use it to turn on your lights while you’re away at certain
times a day or turn them off if you’re going to be gone you can set like just
regular schedules for being away at home or whatever you need for your animals so
it’s really easy you just click this plus sign up here plus connect light new
scene your schedule we’re gonna do a new schedule we’re gonna name this alarm to
okay done and right now it’s currently enabled and you can tell if it’s enabled
it not by a blue circle on the home screen I’ll show you that in a moment
first start time we’re gonna start this at 251 p.m. for demonstration purposes
now when it comes to setting a.m. or p.m. you’re gonna use 1 through 12 4
a.m. and then 13 through 24 4 p.m. actually B 13 through 0 0 4 p.m. we’re
going to set this for 2 p.m. which would be 14 as indicated by this if you want
to do a.m. you can just drag it out and then pull it to the number you want to
use like I say we’re going to use 2 p.m. and then 51 all right and then we’re
just gonna hit OK that’s the time set repeat if you’re using this every single
day like for instance for me I use mine Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and
Friday hit OK there they repeat during the weekdays down here you can choose
which light you can choose your group your room
or just your individual lamp I’m gonna choose the individual lamp here the
action will be to turn on so we hit OK on that brightness we’re gonna want that
sucker really bright because we wanted to wake us up color I like to use a sort
of blue glow in the morning because it’s just unusual sorta and just kind of
wakes you up very quickly I use blue daylight you know okay alright and
that’s all we really need to do for this old fade duration that’s important I
have it popped right on in one second so that wakes me up right away you can have
a slow fade for up to 60 minutes but for me I want it to pop on almost surprise
me and then I’ll be up and ready to go so check everything weekdays bedroom
lamp turn on 100% blue daylight and in one second it’s set for 251 it’s 251 now
so I’ll just go ahead and reset this for 252 and we’ll wait for the clock to
catch up with us and we’ll hit okay see that the 8 a.m. one’s got a blue ring
this one’s got a blue ring they’re both the turn-on you see it looks like if
one’s turned on and was turned off you’ll see my 8:00 a.m. schedule is off
no ring around it so I’m gonna go ahead and turn the light off so at 2:52 p.m.
this light will turn on just like that it’s as simple as that and you can do
that to set it on off turn on entire rooms your whole house whatever you want
to do or wake you up first thing in the morning like I do thanks very much for
watching let me know if you have any questions this has been how to set up a
lifx alarm clock if you’d like me to show you how to do anything else just
leave a comment if you have any other product you’d like me to review or help
you out with just leave a comment on that too
thanks very much for watching please remember to Like share and subscribe and
I’ll see you in the next video you

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