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Les MEILLEURES apps GRATUITES Apple Watch (2019)

Les MEILLEURES apps GRATUITES Apple Watch (2019)

Hey guys, It’s Franck, and today w’re gonna talk Once again about the Apple Watch ! Last time I explained why I love it Now it’s time to tell you what I use the most on it, only with free apps, obviously. And we’re gonna start this video of the apps I use and love the most with Chirp ! It’s a twitter client, and with the official app gone, they removed it, Chirp is a third party app that allows you to do about everything you do on twitter ! ALMOST everything There’s a free and and a premium version.I use the free one that let you do a lot. You can scroll your feed, like and retweet see your mentions … the most important things, except send a tweet. I actually don’t see myself tweet from my watch, first because the voice recognition isn’t perfect, and I don’t see myself in the bus or in the street like … “working my next video on the apps of Apple Watch, Hashtag youtube, hashtag new vid, hashtag subscribe…” no, no it really doesn’t work ^^ But if you’re like me and spend your day scrolling Twitter, Chirp is gonna be the perfect companion. And …it’s dope, scrolling twitter on your wrist, it’s dope. The second app is Evernote ! Very well known app, I know, never tried it before, but the native note app on the iPhone and Mac isn’t available on the Apple Watch, I can’t see them and that bothers me A LOT ! So i tried Evernote, and I have to say, IT WAS DAMN TIME ! More than just be on the Watch, it’s very complete, you can make tons of different types of notes, classic, spreadsheets, bulleted notes … It’s really excellent ! And it’s even more excellent because I can read these notes on my Mac, iPhone and now on my Watch ! And what I wanted to have are those bulleted notes that you can check. When I’ll tell you the real reason I wanted that, you’re gonna laugh, but it’s for grocery shopping … Because we’re on 2019 and paper is nice but the less I use it the better, and have my list on my wrist to see what I need, it’s really cool, and it also can be very cool when you go on a trip, for example. I have 2 trips planed this year. You can make your list in advance on you phone of what you need to take, what not to forget, and when you pack clothes or you camera gear, you take a look at your watch and see. where you stand. what’s left to pack, without carrying your phone everywhere. and that is very useful ! One more thing for Evernote, you can take notes directly from the watch with your voice or by the drawing tool, you can create, add or modify notes You can even make voice recording that you can find later on your phone or Mac. It’s very complete, it’s free, It’s perfect ! I told you about Evernote for travelling, I told you I have 2 trips planned, so we’re gonna talk about apps useful for travel ! The XE Currency app, very simple it just allows you to make currency conversion ! That’s it, pure and simple but still very useful. I’ll go to the US and be able to make conversion on my Apple Watch while in store or in a restaurant and want to know what it would cost me in Euros, no need to get the phone out of my pocket it gives me the price in all currency, Simple but very effective and helpful. I use the app on my phone for a while now and it will be way faster to have it on the watch. 2nd app for travelling : MapstR ! I already told you about it when we started to use it in Seoul, in Korea. It makes kind of a map of places, things you want to see, restaurants you want to test out, you can put anything you want in MapstR and it gives you a big world map with all the places you entered of things to see, do, try … It’s way more playful and way more useful than just a list of places because once you created a place, you find the whole list in the app, and when you select one card, and will give you a lot of informations. Name, opening hours, a direct button to call the site, and you have the location and by clicking it, it opens the app PLANS, and to make a route directly to there ! I highly recommend this app ! You also can add “friends” on the app who created their own list and you can access it, see what they did where you are, the restaurants they tried … if they have recommandations, When you travel, I think it’s an amazing app to have and the fact they have an Apple Watch version make me love them even more ! In my 2019 resolutions, there was : exercise more ! Wich I did ! I ran 6.21 miles 6.21 miles last week I applause myself for that, I’m very proud ! And obviously, what would be an Apple Watch without fitness and health apps ? So we’ll talk about Nike Run Club ! Yes the native activity app is really good and complete, there’s a ton of workouts you can pick but I use Nike Run Club for a very long time now, Apple collaborate with them, so you have the app on the Watch. It gives you a history of your runs and every mile, a voice comes to tell you the distance, total duration and your average pace ! No need to always take a look at the watch to know where you are thanks to the voice that gives you updates. All is synch on the Nike app, that’s why my running app is Nike Run Club. That’s it for the presentation if my favourite free Apple Watch Apps, that i find very useful I could have add Spotify and deezer that launched their apps, but right now I’m on Apple Music so I don’t use them, But know that Spotify and Deezer have their apps on the Watch. You can browse your music and playlists to find songs. I hope this video have been helpful, that I made you discover some of the apps, that you will add some, If you don’t have an Apple Watch, I don’t know why you’re still here but thank you to make it that far, and I see you next week for a new video, PEACE

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  1. Super vidéo ,je pense que je vais devoir me prendre la série 3 a cause d’un très gros problème.Ce problème s’appelle Maman ,continue ce que tu fais

  2. Bsr je voudrait savoir si elle a une version 4g cellulaire autonome la montre sans besoin d'avoir iPhone à coter

  3. Salut ! Super vidéo, et petite question : peut-on stocker de la musique Spotify directement sur la montre ? (ou faut-il l’iPhone obligatoirement à côté)

  4. Hello, je viens de découvrir ta chaîne et j’adore !
    Concernant les apps j’en avais déjà pas mal mais merci tout de même , c’est toujours utile des les (re)présenter.
    En revanche j’avais une petite question, d’où vient ton joli bracelet ?
    (J’aimerais m’acheter un bracelet de ce genre pour ma nouvelle series 5, merci pour ta réponse) 🙂

  5. Salut,
    J’ai toujours du mal à écouter une vidéo avec une musique de fond trop forte.
    Sinon merci pour cette bonne video.

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