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KEY Bib Overalls: What are the Three Button Holes on the Bib of a KEY Imperial Bib Overall for?

KEY Bib Overalls: What are the Three Button Holes on the Bib of a KEY Imperial Bib Overall for?

Hi! Uncle Bumpy again! I know a
question that’s been on your mind and nagging you for years is, ‘What are all
those buttonholes doing on the KEY Bib Overall, on the bib?’ There’s three of them. There’s one right
here, and there are two right here. What are they used for? Well, this top one
is for the end of a watch fob, and in the good old days most people wore pocket
watches. Didn’t have these jobs around. So what they would do with a bib overall
is they would attach their pocket watch to a watch fob. The end of the watch
fob went right through this hole and attached to the bib overall. Then
there was a piece of leather or fancy chain, or in some places just a string,
that attached to the end of the watch. The watch then would go right in this
pocket right here. There’s a nice pocket in here. Slip that
in there and watch falls down in there. So that’s what this button hole is for.
The other two button holes are for pencils. And pretty obvious with this one
I’ve got it in there, but you’re saying: What’s that one on the bottom for? Who
would put a pencil in like that? Well, you wouldn’t put a pencil like this in
there, but back in depression era, and backward times were tough, a lot of the guys wore these were carpenters or had to mark things when they were cutting and
they wore their pencils down to just a little nubbins like that! So those went in here. You have this
little nubbins sticking up out of there and the bigger pencils went in
there. Back in those days the carpenters
didn’t use pencils like this because they always broke! They use pencils that look like this.
You sharpen these with a knife. It’s got a big piece of lead in it and that would
go down in here. I started out selling Oshkosh B’Gosh bib
overalls and I remember that many times with a promotion we’d be giving these
pencils away. One pencil with every pair of bib overalls your bought. That was a
pretty valuable deal to those carpenters and a lot of the workers back then who had to mark things. If you’re going to use this kind of a pencil today you actually need to open up this eyelet a little bit and make it a little bit
bigger. There’s room there to do that. Ok, what are some of the other things you
can use those for? Well some of you might have a specific
small tool that you use all the time in your work. I’m just going to use this! Some fellas
have little clippers or little scissors that they use, but those would hold that
very nicely. So if you’ve got some other tool or
something that you need to use all the time, those eyelets or
buttonholes just might do the trick for you. So I’m Uncle Bumpy! I don’t know how many of you remember
the Oshkosh B’Gosh Bib Overalls, but like I say, that’s when I started out selling.
Actually, the son of the man that owned Oshkosh B’Gosh, was the one that
started the KEY brand so it’s kind of all in the family anyway. Well, be sure to sign up down below,
comment, and get all kinds of interesting suggestions.
There’s some more good stuff over there you can click on! I’m Uncle Bumpy and
we hope that you will wear your KEY Bib Overall in Safety and Good Health! Thank you very much!

Reader Comments

  1. Good video! I wear the carhartt bibs and they have pretty close t the same pockets and eyelets. I had herd about the pocket watch one, but not the pencil one. So thanks, and that's where I'm putting my pencils now.

  2. Thanks Bump. Never owned a pair of Keys, just Dickies. But the holes and pockets are about the same. Never knew what in tarnations those button holes were for, and in my mid 60s, I'm not an old timer, but no kid either! Thanks for the great info. Arne Stenborg

  3. Thanks. Figured that the pencil one was for that, or getting it out easier if it was getting short. Didn't think of the watch one though, but it makes sense that you wouldn't want it in your normal pockets when working as it could get bumped or pulled on.

  4. the top slot is also for hanging up your bibs to wear the next day.remove your pocket watch at bedtime and hang your bibs on the wall hook using the top slot.

  5. Thank you so much!! I have Carhartt insulated bibs and we had no idea what they where for. Mystery solved. Great vid!

  6. My uncle Carl Yearwood, wore Oshkosh overalls all his life. He had one Sunday suit, and overalls. That was over 50 years ago. Carol was a North Georgia Mountain man married to my Aunt Velma. They lived in the woods, grew their own food and canned it. Has the corn ground by a water mill into corn meal, by an old fashioned water mill. Killed the hogs at "Hog Killing time" about the end of November. No indoor plumbing, wood cook stove. It was a wonderful life visiting them for me and my brother. It was years later when I was in Service that I realized sadly that Oshkosh overalls were no long made.

  7. Soap Stone was another way carpenters marked items to work on… they would carry a small stick of it and put it in the lower pencil, button hole………

  8. that video was sponsered by KEY Imperial ????? Ok i like that brand too , but that holes are on all old school overalls …

  9. In the 70s as a teenager going through junior high. Farmer jeans were the thing to wear. By the time we graduated in 1980 we weren’t wearing farmer jeans anymore.

    But darn if that didn’t keep on nagging me. What that top hole was for, I figured it was for a pocket watch but the other two. Now that makes sense!!

  10. I'm a former late 80s/early 90s Hip Hop dancer. We wore overalls back then. I wondered recently what those slits, buttons, and pockets we're (and are)all about. Now I know! Thanks for sharing👍

  11. Thanks for explaining the functions of the button holes. What an interesting history about overalls and how the makers supported the folks that relied on them!

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