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Kevin Hart Watch Collection – Rated from 1 to 10!

Kevin Hart Watch Collection – Rated from 1 to 10!

This is Watch Your Style. Today I’m gonna be going over one of the heaviest
players in the Watch Game. That guy is Kevin Hart. So long before Kevin Hart got completely hammered
drunk on live television after the Superbowl and made a complete scene on the post-game
show, he was already collecting hardcore watches and I had been following him for quite some
time. One of his favorite hashtags on his page is
#watchgamedisgusting. And yes Kevin Heart, your Watch Game is disgusting. I mean, you have pretty much all the important
pieces and at this point I would say, for me at least, you’re almost a Watch Game hero
to me. You have all the important watches. We’re not talking about just the easy to obtain
ones. Some of the real hard ones to get, I don’t
even wanna know how good of a deal you got or didn’t get. But either way, Kevin Hart’s collection is
expansive. So for the most part, his collection consists
of the big four: Richard Mille, AP, Patek and Rolex. So there’s a lot of watches to cover, but
I’m gonna go over them as quick as possible to not get into way too many details if not
this video would be like 30 minutes. When it comes to Rolex, he obviously has the
standard Rolexes that any collector should have. He’s got a little bit of everything. He’s got some dressy Sky-Dwellers on a leather
strap like white gold. He’s got obviously sports models in gold,
barely any steel models. I feel like the only steel model that I spotted
him wearing has been the new, ceramic bezel Daytona. When it comes to the GMTs, he’s got the important
one with the factory diamonds. Those are hard to get nowadays. They’re collectors long term. He’s got platinum Daytonas and a very interesting
Day-Date II in yellow gold that comes with the diamonds and rubies on the dial and a
baguette bezel. See that’s an important piece, not easy to
find. So he’s got a little bit of everything. He’s got plenty of Rolexes. Now, while like I said earlier. He has a lot of watches. I’d say he’s got an easy 40 to 45 watches,
but a lot of them are important pieces. For the Pateks, he’s got pretty much all the
Nautiluses and everything covered when it comes to the sports models. The ones that stand out to me the most are,
for example, the 5980-10R, which is pretty much a 5980 rose gold chrono with factory
baguette bezels all over. That’s a hard watch to get and it’s stunning. He’s also got the 5976 40th anniversary big
boy. I mean, I already saw that one coming. That was like a for sure. Another couple of watches, which are kind
of my grail watches are the Celestial models from Patek. I mean, Jesus Christ, he’s got the 6102R Celestial
in rose gold with black. I mean, that one is amazing! And who could forget the 6104G Celestial platinum
with the baguette bezel. I mean that alone is probably my grail piece
right now, is that particular watch right there. Now, when it comes to Richard Mille, he’s
also got special pieces. I’m quite surprised actually that he doesn’t
have that perhaps maybe the standard RM11-02 or perhaps a new RM11-03, but then again you
never know. He might already have it and not been shown
you. But he’s got the Nadal 35, RM35, gold Toro,
which that’s a serious watch. It’s pretty much an RM 035, but it’s all gold
with the gold sides. Great looking watch. He’s got a white Bubba Watson that he wears
a lot and actually looks fantastic. He has also an RM11 Mancini edition. Not my favorite, but then again, he likes
special watches. He doesn’t like the standard ones. He likes important pieces. He’s also got the RM35 Nada Americas, another
good looking watch, seems to be very popular as well. Now when it comes to AP, he’s no stranger. He’s got a little bit of everything. Of course he’s got the standard run of the
mill models, but some of the more important ones he has, which I’d say one of the least
important ones he has are gonna be for example, 39 millimeter Royal Oak Openworked, but he’s
also got the 41 mm Double Balances to go with it as well. He’s also got the Royal Oak 41 millimeter
ceramic, perpetual calendar, which can’t be found anywhere, unless you wanna pay a super
premium. And you gotta admit, that watch is sexy as
hell, all black, ceramic with the perpetual calendar blue face, you can’t go wrong. So one of the ones that points out the most,
besides his Offshores tourbillons that he has as well, is he’s got two Concept Tourbillons,
one in rose gold, which are 25 pieces made only. He also has one in carbon, stunning watch. One of my favorite ones that stands out the
most is gonna be the AP 44mm Carbon Queen Elizabeth II that has a rose gold accent bezel
with the rose gold buttons. That’s a superb looking piece, hard to get
as well. But I would say the main stunner of the whole
show is the AP Royal Oak Extra Thin Skeleton Tourbillon in rose gold. I mean, Jesus Chris, he’s got a little bit
of everything. He definitely likes watches. He’s definitely a real deal hardcore collector
and there is no denying his Watch Game is disgusting. So as far as the Watch Game goes, Kevin Hart
scores a 10. OK? And the 10 is what I would call the Elite
Level. That’s already the top of the top. Now one thing I wanna say is, Kevin Hart has
a 10 and yes to these other guys that I’m gonna go through that maybe have a lot more
traditional watches and a lot of story behind each piece and hard to get, real hard to get
vintage collector pieces, but Kevin Hart has stacked up a superb, elite-level collection
in a short period of time and that is also worth something. You know, the amount of time….Remember,
anybody can have unlimited money and just pick up a bunch of junk, but nobody can sit
here and say that Kevin Hart’s collection is junk. Way different than Floyd Mayweather’s collection
for example, but there’s no doubting, he’s in the elite level and he has a 10. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about Kevin Heart’s watch collection. Also, special thanks to Celeb Watchspotter
on Instagram for helping me find those last couple pieces I needed to complete his list. And if you liked this video, please like and
share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style.

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  1. Took me the majority of the video to realize he is infringing of a green screen unlike in his other videos

  2. Watch game is sick,but also easy if you're wealthy..It's almost like do Jigga and Puff have one and gets them..I don't think any thought goes into his buying watches..My Big 4 are different than the norm

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