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  1. Lewis Capaldi scores a Huge ballad hit: Some One You Loved
    Selena Gomez scores her first #1 with the ballad: Lose You To Love Me
    I hope Katy scores something big, too.

  2. 😱😱😱 I heard about her pregnancy the other day and I'm still processing. When I first heard about it I thought it was a rumor but I looked it up and this video pretty much confirms it

    (Watch all the butthurt breeders and sheeple flock to tell everyone they should have babies like good little boys and girls….most ppl only do it for attention)….

  4. Congrats Katy your going to have the best baby and cutest baby happy for you hope this wedding last you alife time love this song.

  5. She's pregnant now!? OMG I'm so happy for her now. She may no longer be that singer with dark shoulder length hair, but she will always be that singer with that pretty voice. I'm crying right now.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on the baby! I wish you so much happiness with your bundle of joy. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Love the new song!💕💕

  7. Everybody else commenting how emotional this song is and how they can’t believe Katy Perry is pregnant and getting married

    Me: hearing the piano in the beginning thinking about that one Naruto song meme

  8. Ciao Katy Perry noi in Italia non ce la passiamo bene in questo momento. Ci puoi mandare un po' di crocchette e di creatina?

  9. Long story short: she's pregnant, getting married & starting a family.

    You just saved 3:50 minutes of your life.

  10. A quien no le puede gustar está hermosa música y más cuando es dedicado para su pareja y la nueva vida q tiene muchas felicidades va ser una hermosa madre una de mis cantantes favoritas 😍😍😍

  11. I feel like she could have sang alot better and the song was missing some thing. In my opinion she can do better

  12. You Love The Hell Out Of Me
    And Heaven’s Where We Could Be
    I’ve Stood On The Edge Of Love
    But Never Took The Leap
    And You Took My Armor Off
    Did It Delicately
    And I Let My Guard Down
    To Show You What Is Underneath
    Thank God That You Were Man Enough To Come
    Answer My Mamma’s Prayers
    You Asked The Question
    I Said Yes, But I’m Scared
    ’Cause I’ve Never Worn White
    But I Wanna Get It Right
    Yeah, I Really Wanna Try With You
    No, I’ve Never Worn White
    But I’m Standing Here Tonight
    ’Cause I Really Wanna Say, I Do… I Do
    See Us In Sixty Years With
    A Full Family Tree (I Do)
    Give My Blood, Sweat And Tears To Reach
    Our Destiny (I Do)
    ’Cause Love Is A Minefield
    Let’s Take This Walk Baby (I Do)
    ’Cause At The End Of It All
    I Choose You And You Choose Me (I Do)

  13. She looks gorgeous with just her hair down and the simple white dress and also I can't believe she is gonna have a baby omg!!

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