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Japanese friends को SOAN PAPDI खिलाके देखेंगे ! अच्छी लगेगी की नहीं 😏 [English sub is available]

Japanese friends को  SOAN PAPDI खिलाके देखेंगे ! अच्छी लगेगी की नहीं 😏 [English sub is available]

Need water. Delicious! Ginger! Ginger? but it doesn’t have ginger in it lol Hello! Welcome to my channel! My name is mayo! Today…. I will feed Soan papdi to people in Tokyo. I already had it once or twice in my life. Maybe 5 years ago.. I haven’t had then recently. I will eat myself first and feed it to people! So, let’s get started! I am eating this after so long. I need water. Soan papdi absorbed all the water in my mouse. Very tasty but Need to water or tea before eating. right? It’s tasty. But to be honest, too sweet for me. Also, need water before and after eating haha I will give it to Japanese people and see how they would react on it. What’s this? You are right. It looks like it. Please try it! It smells like herbs! and spice. It smells like Indian food. It has cinnamon in it. good smell! Good aromas. It tastes good too Do you know this? Yes! Do you like it? Yes! Please have one. BUT I will drink tea first. You know everything haha This taste is something that we don’t have in Japan. Yes.. I am having this after a year. Tasty! That’s why it reminds of me cotton candy! Today’s sweets are done.(I shouldn’t eat any more.) Have you had any Indian sweets? No. Please have your very first Indian sweets! Hard to explain what this is. For us, one piece is enough for a day, right! I agree. You might know her, Minmi ji. Have you had soan papdi in your life? No I will give it to you ! Great! But very sweet haha Yeah, very sweet for Japanese people in general, right? But I love it! Great!! What’s your name? My name is shiho. Perfect! Please try this. She can speak a bit of Hindi because She has been to India many times. no Tasty! Ginger? Ginger? I think it has ginger in it…. She said it tastes like ginger but it doesn’t have ginger lol I am very sure it has ginger in it. Really? So do you like Soan Papdi? I love it!I can’t eat a lot of them but I do enjoy it time to time. That’s all for today! I actually very enjoyed giving Soan papdi to Japanese people and see their reaction. Because I eat Indian food and seweets but I don’t really know if normal Japanese people like them or not. So it was fun to feed Indian sweets to Japanese people. I hope you liked it too! If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to my Channel! Thank you for watching my video! See you soon again!

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  1. Mayo G , Bikaner वाला haldiram से अच्छा सोनपापड़ी बनाता है ।।

  2. Ye packed sonpapdi hai Local Sweet Shop's ki Fresh Sonnpapdi kha k dekho ye Sonpapdi bhul jaogi tum 😋😋

  3. मुझे सोन पपडी इतनी नहि पसंद। पर कभी कभी त्योहार पर खाते हैं ।love from India

  4. Don't chew it dear! Just keep it in the mouth and let it melt itself! Instead of drying, your mouth will water. 😋

  5. मायो आप कभी हिमाचल प्रदेश आयें जहां पर बहुत ही सुन्दर और सुन्दर जगह है देखने के लिए जैसे शिमला और धर्मशाला और भी बहुत से पहाड़ों से भरे पर्यटक स्थल हां आप धर्मशाला जानतें होंगें जहां पर तिब्बती आध्यात्मिक गुरु दलाई लामा रहतें हैं

  6. To get the real taste of soan papdi the package should be opened within 1 month of packaging, and should be eaten only when u want to eat. If air or moisture gets inside container then it becomes hard, and taste gets ruined.. The original soan papdi is very light n like cotton candy, put a small amount on tongue n feel the taste in mouth, it always should be eaten in small amounts as its very sweet n taste is ruined if a piece is eaten in 1 go

  7. You remind me of my Japanese friends from the Nippon Foundation. Tatsuya Tanami san, Mrs. Kay Yamaguchi, Ms Natsuko and others. They are very fond of Indian food. Mrs. Kay loves raita and takes raita masala back with her when she comes to India.

  8. इस मिठाई को देखकर ही मुँह में पानी आ आता हैं😋😋😋😋😋

  9. Sahi baat hai hamare India mein to yah mithaai khakar munh mein Pani a jata khane se pahle meetha jyada hota hai ismein isliye main kam khata hun

  10. Hi mayo ji
    Aapne to Japan me bhi holi manayi yaar
    Very nice aapko dekhkar
    Aapne color se bhi holi kheli
    Balam pichkari wali😜😜
    Or aapki frnd minmi bahut majedar😉(pyari hai) and happy holi

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