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ISC West 2019: Demo of SONOS Integration

ISC West 2019: Demo of SONOS Integration

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We’re at ISC West 2019
here in Las Vegas, and we’ve joined with We have [? Sean ?] here,
who’s going to be showing us the Sonos integration today. They are releasing a full
API cloud-level integration with Sonos, the commonly sold
awesome little all-in-one speakers right here. They have amps,
controllers you can feed into amps, and then
all-in-one speakers like this. So if you have existing
Sonos equipment– audio hardware in your home– you’ll be able to integrate
that with your system through the app for app
control and then also scene integration. So [? Sean’s ?] going to give
us an idea of what that looks like on the app. So we’re really excited to
bring Sonos into the ecosystem, notably
we will actually be connected through scenes. So you can come into the
scene and it’ll actually play from one of the
playlist you’ve chosen. And you can also go through
and do basic play and pause controls from within the app
as well as do volume control. And if you have
multiple Sonoses, you can select which one
you would like to play from. Along with scenes, you’ll
be able to integrate with a new feature we have
which is these series shortcuts. So we set up a series
shortcut for our home scene, so we’re going to run that now. I’m home. [MUSIC – DUA LIPA, “NEW RULES”] And that just fires up the
audio right here automatically. So voice control
through the scenes and also favorites, right? And favorites, yes. So to configure your Sonos
integration with you can create favorites
from within the Sonos app and they will automatically
propagate into the app. You can select which ones you
want to play and configure them accordingly to scenes
and whatever you like. I want to show you
guys the actual scenes. So in the main– this is the iPad version– you have the scenes right
here in the main home screen. What I also learned
today is you can also set some of these scenes
right into the today screen. So I think– I don’t know if we can
show that on here– so this is your today screen. I don’t know if you
included it yet, but if you hit Edit on
here, you can scroll down and tie-in Once that’s added
here, hitting done, you can then
configure the widget where you have direct
access to scenes without having even
launch into the app. And then you can– it looks like you can
select here what items– Oh, yes, if you click– OK, if we Edit, oh,
and then hit Plus. So we can– you can choose
which widgets you want. If you want to execute scenes
directly through, maybe just want to home it away in a main
security scene, then when you come back here to the home
screen and swipe left, you have these button
presses without having to launch the app. We’re excited to have Sonos
involved with And thank you for having time. Thanks, Frank. Yeah. Thanks, [? Sean. ?]

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