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Is That Tina’s Locket or a Pocket Watch Hidden in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

Is That Tina’s Locket or a Pocket Watch Hidden in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

Hello Fantastic Beasts fans, or should I say
Fantastic Whovians? How many of you cross fandoms into Tardis
territory? If so, I hope you’ll really enjoy the theory
I have for you today. Join me and other Fantastic Beasts fans here
on the BeastChaser Forum as we uncover the secrets, discover what’s coming first, and
play along with Rowling’s newest game. Yesterday, Univers Harry Potter, a French
fansite, released an image and theory on Twitter that I found quite intriguing. They picked out a discarded piece of jewelry
left on the floor in the postcard scene and theorized that it was Tina’s locket. Which is an awesome catch and a great bit
of sleuthing. I’ve linked to their Tweet in the description
below. They’ve got an informative feed, and you
should definitely follow. However, when I blew up and lightened the
image, I wondered if that gold metal object was Tina’s locket…or something else…perhaps
red herring. It seems too round, and a bit flatter than
Tina’s oval, lumpy locket. Plus the locket has a hinge on the side that
the object on the carpet seems to be missing, whereas the gold object seems to have an engraved
design that Tina’s locket doesn’t. Could it be a pocket watch instead? It jumped out at me because as a child I was
always fascinated with my grandfather’s. During this film’s time period, men (and
some women), especially of a certain status, wore a pocket watch all the time. Also, as I’d previously discussed in the
comments, I don’t think this is the Goldstein apartment. Though it’s similar in decoration, many
homes on both sides of the Atlantic would have shared similar décor of the time. Compare the windows and curtains from the
first film to this. The Goldsteins had double windows with heavier
curtains at both ends. The one in the postcard home seem to be bay. Plus, the carpet patterns are not the same. So, I wondered, who would be most likely to
wear a pocket watch among Newt’s acquaintances. Theseus was the first person who came to mind,
so I scoured the few images we have of him to find any hints of it. And this is what I found. Look, there, just the hint of the chain that
would attach to the watch stored in his vest, like you see Newt’s vest pocket here. But that’s not all I found. Look at Jacob. He’s wearing one too. I think Jacob would be especially proud of
a good quality pocket watch to show his new higher financial status. And then there’s Grindelwald’s. It’s possible his chain links to a watch,
but much more likely, as Suvi Holm researched and told me months ago, that they are charivari,
a type of silver talismans or charms worn with lederhosen. It’s curious to me that this initial image
of Crimes of Grindelwald shows the hint of a pocket watch in four men and then we get
a discarded one in the first teaser trailer. Rowling is really scattering those bread crumbs
along the trail. I’d like to explore two possibilities, Jacob
versus Theseus, and see what you think. First up, Jacob. In the comments of my prior trailer post,
Wal Does made some excellent observations on Queenie. I quoted him in an article I wrote for the
Rowling Library, linked in the description below. Wal says: “…in the trailer released by
IMAX, Queenie is in the streets of Paris, and she looks confused. She doesn’t know what to do. A man’s voice says at this exact moment
that Newt will have to ‘pick a side…’ …It seems that Queenie will have a bigger
role and a big decision because the camera turns around her, from one side to another
— a camera move which clearly might suggest that she may have to choose her own side in
a wizarding world more divided.” One thing I’m wondering, considering the
juxtaposition of the two sisters on the lookout for someone else – are they hiding from
each other? It is possible that Queenie is acting upon
insight from her Legilimency that puts her at cross-purposes with her own sister? Or that Tina must be careful to keep a distance
from Queenie so that her sister cannot read her thoughts? One more thing – did you catch a hint of
leg movement with that angel behind Tina? Thanks to Suvi Holm for pointing it out to
me. Watch it again. This time, see if you notice the right hand
also pulling at the gown or cape. A statue coming to life might be a cross-fandom
nod to Doctor Who’s haunting and beloved “Blink,” where statues creep toward the
unsuspecting when they blink to send them back in time and eat their present energy. So is Tina stalking someone, or being stalked? Which brings me back to Jacob. If Queenie has gone to Paris undercover, and
is either spying on her sister or trying to avoid being discovered by her sister, might
she have sent Jacob a postcard informing him. And then he, alarmed, set off afterward in
such a hurry that he left his pocket watch behind? The biggest negative I see for this idea is
that it seems to introduce a lot of trans-Atlantic crossings into the film for Newt, when we
know that apparating over seas is not favored, especially when carrying a trunkful of magical
beasts. So that brings me back to my original idea,
that it could be Theseus. I could well imagine Newt having easy entry
to his brother’s home, plus he’d be on the same side of the Atlantic. As head of the Auror department, who had been
previously assigned to capture Grindelwald, Theseus might find himself the target of a
kidnapping or even assassination plot. Could Theseus have been reading this postcard
at the time of an attack? Could his pocket watch have come off in the
struggle? And who, then, sent the postcard? Could it be from Leta? The biggest problem with this theory, however,
is that it would seem to set Theseus off before the encounter between the Ministry and Dumbledore
when, as the Minister points out, Newt has already left for Paris and Theseus is standing
right behind the Minister. Trailers can be deceptive, however, for timing. And the pocket watch being Theseus’s could
set up a rescue operation between the two brothers that could culminate in that graveyard
scene displayed at the end of the trailer. Since the tattered bits of postcard were left
lying on the floor, I suspect it more from anger than trying to hide evidence. Jacob’s a happy person, though I would suspect
if Queenie were in danger, he’d get angry very quickly. We haven’t yet seen Theseus’ temperament,
but I’d imagine an Auror who rose to the tops of the Department is quite capable of
some dark emotions. And isn’t it interesting the positioning
of these two couples to hint at opposing conflicts between them? Let me throw one my wrinkle into this theory
and go back to Jacob. I’ve been wondering about this scene in
the trailer and Jacob’s odd placement behind the trunk. He looks disheveled and a bit wet, as if he’s
just popped up out of the rain. I know we did not see the trunk used like
this in the first film, but could it serve as a portal? Or a portkey? If you will remember, Newt did a switcheroo
at the very end of Fantastic Beasts 1 with Jacob’s trunk when he left him the case
full of Occamy silver shells to start his own bakery. Could Newt have placed a portkey charm on
it, believing that there might come a time when he’d need to get his Muggle bestie
to him as quickly as possible? In this scene, could we see Jacob just portkeyed
in from getting himself in danger tracking Queenie, and now Newt is saying in skillfully
edited dialogue, we’re going to go find her together? If everyone’s on Queenie’s trail, whose
trail is she on? And why? Can you imagine pitting Legilimens against
Seer in a game of cat and mouse? And could this game cross time? Consider the pocket watch. If it belongs to a wizard rather than a Muggle,
could it be more than a pocket watch? Could it be a 1920s time turner? I’ve speculated before that with Nicolas
Flamel as part of this journey, Rowling would miss an opportunity if she didn’t utilize
his long memory. Grindelwald may have been time traveling to
seek out the Deathly Hallows or other weapons, and Flamel could have caught glimpses of him
throughout the centuries. I know this seems a bit out there, but in
this one fleeting scene, could there be two hints of time travel? I know this might be stretching a bit, but
on closer examination of that post card, there is one odd element for a card sent in 1927. I found the card’s most likely match online,
linked below to a lot of great postcards of old Paris. Notice you can see more clearly this wheel
in this image, but it’s there in the card Newt is holding as well. The only problem is that this Grand Wheel,
which was constructed for the 1900 World’s Fair, was torn down in 1920. Now that’s close enough in time that it
probably means nothing. Perhaps the graphic artists MinaLima didn’t
notice the wheel had been torn down by the date of the film, or didn’t think it important,
or explained it away as postcards not updating their pictures frequently. Or…maybe it means that the unofficial complete
cast list released on Reddit and reported by The Leaky Cauldron, which included Unspeakables,
may have been true. Many fans have always noted the Tardis-like
dimensions of Newt’s case – it’s bigger on the inside. But are we now seeing possibilities that it
has time and space travel as well? Plus, we have a curious Whovian type statue. Unfortunately, these are a lot of questions
and theories based on a rather unclear image. After all, if the golden object on the floor
is indeed Tina’s necklace, that would definitely send Newt off after her in a hurry of concern. So, what do you think? Is this a necklace or a pocket watch? And if the watch, whose do you think it could
be? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss my
next video where I’ll explore more about our first trailer. Also, be sure to check out my newest release:
Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts: The Video Book. Like Newt’s trunk, it’s a living, expanding
assembly of theories and videos that I will update regularly until The Crimes of Grindelwald
releases in November. I’ve linked to it in the description below. Until next time!

Reader Comments

  1. I’ll have the think about the time traveling. However, I do find it more likely that the object on the floor is a pocket watch rather than Tina’s necklace.

    I had an observation while listening to the trailer many times. The questioning of Dumbledore seems to be in two different voices. The questioner starts out sounding very British but later when it is said, “what are you up to Dum..ble…dore…?”…the r is being rolled. Could this be Flamel or someone from the continent? They make it seem
    Like it is all being done by the ministry at Hogwarts. But, It makes me wonder if it could be Flamel and what his role is in the movie (as you are wondering) and whether he might be questioning Dumbledore.

  2. but the question is why would Theseus Jacob or Grindelwald send newt there pocket watch ? ( assuming it was sent with the post card )

  3. Honestly , the way he sits and is staring at the camera like " im better than you " makes me think he will be extremely arrogant , self-entitled and frankly the complete polar opposite of newt

  4. I don't think the time turner will play much of a role since the furthest back you can go without seriously hurting yourself is 5 hours

  5. Hi All, I need to point out a possible mistake I have in the video. When I speculate about Newt's trunk possibly being a portkey to bring Jacob to him, and part of the reasoning is that Jacob looks wet like he just popped up out of the rain — I missed that the scene prior shows it raining outside the window where Jacob and that bird are. However, it's unclear how the scene with Jacob and the bird and then the scene with Newt, the bird, and Jacob in front of Newt's trunk are linked. It's possible they are in the same location. It's also possible they are not and that the trunk was used as a portkey. Another possibility is that the bird somehow played a role in transporting Jacob to Newt, and he/she's clearly one of Newt's magical creatures. Others are calling it a Fwooper, but I'm not sure. I really like Chocolateyes theory that it's an Augurey. However this all works out, I still believe the trunk may be used as a portkey.

  6. I have a question. What happened to the obscurus Graves / Grindelwald took out of Newt's case when he was interrogating him at MACUSA? Hard to belive he would just put it back….

  7. Your enthusiasm made me more excited for the film! Such insightful theorizing in your videos! I am aware that I have become very cynical and that I nitpick every flaw (Apparating within Hogwarts grounds, JK tweeting that she canonizes the conundrum that is the Cursed Child etc.), but your delightfully inquisitive nature has me pumped up for the Crimes of Grindelwald. I thank you for that Madam Sipal. I'll be reading your books not only out of curiosity but also with the hope of picking up a sliver of your wonderful characteristics and inculcate into my daily experiences of life.

  8. You know, all your theories about Rowling manipulating time in this franchise are very coordinated IMO. And there are many clues like in the video about the newspaper changing the date and the swooping evil changing the past and the destiny of persons like Mister Bingley in FB1 like you explained. Besides, I noticed that in a featurette of FB1, the first voice is the old Dumbledore from HP3 who says : "Mysterious thing, time." [Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.]
    The featurette of FB1 you can see here : AND RIGHT AFTER, he talks about memories to Harry, a sentence he says in HP6 in Tom Riddle/Voldemort memory scenes : "What you're looking at are memories". The clock of the Big Ben turns very quickly.

    Another hint, in the trailer of FB2, where Newt and Dumbledore meet ? In front of a giant clock. There are several clues of times and I definitely think that you're right, that it will play a (big?) part of Fantastic Beasts.

  9. The wheel could have been enchanted so only those of magical blood could see it, much like the night bus. I don't know what magical purpose it would serve, but it would be cool to find out.

  10. theseus send him a postcard to came and see him in paris… but he detroyed because of leta…. or maybe it was leta the one who sen it and netw broke it and that's why he riped the postcard..

  11. The biggest mistake in this film is that it is directed by David Yates. Every Harry Potter fan curse David Yates day and night.
    The last 4 films directed by him have so bad sets, graphics and just not that Potter feel. I would kill him if I can. This movie should be directed by some potter fan.

  12. I wonder if it could be to connect with one and other. Like they did with the coins (Galleon) in OOTP or like Voldemort summoned his Death Eaters with the tattoo… I wonder if they can warn each other or something because it seems that a lot of them have pocket watches… Just something i thought of but i like your theory better 😜

  13. The Queenie and Tina seens don't appear to match. Tina looks like she's inside a building and Queenie is obviously on a street.

  14. Inline with your Whovian theory, remember when Dr Who hid his true identity in a gold pocket watch? David Tennent was pretending to be a normal man, named John Smith and fell in love. He almost stayed there, but was reminded of Who he truly was by the part of himself that he hid in the pocket watch!

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