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iOS 13.4 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 13.4 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13.4 developer beta 3 now this is out to
developers and hopefully soon to public beta testers it usually comes out the
same day or lately it’s been the next day so beta 2 actually came out to
public beta testers the following day so you may be seeing it by the time you’re
watching this video or it could be the following day now on my iPhone 11 pro
max it came in at three hundred and thirty six point three megabytes and it
was about three hundred megabytes on all of these devices here my iPhone 6s plus
iPad pro 12 point nine and also the iPhone XR so let’s go ahead and take a
look at the build number now one thing to know about the build number is when
you go into about to see the build number it actually delays now there’s a
little bug there already so you’ll see it delays and then it goes over to the
build number so again if I go back to about it delays now this particular
build number is 17 e 5 2 4 1 D and this build does not have a ton new in it but
there are some other things that are fairly significant in the code I’ll talk
about some other things they’ve fixed as well in a moment but the first thing is
there were also Mac OS watch OS and Apple TV updates for beta testers so if
your beta testing those particular devices you’ll have all of those updates
as well as iPad OS as well now on the iPhone 11 pro max that I’m using here
and some other phones you may see a modem update and if you want to know how
to find that modem update you go to settings and go back to about and if you
scroll down the modem firmware is here now the modem firmware on my phone is
1.05 0.28 and this particular modem firmware probably is ok I actually had
no issues with beta 2 on Wi-Fi or LTE so if I switch from Wi-Fi to LTE and back
again I had no issues whatsoever so it seems to be ok they’ve finally fixed the
issues at least for me on my phones and I haven’t heard any complaints since
beta 1 or beta 2 so it seems like apples really fix that problem however there’s
also carrier updates as well for some so depending on what carrier you have it’s
under the same you there you may have an update for
that as well from Verizon t-mobile Sprint AT&T or others now Apple did
update their notes a little bit and there is one known issue and it’s really
not a bug it’s just basically an issue that says if you want to install iOS 13
point for beta 3 using a restore image first you need to install the Xcode 11
point for beta 2 so if you want to use the image to do it you’ll need to
actually install it with Xcode otherwise you’re good to go now they did resolve
three issues and two of them are fairly significant in fact the first one has to
do with settings so there was a bug where settings could quit unexpectedly
after using a specific app setting so maybe you were going to settings for say
how about down here we’ll go to filmic pro settings the Settings app could
actually crash when you go into that they fix that problem and it shouldn’t
do that anymore they’ve also fixed an issue where photos
might not sync with your Apple watch so if you’re having issues with photos
syncing to Apple watch that should now be resolved now as far as new things in
this particular update well there’s two really small things to know one is
actually going to be huge in the future and was found by someone at 9 to 5 Mac
and that is OS recovery over-the-air so what that means is if you’re using your
iPhone and you want to recover software you may be able to just download the
latest software if it was in a recovery mode you can do this on a Mac currently
where you can do an internet installer an internet recovery you also may have
the ability to connect directly from your iPhones lightning port to another
iPhone and connect that way so that you can restore from another phone so just
like you can kind of do a backup and restore you may be able to do it now
completely without iTunes or finder on the Mac so it looks like we’re moving
away from that sort of setup which makes sense since a lot of people don’t use
computers as much anymore for backup and recovery with iTunes and instead want to
use their devices so we should see that in the future so that’s something I’m
looking forward to and as soon as you’re able to try that out I’ll show you what
it looks like now the other things found in the code thanks to my friend Steve
over at Mac rumors is there’s new TV rating symbols for the UK so there’s
only two that were found and you can see them here on the Left
these are ratings specific to the UK we don’t have these in the United States
they’ve added this so maybe if you’re using the TV app you’ll see them and
there’s really nothing else new in this particular update so they fixed bugs I’m
sure there’s probably bug fixes in here we haven’t seen so if you’re having
issues whether that be with music I’ve heard a lot of you say you had music
issues or some of you having issues with messaging locking up hopefully it fixes
that issue for you thankfully I haven’t had that I have had a few issues with a
mail but mail seems to be okay right now it’s showing for and for mail or showing
up so right now everything seems to be working properly so there’s not a huge
update right now and I would expect this particular update to come out at the end
of March maybe a little bit before but if Apple has an event at the end of
March I would expect it then now as far as iPad OS those same changes carry over
to iPad OS but there’s nothing new specific to iPad hopefully we’ll see
some changes to multitasking with things like iOS 14 but right now there’s
nothing new now as far as battery life is concerned iOS 13 point for beta 2 for
the most part was pretty good from most people I heard from they said it was
great now for me let’s take a look at it will go to battery and then we’ll go to
battery health my battery health is at 100% and and as I’ve mentioned before
and I’ll continue to mention battery health does not get affected just by
doing an update it’s just simply rechecking the status of your battery
capacity and as far as overall usage though you’ll see I have not used my
phone a ton of been checking out other things using my iPad but if we take a
look at yesterday ahead screen on time of 3 hours and 13 minutes with 2 hours
and 8 minutes of screen off time that’s playing music or doing something that’s
actually using the phone but with the screen off and you’ll see I used only
about 25% of my battery while doing that so if I was to continue using my battery
until it drained or used 100% usage got about 12 hours of screen on time so for
me it’s been really good others have reported that it’s great I would say
about with beta to 80% of you said that it was good now as far as performance
overall well it takes a while to figure out performance and battery life over a
few days and I’ll do a follow-up about that
but I did play around with the iPhone 6s plus a little bit for performance so
things just like swiping those are going to be fine and you’ll see apps loading
scrolling takes a moment to load but it’s working fine but as far as overall
performance I did mess around with minecraft just a little bit and if
there’s a specific app you want me to try out regularly for consistent tasks
as for our speed let me know in the comments below
but frame rates seemed consistent when I first loaded the app they were a little
bit slow but then picked up quickly so you’ll see frame rates are fine there’s
no issues there and then on the other devices like the iPhone XR all of
the changes in delays that I mentioned with the about are all the same on all
the devices I tried going into about on all of them and it also hiccuped on all
of them so I’m not sure why it’s doing that but it is now there’s one other
thing I wanted to talk about before we take a look at the benchmarks and that
is storage I actually took a screenshot of storage on my iPhone 11 Promax prior
to installing the update just to see where storage is at since some of you
asked about this so prior to it I had 43.5 gigabytes of use storage and system
was using a 7.21 gigabytes if we compare that to what we’re getting right now
let’s go back out of here we’ll take a look at I phone storage and currently
it’s using forty two point three gigabytes of storage and we’ll wait for
this to load to see what system is using now this can improve over time as it
completes tasks in the background and so the system storage right now is at seven
point two one so it’s very similar it’s nothing to worry about it seems to be
using the same and you shouldn’t be worried about using more storage and
when the final version of this comes out it shouldn’t be a problem as well now
let’s take a look at the Geekbench scores now I’m using Geekbench five if
you’re not familiar with that you will see lower numbers than Geekbench four
but with the iPhone 11 pro max I scored 1332 for single core 3,175 for
multi-core if we take a look at the history and see what it was at last week
with beta 2 and you’ll see for single core we’re a little bit higher and then
multi-core we’re a little bit lower so it just depends when you run this what
the scores will be but overall they should be fine I wouldn’t
expect them to go down dramatically or really see any specific difference on
your device now let’s take a look at all of these devices and get an idea of what
Geekbench is on all of them from left to right we have the iPad pro 12.9 from
2018 then we have the iPhone 6s plus the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 Pro Max
so if you compare your device with this as long as it’s within a few hundred of
these it should be performing optimally and maybe even faster so that’s it for
iOS 13 point for beta 3 of course I’ll do a follow-up in a few days and I’ll
run a poll to see how it’s going for you but in general it seems like it’s going
to be ok 13.4 is fixing a lot of stability issues and like I said before
I think this will come out at the end of March along with that Apple event if we
see that with the release of some new devices as well so expect it then and
then of course in June with WWDC expect iOS 14 at least to be shown and then
released to the public in September if they keep with what they’ve been doing
all along at least for the past few years now if you found anything else new
let me know in the comments below and I’ll give you a shout out in the
follow-up video if you did find something different and if you’d like to
get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description
as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you
enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is
Aaron I’ll see you next time

Reader Comments

  1. In the photos app you can swipe to changes between Days, Months, Years and All Photos. Before you had to tap on each one.

  2. My iPhone 11 Pro Max still has the charge gate issue where you plug it into a charger and it doesn’t turn on or respond for a while

  3. apple needs to add screen cast on any tv and monitor on their future updates. their adapter only work for about 3months max and then breaks. waste of money!

  4. I’m still having a terrible time with mail and syncing with my MBPro running Mail OS on Catalina. Only theexchange account is affected. I can fix it but it is a time consuming fix. This has been a chronic problem

  5. My phone has been stuttering when i go to settings->about
    It stutters about 4->5 seconds before showing up the informations
    8 plus user ios 13.4 beta 3

  6. battery its probably good for newer devices because they have a better optimization with the new processor but for the old ones nahhhh its really bad i cant even go back to ios 12 now

  7. 13.3.1 on XR. Performance & battery is perfect apart from the usual LTE & WiFi connection thing. Not a biggie. Now for the last six days I’m having Bluetooth connectivity issues. Tried the “Forget this device” but to no success. At times finishing a four minute song can be a nightmare. So annoying.

  8. It seems ram management has reverted back to its old ways. It was working great for awhile, now it seems to be closing apps quickly

  9. Troubled on my telcos when it sets to airplane mode, it slowly gone but when I activates my wifi, it appears again with wifi on.

  10. Hy Aaron, you should always check AppStore (for me it seems to always refresh/reload on 13.3.1) or youtube app (still has bugs: If I close the screen while a video is running full-screen when I unlock my phone – in "portret mode" because of faceID – the youtube is still in landscape mode and I can't go home by swiping up … I had to swipe from the left or right).

  11. why not updates i phone on mobile network make update any-wire any network. that's a best because WiFi is not available all place.

  12. Been having serious cellular connection problems like almost little or no signal we have 5 other 3 iPhone XS Max a 10R an a iPhone 7 Plus my 11 Pro Max was the only one effected they would all have go service I’d have 1 Bar

  13. 2019 iPhone 11pro.
    Seems i lost HDMI output with this update. Using genuine Apple cable and Pioneer double din head unit with HDMI input. Worked before update and still works with my iPad Pro 2018 USB-C cable. So car setup is fine. Can you or any one confirm this before i sent my phone off to Apple?

  14. Aaron hi … thanks for the update … Could you explain how to rid of analytics data crash logs that keeps building .. I know iTunes will be a thing of the past but this has been the only way i know on how to clear it … Once iTunes is no more then how can one do this?? Thanks regards Erwin Ancer

  15. Which phone should I buy s20 ultra or iphone 11 pro max?and which is so smooth and faster?I'm really confused. .plz tell me Aaron.?

  16. More bugs on this build than the previous ones. Even if I turnoff WiFi icon stays there , also message overlapping each other

  17. I wish Apple would do better battery management in one of these updates with the battery case on the phone rather than just charging nonstop. At least with aftermarket battery cases you can turn them on and off but other than tat stye suck. You would think apple would do something to protect your battery in the phone better than they do. The whole point of buying the apple battery case is because the software they can control it. My battery health is 98% after using the battery case for a couple months. I need it but am scared my battery will be trashed

  18. Im using iphone 11 My battery health dropped to 98% After 2 and half months Since i purchase…. Is that a good sign???

  19. Caps lock still isn’t working on both the onscreen keyboard and hardware keyboard. It shows abc on the onscreen keyboard where caps lock used to be. Tapping it switches to another keyboard. Double-tapping the shift key doesn’t enable caps lock either like on the iPhone. So there is no way to get caps lock presently on the beta. It also seems that system preference to reassign some of the keys to other functions has been removed.

  20. Have they fixed the Red “1” update on the Settings app icon ? There is NOTHING on my phone to update. I have done all of the updates i can do. Checked all the settings, yet that fkg update “Red 1” is still there.

  21. One significant bug fix :
    On previous betas- when you connect to public WiFi/ guest WiFi , the login window doesn’t pop up asking for the uname/password (as a result no internet ) and fallback on cellular data. This has been repaired now in this beta.

  22. How about the SE? I’m running 13.3.1 and i put a new battery in and it runs fine. Unless I hear different, I’ll stick with what I’ve got now.

  23. Any one having issues where u open messages and it takes 10 seconds to load like its having memory issues the pics on contacts won’t load nothing wont load for 5-10 seconds when u open messages happens at random

  24. My new iPhone 8plus I just bought new a couple week ms ago is acting like a iPhone 5 for some reason on the beta and I have restarted

  25. Hey, does anyone know if I upgrade my Macbook pro early 2011 with an SSD and RAM from 4GB to 16 GB , would I be able to instal Catalina or even late mac os? Thanks 🙂

  26. iPhone 8 64 gb. Done 2 Beta updates (2 and 3) and Battery health was on 100% before. After 1 Update 99% and now 98%. The phone was plugged in as i installed the Updates

  27. I had 98% battery for months but after I do a master reset or an update my battery returns to 100% health.

    I believe there is a discrepancy between software and battery in iPhone.

  28. Still having issue where when open messages all the contacts thumbnails are grey & basically frozen. Happens randomly & even while using & attempting to go back to messages home page to open another text or after texting also. ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  29. I'm still missing roughly 1/2 incoming phone calls … sometimes it says "missed called* on my IPX, while my iPad is ringing, yet my iMac doesn't have any notification of an incoming call at all …

    messages sometimes loads slowly (10 second delay to load the contact names associated with messages).

    AppStore UPDATE ICON is stuck at 1 update while there are no applications to update

    at least the 13.3.1 battery drain (both IPADOS and IOS) is fixed as of 13.4b1 … but hey, how did this pass any sort of regression testing?

    13.x has been a failure on many levels, but mostly on basic functionality of a smartphone … apple, don't mess with the TCPIP stack

  30. USB C earphones do not work on iOS 13.4 beta 3. It worked perfectly on beta 2 but after the update to beta 3 it does not recognize my USB C earphones.

  31. Hi Aaron I simply wanted to let you know that I find your videos very informative and you’re my go to person when I’m looking for any Apple
    related information. I presently own an iMac, iPhone X, an iPad 7th gen and an Watch 6. Please keep them coming. You’re doing a great job. Thanks Mike Ottawa,Canada

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