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Introducing Datum – #TakeBackYourData

Introducing Datum – #TakeBackYourData

This is Datum. A pretty jolly bit of
data. And these are his friends, 2.5 quintillion of them being created each
day. You may wonder where they all come from?
That’s easy, from us! All of us. We leave this trail of digital bits behind us as
we go through life. And these bits are collected into a mirror image of you.
The virtual you. But the virtual you is not owned by you and that doesn’t seem
right. Large corporations exploit your data without rewarding you in return. But
what if there was a way that you could own and control this data? An avatar
perhaps, that sweeps up all your data and stores it safely in a global network
that is not owned and controlled by any large entity. A network where your data
is encrypted securely and you are the only one who has the keys. A network where
you decide whom to share with and under what terms. And this is a wonderful thing!
Because it protects your privacy and rewards you for what is yours.
Let’s get data back under our control! Where we can own our virtual self and
manage it responsibly.

Reader Comments

  1. everyone hyped in the comments is obviously an inside dude, i mean this shit obviously has no future and is worthless like so many other ico's poping up lately

  2. Looking now that the FCC has overturned the net neutrality act. It is clear that projects like Datum, Monero and Verge have a good future ahead because they focus very much on privacy. Seeing that Big corporations are stealing our data everyday, Datum looks like a good response against it. #TakeBackYourData !!!

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