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Intro to SC2 Ladder: LADDER ANXIETY

Intro to SC2 Ladder: LADDER ANXIETY

G’day guys, Maynarde here for another StarCraft 2 guide, first of all a big thank you to everyone that offered
feedback on youtube and reddit with my first video hoping to keep improving the
content in this channel to make stuff that’s sought after by new and current
Starcraft fans speaking of which the most requested video on reddit Twitter
and YouTube has been to cover ladder anxiety and ways to overcome it this
honestly isn’t a surprise at all it’s one of the most common questions I get
so to you new fans that might not know what I’m talking about
I’ll explain ladder anxiety is simply the affliction of not wanting to queue
for ranked play in fear of playing the next game it’s very common for people
that play a ranked multiplayer games they can still love the game they can
still watch tournaments love watching people play it on stream but they just
can’t manage to push that play button themselves I personally don’t feel this
anxiety anymore as someone that plays ranked ladder almost every day of the week
so stay tuned and I’ll share some of the ways that I’ve overcome it in an effort
to link my last video on getting into sc2 into this one I’ll break this video
up into a couple of sections if you’d like to jump to a certain section
they’re all time coded in the description of this video I’m gonna
start this video with a section for the beginners on getting ready for ranked
ladder which we’ll go over important in game settings then we’ll get into
fighting ladder anxiety and my three special methods for dealing with it so
you’re at the point where you want to play Starcraft 2 against a real person
but you have a fresh account or you’ve never looked at the gameplay settings in
the game and we should definitely do that before pushing play there’s only a
few settings that I want you to look at first of all make sure that show alert
is enabled these are little pop-ups that will appear on the left of the screen
letting you know when a building unit or upgrade is complete this is good to have
because you realistically won’t have time to watch all your structures of
progress bars giving the game more ways to poke at you about important progress
and your build is a good thing and I have no idea why this is off by default
next disable the simple command card simple command card only shows you the
move and attack button granted that’s most of what you’ll be doing with your
units initially but this takes away the ability to do things like stop, hold
position and patrol which are very useful and even necessary further down
the line to handle controlling your army even if you don’t use a few of these
commands it’s important to have them available
next please for the love of all things holy an able enemy unit selection I
can’t even fathom why this is disabled by default and I honestly would love to see
anyone argue and convince me why in any possible situation you would ever want
this off by enabling this you can select a structure being built and actually see
what it is and also check upgrades on enemy units this is so unbelievably
important and it blows my mind that this isn’t just the default setting so please
enable this moving over to the right side here I think something that’s going
to help you a lot in game is change the show unit lifebar option to always this
may look a little bit messier in game but seeing the life bars and energy bars
of your army and for that matter your enemy’s army is crucial one final
setting before we get into actually playing the video game change flyer
helper to always Starcraft 2 is an isometric realtime strategy game but
unlike its predecessor it’s 3d those little lines underneath your flying
units will show you where the unit actually is so you can hit them with
your various unit spells and abilities a little bit more easily you might be
asking but there’s so many settings may not what about mouse and keyboard
settings graphics sound blah blah blah blah blah this game has been out long
enough that veterans will tell you settings are objectively better or worse
than others but honestly most of them are personal preference put on the
settings that feel right to you I don’t want to take up valuable beginner
tutorial time by talking about settings for an hour okay a couple last things
before we hit that play button it’s pretty intuitive but while we’re on the
screen let’s just get out the way pick your race via these buttons before
playing and if you’re learning I suggest not touching this but you can’t avoid
playing a maximum of three maps in the latter pool by vetoing them by this menu
and putting an X next to the maps that you don’t want to play if you have a
fresh free-to-play account and you haven’t played any games yet you’ll
notice that ranked letter is closed off to you but it’s only temporary
to unlock rank letter play you need to get ten first win of the day bonuses you
can get this by playing versus AI a which hopefully you’ve done a bit of
already or playing unranked gains versus real people every 24 hours this first
win of the day bonus resets so you’ll have unlocked rank letter in ten days
for free unranked ladder is the same as ranked ladder you just don’t get League
placements you have a hidden matchmaking rating
commonly known as MMR so if you play enough you will hit people of your level
eventually alternatively if you don’t want to wait 10 days you can purchase
the latest expansion of Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void via battlenet which
unlocks ranked letter on the account immediately
that’s everything I think that’s important to note before playing 1v1
Starcraft 2 against real people and hopefully doesn’t alright job at
bridging the gap between the first video and this one now let’s get over the
major topic of this video ladder anxiety and some of the ways that I found to
overcome it so you’re too afraid to hit that play button first thing I have to
tell you is that there is nothing to be ashamed of and you definitely aren’t the
only person out there with this problem like I said at the start of this video
this is the most requested topic there are literally hundreds of thousands of
people out there that feel exactly the same way you do every day I talk to
people in my stream that are fans of the game and watch all the tournaments but
haven’t played a 1v1 in years dealing with ladder anxiety or even just anxiety
in general is hard there’s never going to be some okay here’s the thing you do now
solution and just magically fixes it there are many ways that work for some
people and don’t work for others but what I’m going to share are some of the
ways that I found to be the most effective of people that I’ve talked to
who have had ladder anxiety and overcome it myself included ranked ladder and sc2
could be a very lonely experience it’s just you versus the world and even
though it could be incredibly rewarding to get far on your own it can also be
incredibly de motivating when you hit a wall whether it be a certain matchup
giving you trouble or just trying to break into the next level in general
you’ll be happy to learn that you don’t need to go it alone sc2 has a large
community and a healthy active player base most streamers and personalities in
sc2 of discord servers that you can join and find like-minded people around your
level to practice with even just having a group of individuals with similar
experience to talk to you can help a lot being able to talk strategy share
replays and even just vent frustrations can really go a long way to help you
overcome the daunting loneliness that a player can feel when they play a lot of
1v1 ladder outside of discord I think Starcraft forms can be a great place for
discussion there’s even race specific sub reddits
that I definitely recommend for strategy and build discussion I’ll put a
collection of hopefully helpful links in description for these resources lastly
some people might tell you that team games don’t help you with 1v1
but I disagree even though having double the amount of players or more in a game
of sc2 definitely changes the environment there are plenty of builds
that are quite viable to practice in team games just the action of playing a
c2 with all the tools you would have in a 1v1 ladder game helps your basic
mechanics and strategies I’d recommend grabbing a partner instead of queuing
randomly but regardless it’s still useful to summarize the Starcraft
community is awesome most of them are more than happy to help you even happy
to give their time to practice with you and more while 1v1 ladder might feel
like it sometimes don’t ever forget that you are far from alone this is
definitely easier said than done for some people because this is something
that only you can do for yourself essentially this method is asking you to
be mindful of the feelings of ladder anxiety and working with the feeling
rather than against it easy peasy right maybe not but bear with
me here one way to deal with the feeling of letter anxiety is to try and take a
step back outside of your head and be mindful of what’s happening consciously
reframe the things that are causing you anxiety when you’re laddering try and
apply some logic to your situation without lying to yourself there’s a
truly matter that you’re playing another person doesn’t matter what this person
thinks of your skill do your ladder points truly matter what’s the
worst-case scenario here on a personal note what is the worst-case scenario is
actually how I deal with anxiety I’ve had outside of laddering for example
when I’m waiting for a call and whether or not I get a job I really really want
and I’m feeling anxious about it I think about the worst case scenario which is
I’m not getting it and consider is it really that bad will I be kicked out of
house and home there are always more opportunities out there and I will live
to fight another day well if the worst case scenario can’t
hurt me then no outcome in the situation can hurt me so let’s apply that to leto
worst case scenario in a letter game is you lose some points and maybe your
opponent says something nasty to you do those points matter well no if you keep
playing you will improve you will get this points back and more it’s just a
matter of time does it matter if you’re a low league not at all
the people you’re playing every day a low league too everyone started
somewhere does it matter if your opponents have said dumb stuff to you
absolutely not what are they gonna do tell people that you don’t know about
how they beat you to more people that you don’t know call their mother
and brag about how they beat someone in a video game you’re on a journey to
improve in their words mean nothing ignore em or block em and queue another game
these are just a few examples of common sources of ladder anxiety and some
things to consider to apply logic to the situation there are no mental gymnastics
here these things I listed are all facts whenever you feel the unpleasant
sensations of ladder anxiety let it happen and be mindful that you’re
feeling anxious take a step back and be conscious of some of the facts to help
you through the unpleasant feelings and they should start to get less unpleasant
and eventually we’ll hopefully disappear entirely to get better at Starcraft it
probably doesn’t come as a shock that you need to play a lot of Starcraft so
these methods have the intention of you getting to play as many games as
possible a lot of the reasons some people have trouble playing ranked
ladder is because they’re afraid of losing their precious ladder points so
let’s play Starcraft without winning or losing being a factor, crazy right let me
explain focus goals are basically dedicated
practice it’s like working out a muscle group in the gym chest day, back day, leg day
and so on an example of this is having a chunk of time say you have time to play
five or so ladder games today a good focus goal is something like no supply
blocks for those five games for new players you don’t know what I’m talking
about supply blocks are when you’re producing too much for your unit
capacity I whenever supply and how it works in my last video your plan is to
go about your build order and play the game but the only thing you’re tracking
your goal in that game is whether or not you’re keeping up a supply depots or
pylons or overlords during and after your build order is complete the loss
doesn’t matter the win doesn’t matter this is the only thing you care about
this is your focus at the end of this play session give yourself a score of
how many games you got supply blocks versus how many games you played you can
do it with a piece of paper or a notepad on a PC or whatever it’s hard to track a
proven in StarCraft your MMR score isn’t really indicative of improvement
because it’ll go up and down all the time as we discussed earlier average MMR score rising maybe but you can easily track these individual aspects of
your play if you dedicate regular practice sessions to them you can go
from one out of five games supply blocked to three out of five games and
eventually hopefully five out of five then just like you wouldn’t a gym let’s
add more weight let’s make it harder on ourselves we always want to be pushing
ourselves not just coasting with the same numbers so another focus goal that
I use that I find you can easily do this with is spending your minerals
having a bank of minerals in StarCraft is something you want to avoid in early
and mid-game so you start with the goal like I want to keep my mineral bank
lower than 2000 minerals this game if I keep a focus on my production I can keep
the number below that eventually when you get comfortable with that number
drop the focus soul threshold to maybe 1500 minerals and then maybe a thousand
minerals and so on alternatively if those starting numbers are still too
hard you can raise that number to something that’s challenging the doable
there’s zero shame in it this practice is a very personal thing there are quite
a few good focus goals out there that I love using very regularly but you can
come up with some of yourself based on your own play there are plenty of decent
Starcraft players out there they can look at your replays and help you come
up with some of those personal goals in those communities I mentioned earlier so
that’s it these are three methods to fight ladder anxiety so after you’ve
followed all the steps to start this video and get ready for ranked ladder
try out one or a combination or all the methods that I’ve listed in this video
the whole idea here is to get you to play as many games of StarCraft as
possible it’s basically cognitive behavioral therapy people that work with
anxiety therapeutically usually recommend something like cognitive
behavioral therapy which involves exposing yourself in manageable ways to
the things that provoke anxiety eventually over time you realize that
you can get through it being aware of the feelings anxiety and what the
sources are everyone’s different sometimes things click for some people
and sometimes it takes a little longer it’s completely fine either way the
important thing is that you find a way to keep trying in the interest of
keeping people motivated let’s try something out here if you have a Twitter
account post your focus goals and your progress with a hashtag #SC2FocusGoals
I’m gonna be looking at tweets with a hashtag personally and bring them
up on my stream to offer feedback support and praise the people who are
trying to battle through letter anxiety or even just improve their Starcraft
mechanics hope you guys enjoyed the video I’ve got some ideas of future ones
but if there is anything in particular that you want to see me make I’ll be
keeping an eye on Twitter reddit and YouTube comments and feel free to reach
me live on my Twitch stream every weekday much love happy star crafting

Reader Comments

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  2. Very engaging video. As with any goal, getting started is the hardest step. I’ve found that sharing the experience with others and setting goals is very helpful to get moving. I also like to focus on the wins I’ve earned towards unlocking portraits as those can’t be taken away, unlike MMR. I’ll be sharing this with my community and I look forward to seeing your next video.

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  5. Joining a discord community is a really, really good idea for those trying to get motivated. Having people to share the journey with is huge. Also, many communities have tournaments and events for various skill levels; these can lower ladder anxiety because now you view it as just practice for an event you're preparing for.

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  8. Hey,

    Nice vid Maynarde! yeah i really wonder why selecting enemy units is default disabled, the only reason i can think of it being usefull is not accidentally selecting a unit when trying to spam spells.

    Show Alerts: its SUPER useful, its the only way to select multiple queens that spawn all over the map at once! it also gives you visual confirmation of the alerts you get, really wonder why so many pros play without it. the only downside is if you accidentally happen to click on it.

    which brings me to my next point: Unless if you are casting or watching a replay, you should disable clickable controlgroups. youll always want to create and select them via keyboard. pretty chaotic when you accidentally select something or even just overwrite the group because of a misclick.

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