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  1. Kinda wish y’all would’ve brought back the good mythical mom characters for part of this episode 😭😂

  2. Crockpot meals were frequent in my house when I was younger bc my parents worked till 5:30ish and didn’t always have time to make something when the got home, so my parents would start the crockpot around 7 am and by the time they returned there was dinner on the table

  3. For the chicken tortilla soup, the picture at the bottom for instant pot said 7 seconds, not 7 minutes

  4. I'm about an hour for cinnamon rolls. What kind of rolls are you making? Takes about 15-20 mintues in the oven…

  5. I always thought it was instapot haha not instant pot. 😂 or maybe that’s just me? I love my “instapot” way more than a crockpot.

  6. In an alternate universe, you throw in your seeds into the pot and in a few minutes you got bud!

  7. The trick with instant pot pot roast is that you have to let it natural release for 15-20 minutes to get that good mushy tenderness. I learned this the hard way lmao.

  8. So I feel like the part of the appeal of a crock pot is that you can throw dinner in it in the morning and then dinner will be waiting for you when it's time.

  9. You might be able to cook a roast in an instant pot in an hour, but if you leave it for just an extra 30 minutes, it will be way better than the crock pot guaranteed.

  10. I'm waiting for my next class and trying not to look crazy while trying not too laugh and look crazy 😂♥️

  11. No one seems to realize that if you put the pot roast in the instapot for 2-3 hours it's way better than 6 hours in a crockpot. 1 hour is definitely not enough time to make it perfect even with the instapot.

  12. Hope its not exactly like 7th Heaven, the dad in that show sexually assaulted his daughters on the show…. ill take my chances with the other cinnamon rolls

  13. Her chicken tortilla soup looks like chicken in water with a bit of extra stuff. Where is the cheese and other seasonings?

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