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Install MovieBox on iOS 8 – NO JAILBREAK | Watch FREE Movies & Shows

Install MovieBox on iOS 8 – NO JAILBREAK | Watch FREE Movies & Shows

As our phone screens get bigger, it makes
more and more sense to watch movies on them. So today I’ll be showing you how to install
MovieBox, a showbox alternative for any iphone, ipad or ipod without jailbreaking, in 60 seconds.
First you’ll need to change the date of your device to September 16th 2014. Next go
to the link I’ve put in the description using Safari. This page should show up. Make
sure you are using build 2, NOT build 3 because for some people, build 3 causes installation
problems. Okay, see this green button? Click it and you should get a pop up asking if you
want to install MovieBox. Click confirm and then it should start to install. Once it’s
done, open the app. There might be something saying if you definitely want to open this,
just click yes. That’s it! Now you can watch pretty much all the latest movies, shows and
music videos. What I really like about this app is how quickly the shows and movies are
updated. For shows like modern family, the newest episode comes out either the same day
or the next day after airing on TV. The interface is really easy to use but if you need some
guidance, take a look online. So that’s it for this video, if you want
to request the next tutorial, hit me up in the comments. Subscribe for more, drop a like
cuz ur cool and thanks for watching.

Reader Comments

  1. Great video Yalun, keep it up! I will definitely be sure to try this out when I get a minute. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. This one works. It's an older version but it still works.

    No need to change the date. Just install.

  3. When it's downloading, it says that it could not be downloaded at this time, then it tells me to retry or click done..I'm running iOS 8.1.2

  4. 321 show I tried to install but as soon as I changed the date it denied all access on my iOS device to the Internet. I'm on ios8.03 , does this make a difference

  5. I went from android to apple and I thought I couldn't get this anymore and I was literally going to die but you my sir are a lifesaver!!!!😀😊😎

  6. It says, "Installing, press the home button to view." I have waited 10 minutes now, and nothing has popped up or started downloading. If someone would help I would really appreciate it.

  7. I have this app but I don't have the option download when i click into a tv show so i can't download any tvshows. How can I solve this problem?

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