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Install Link Dream Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the new apple watch (HE-SW-83315-1)

Install Link Dream Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the new apple watch (HE-SW-83315-1)

hello welcome to get a gadgetguideUSA thanks
for watching my link dream tempered glass screen protector for the Apple watch proctor you let’s go ahead
and I’ve been on today we’re going to be doing a product review in addition to an
actual install on this Apple watch here I’ll not a big fan of protecting our
expensive equipment I spent a lot of money on a sample watch us I wanna make sure it’s not going to
break on I got a temper glass screen protector that only covers are the actual on-screen Park on hype see neighbor reviews on Amazon and
they weren’t always good if you like and three small doesn’t fit
my watch you cannot realize if you look at an angle are you really only I’m only covering on
the screen part not necessarily the bevel that which is fine with me %uh there are other ones that have
beveled edges and come in colors and all this up but I thought this the lingering was %uh fine for me I was
just your standard box in brown box like dream tempered glass screen protector cuz he’s
from Apple watch the thirty eight millimeter witcha this is in fact the third millimeter and
we’re gonna do or go and cry this open as you can see a inside brown boxes really protective a phone barrier I guess comes the sticky
pad im thats remove dirt and dust and inside
this really well protected foam pad here aren’t we have a dry cough a wet cloth and we have the actual screen protector back there don’t take as little stickers
on pls take care of the silicon adhesive will be exposed
okay as a let’s go ahead and do an install
here %uh as you can see the glass I it’s not
quite as it’s not what people would expect because the street peace in class
it doesn’t cover the actual level I is just designed to cover but the
actual usable part of the screen I it still does offer protection you
know if you’re a direct hit and the main thing that I’m trying to
protect against scratches up the last watch that my wife and i got
that the front got scratched up really bad when she was at work because about
what she does that’s what we’re trying to reach try to
protect the pre-screen from getting scratches and being permanently ruined us so we’re
gonna go ahead and get that phone stuff out of the way we’re gonna go ahead and start with this
up but the sticker here but this is just remove any cake Doncaster anything like that it just which is basically a
sticker from burning I and stick that on there was gonna go and work it over at my
finger I we’re just gonna pull it off and you know that your stuff of
phenomena do it one more time with the other side up the number one reason tempered glass
screen protectors failed doesn’t matter whether you put on your phone or you’re puttin
on the Apple watched I is due to improper cleaning so as you
can see I don’t make that mistake and we’re just putting that on really
well here book all right there we go now we’re
done with the sticker murder and toss it away right now you have the wet and the
drywall lift I you want to start with the wet wipes and lead into the driveway I and the wet wipes actually alcohol us
a letter mover any oils from your fingers I want you I
want to be very careful not to actually a touch the screen with your fingers at
actually wash my hands really well before this to make absolutely sure but just as a side note wash your hands
before that and do not touch the screen what you get with our call with your
actual bare hands others well on your fingers in that will
affect the mounting a the tempered glass screen protector
their some just given a good rub down here for now after that I we’re gonna grab
the dry and you always want what one-way and as to avoid any pills or are
you in a little balls clocking in the way if there’s anything in between this
class and the screen protector that means that your screen protector
isn’t going to fit for ever I you might air bubbles in my
things like that might happen some gonna go ahead and pull this off
I’m gonna leave this on cell I’m gonna go and make sure we wipe
one way to get all the little pills in a little balls cloth or anything like that okay and I were done without go and take the screen protector now the
song a temper glass screen protector on watches a little bit more difficult than
a phone because you really don’t have any methods lining everything up I when you do a
phone you know me like you the speaker or some type you know you have a landmark to tell you
what centers when you’re installing a white screen protector which is the
perfect where it is a little bit more difficult I see just one take your time and make
sure that you are perfectly aligned in the dead center I remember we’re doing a good install so
hopefully this install last years and years so you want to do it
right the first time and I have to do this more than once ass as you can see I’m gonna go ahead
until that often as I feel that of you can see this entire cover is coming off and now
the adhesive is exposed you don’t wanna touch the back once you pull that off medium hearing miss kahn me down per picture and go ahead and
Ramadan you just wanna start in the middle
Ireland grab a card or something like that ash I should
have won are read here I’m gonna go ahead grab my Kroger card
here members gonna use that to push to adhere and I don’t know if I did a bad job in
its hunger looks to be like edges are
exactly I’m so we’re all going with the install
the app awash with this %uh lingering tempered glass screen protector and I can’t say that I’m gonna give it
two thumbs up I mean it’s not horrible I definitely fits is definitely gonna
protect watch I’m definitely leaving it on their not going it’s not worth taking
off %uh but I am going to tell you around
the edges it isn’t perfect all the way around I know you’re not going to see it
on camera up but you know I am against God I’m
kinda picky person %ah so if you notice around the edges
it’s not absolutely perfect on all the edges on
this Apple watcher really heavily bezel on so it’s very rounded in this is a
flat piece of glass on a flat piece of glass isn’t sitting perfectly on the
bezel aren’t so you know I’m not really like
upset I didn’t pay much for this at all I’m definitely leaving class on
in the end I’ll probably actually end up buying another one my main goal is to protect the face at
the Apple watching this does in fact do that I just don’t think it’s going to last
years and years because it’s not magic perfectly matching about basil again today it does do his job but it
doesn’t do it absolutely perfectly so take that as you will I hope you enjoy my product review today
comments are always welcome at the bottom of the page subscriptions are always appreciated
thank you and if you have any specific questions comments or suggestions please
email me gadget guy USA at gmail dot com thank you for your time

Reader Comments

  1. I tried to be as honest as possible 🙁 . I am leaving it on buit you can see the edges are not great. My wife scratched up her last watch so I was hoping this protects it.

  2. Just a thought for next time, get the clear tape and put it over the glass. Peel the backing off and use the excess tape as grips for the glass screen. I install glass shields on phones all the time and every now and then I always run into a little problem with a piece of dust or something small behind the glass after it's been installed. Tape is your best friend when it comes to guides and dust/debris removal. Hope it helps!

  3. This was not the brand I was looking at but looking for a ballistic glass protector. I found this video after a search and decided to watch it. In doing research for a glass screen protector, I have not yet found one that protects the bezel of the watch (although they do make the plastic face covers that would do that job). All of the protectors only cover the watch face, so essentially this is not a bad product. Its glass, and cannot bend which is a given. And the purpose of the glass is to protect your screen from breaking, not just for scratches.

    Now, I did find a video of a tempered glass protector that was bigger than the face of the watch. It does not bend and just hangs over the edges of the watch. It really looks stupid and Im sure if you hit the edge the protector will pop off and I'm sure all kinds of crap will get under the edge. Now that's a bad product in my opinion.

  4. Here's a tip for installing that glass screen protector. You should turn it on to timelapse watch face or photo album or anything that fills the whole screen so it can be your guides.

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