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  1. when you have this song on repeat, bottles of riesling & gruener veltliner in the fridge, and you're all set for a good night with no friends required.

  2. What ever happened to your other video of this song? I loved it. The one with the BF 109s and other great war footage.

  3. Мне чувак из Южной Африки из Зимбабве говорил ,что они очень любили эту песню. Но потом их всех расформировали

  4. Greetings to beautiful Germany from Croatia! Germanic And Slavic Brotherhood!

  5. Man i feel like i want to invade some place that has an inpassable forest

    But im a bit well brown so i cant he in the german army big sad

  6. I found it after YouTube just deleted fire and steel out of existence
    Why cant we have this beautiful music

  7. Been awhile since I listened to this, still catchy 🙂 Ich mag es noch, would a anyone recommend a current singer/artist perforing this folksong & others?

  8. I listen to this when playing battlefield if im on the germna side. It usually gives me confidence that the German pride will overcome the opposition. lol.

  9. all those retarded american putting memes in the comments.. cancer

    Wird immernoch kräftig und oft im Wachbataillon gesungen 😉

  10. I remember this song very well. A very nice German man was singing it, I was helping him move to Brazil. His name was something Himmler. I can't remember in my old age.

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  12. Not related to the song but does anyone know what happened to the video of the German soldiers doing stuff while this song plays? Not that it's terribly important but it was a bit jarring to not see it this time.

  13. The French: is chilling in the maginot line

    The Germans, flaking to the right:
    L O R E L O R E L O R E L O O O O O O O O R E

  14. This is the only song I can sing fully in German and still understand what is being said. I have written down the lyrics(German AND English) and I remember it fully.

  15. Imagine walking into a room
    Someone is screaming this song
    The other is on the floor and confused screaming
    That explains me right now

  16. Wow , found your channel from Pälestinalied from another video . Am a big fan of German culture, both folk and classical music . Love from India to all Germans out there .

  17. Pierwsze wzmianki o tej piosence pojawiają się w zbiorze piosenek Bawarskich Stowarzyszeń Wojskowych (Bayerischen Soldatenbundes" opublikowanym w 1874 r. Od tego czasu jest popularna jako piosenka ludowa oraz jako marsz wojskowy. Twórca tekstu i muzyki nieznany. Informacje zaczerpnąłem ze stron oraz Jak znasz lepiej niemiecki niż ja, to podziałasz więcej. Prost!

  18. For how long this will be true? Beautiful girls, sure but free to move freely, to be seen? To speak freely, to do what they want and desire? These songs, how long will be heard if not in hidden spaces? Where is Europe going? What will Eurpe become? We all see……………

  19. thanks dr. Ludwig! Great German song. We are far away and begin to learn a lot of information about the Germans. warm greetings from Kazakhstan!

  20. Das ist aber ein schönes lied und vor allem war ich noch eine försterstochter 😊 sämtliche vorfahren von meinem papa waren förster in sachsen und thüringen….😊

  21. Spring time in Germany is a joyful time I think. This is just so full of optimism and joy. Definitely one of my favourite German beer drinking songs. No other nation writes songs like this. I never get tired of hearing it. I imagine myself singing it with my comrades as we are marching by a forest with the spring sunshine on our backs. Young patriotic men full of the ‘joys of spring’.

  22. ☝️☝️⚖️👉👉⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️👉⚓💪💪💪💪💪💪📌📌💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪📌💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👊💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  23. I suddenly feel the urge to dress my girlfriend as a forester's daughter and take her to the forest and you know what happens next:

    We sing this song together!

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