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“I’m Half The Man I Used To Be” | BRAND NEW ME

“I’m Half The Man I Used To Be” | BRAND NEW ME

Chris: At the beginning of my journey, I weighed 360 pounds. I was a very depressed person. They told me that if I didn’t get my weight under control that I was just going to die young. Janice: It was very hard to see what he was going through. Sebastian: My brother, you could always tell there was just that inner struggle. Janice: So to see him turn this all around. Shaun: He’s doing what 99.99% of people couldn’t do. Janice: I did not expect him look like a model. Chris: I’ve lost 180 pounds so far. This’ half, half the man I used to be. Before my journey, I was a very depressed person. I never went out. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I was always playing video games, never active. Dating life was nonexistent because I didn’t think anybody would ever want to be with me. I wasn’t living a quality life. I wasn’t even living life really. I was adopted. Moving around from place to place, I felt alone in the world. My biological mom wasn’t mentally fit to be a parent. We got put into the foster care system. One day, she just couldn’t take the pressure anymore and took her life. Losing your mom, that young, your family not stepping up to take you in, it just made me feel like I was actually not wanted. Janice: Hi honey.
Chris: What’s up? Janice: I’m so glad to see you. When he came to me, it was March 18 2004. He was 10 and he weighed 187 pounds. So he was round little guy. Aaron: He would overeat to overcompensate for a lot of his deep rooted emotional issues. Chris: You can progressively see me get bigger and bigger throughout these pictures. Obesity ran in my family, heart disease ran in my family. They told me that if I didn’t get my weight under control that I was just going to die young. Janice: He hid in his room. It was very hard to see what he was going through, with his struggles. Sebastian: My brother he always seemed like a joyful person, you know, always like laughing always making goofy faces. But at the same time, we could always tell their was just that inner struggle. Chris: I remember looking in the mirror one day and everything around me was just falling apart. And I had nothing going for me except for a heart attack at a young age. It just clicked in my head. And from that point on, I really just changed my entire life. I’ve lost 180 pounds so far. This’ half, half the man I used to be. Back when I was bigger, Like this right here, I would not have been able to do it longer than two or three minutes. Now I can comfortably do it. Maybe 15-20 minutes. Hey yo, big Sean. Shaun: How’re you doing buddy?
Chris: Cool, how’re you doing man? Shaun: So I met Chris two years ago. You did good man.
Chris: It feels good too. It feels natural. Shaun: Chris would be here in the morning to do his cardio, and he’d come in later again in the night. To get what Chris has done takes a whole lot of effort. He’s doing what 99.99% of people couldn’t do. He’s in here, he’s dedicated to how he eats, he’s dedicated how he works out. He’s done remarkable things he really has. Chris: It is play time. Chris: This is the hard truth of weight loss, loose skin. I remember when I first started my weight loss journey looking, looking into the mirror I not for one second that I liked the reflection of it. I just saw a broken person. And now I look at myself and I see, I see progress. I see goals. I see what I want out of life. It is going to sound a bit conceited, but I’m very proud of myself. We’re making enchiladas chicken
enchiladas. Knowing how to properly nourish yourself is very important.
Janice: It’s a family favorite. Chris: Yes. Low carbohydrate tortillas. Look at this.
Janice: Oh my God. Sebastian: Is that your night gown?
Chris: My night gown. Janice: I want one as a night down you have extras I want one. I did not expect him to look like a model or studly, so handsome. It’s like he, he also is so buff. The metamorphosis that he went through, it was like, you know, like the caterpillar. He’s just beautiful. And we don’t know what his life would have been like, if he would have stayed like that. Aaron: You wouldn’t recognise him down the street if you saw him. I mean it’s, it’s literally half of his body. And it’s his drive that really inspires people, that inspired me. Janice: Now his, younger brother Sebastian’s gotten it. And he’s lost 30 pounds. Sebastian: You know, he’s my big bro. And he’s my inspiration. And that I can’t wait to see where he goes further in his journey.
Chris: Dude you look good. Oh my gosh. Mom was like, have you seen him lately? Turn around. Dang, boy, dang, you’re looking good. To everybody that wants to transform their body and transform their life, it is possible. Shaun: Goodman. I like that. Chris: The most surprising thing I found in myself, throughout this journey is actually discovering who I am, what I love. Not just, not just a visual transformation, It’s a life transformation. Producer: Do you have a girlfriend now? Chris: A girlfriend would be cool, but no right now. I’m single, completely single. I did meet a girl. Her name is Diani. We’ve been dating since July now. She’s just so funny and great. And I feel like I could truly be myself around her.

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  1. I think now you should gain 10 to 15 pounds and youd look healthy. That thumb nail your waist is looking anorexic straight up. Last summer my waist was 29 inches I wasnt happy once I finally got there. I'll stick with a 32 inch waist

  2. Congratulations Chris ❤ On changing your life , and having a wonderful family to support you . Family isn't always who" made" you 😘 gotta cutie for a girl friend to ❤🌶

  3. You should b very proud of that journey you took losing so much weight.. Wonderful u did did something to save yourself. So proud. Keep it up to inspire others….

  4. You should be super proud of yourself!!! What you should love , is yourself, you have already been an inspiration to others. Whether you know it or not you have changed people's lives for the better!! Keep on, keepin on!!

  5. his mind set completely changed and his confidence made him so damn attractive .. I wanna cuddle with him and play with his hair 🖤 YOU LOOK GREAT

  6. That's amazing growing u wascan athlete I was always built bigger than most girls, I was 5ft 7 inches my sophomore year of high school, I didn't get overweight until I married at 19 and was in an abusive relationship I never realized how big I was getting I finally got up the courage to leave him and in 2004 I remarried my best friend at this time I had developed diabetes I lost a little weight I started having back problems and my doctor kept trying to say it was all my weight which obviously didn't help until 2012 when he finally did a MRI scan of my back and it showed that I had degenerative disc disease in my spine. By this time I was on blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds. In 2016 my official weight was at 320 lbs at this time I hadn't been able to work since 2008 but was officially put on disability just for my back alone. I started going to the gym and doing basic stuff like treadmill and stuff that was low impact on my back because of all the sports I played I also had a total of 7 surgeries between both hands and wrists. In 2017 for about six months like clockwork I would get sick like every 6 weeks with little thinks like sinus infections or minor upper respiratory infections and the doctors just couldn't figure out why then in march of 2017 I got out of bed and just collapsed to the floor and couldn't stand I was so weak. I was rushed to the hospital where they discovered I had sepsis plus pneumonia and 2 other severe infections I was placed in icu for a week it was up and done the icu doctors said when I was admitted I was about 2 days away from a coma or death they said because of being an athlete my heart and other organs were really strong besides bring overweight at this point I still had lost weight since then I e been in and out of the hospital several times and have gotten sepsis 2 more times. In between all of this I was still working on losing however I could. Yesterday on October 2nd 2019 i went for a checkup and officially hit my 75lb Weightloss goal. They have now taken me off 2 blood pressure Ed's I'm only on one and that one left also protects my kidneys from diabetes, they also rolled back my long last g insulin by 15 units and my fast acting insulin meal time insulin I. half down to only 5 units. My BMI is at 37 they told me when I get to 30 I can start having skin removal surgery I'm almost there. So if u r out there u can do it to keep fighting stay strong and don't give up it is possible.

  7. It is possible everything is possible it just takes hard work and dedication. Makes me happy he turned his life around for the better.

  8. He is sooo handsome!!! I myself have lost a substantial amount of weight and I'm currently trying to get back on track with my eating habits/working out! This motivated me so much! He looks amazing!!

  9. It doesn’t sound conceited because he should be proud of himself! It’s so difficult to completely change, but inspiring! It’s not conceited to be inspiring!

  10. It doesn’t sound conceited because he should be proud of himself! It’s so difficult to completely change, but inspiring! It’s not conceited to be inspiring!

  11. Aww I love this! Got a beautiful girl who looks like your other half. Both very smiley and look like fun. Good for you! Thank you for sharing your story Chris, youre awesome! Strong inside and out now. Cut up and 💎shining 👍

  12. Ok…I need to get healthy and in shape. Depression and hiding from social interactions is not helping this life. This video makes me feel like I'm not alone. It gives me hope.

  13. "He's doing what 99.99% of people could not do"? I doubt that. Impressive transformation but certainly not that unique

  14. 🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️God bless😒☝🏽❤️💙💯💕

  15. Coming from someone that has lost almost 60lbs I can’t imagine! What a dedicated person that values his life! Hard work always pays off- what an inspiration. I have about 20 more to go and this was a big boost to move me on the the final stretch! Way to go.

  16. Congratulations Chris! Look great, got a lovely family, and a good looking girlfriend! Keep going to max!

  17. I have started my weight loss journey i really want to join the army and i was so sad that my recruiter told me i was 200 pounds overweight but i am working hard i know that i can do it

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