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i tried every American Eagle MOM JEAN so you don’t have to

i tried every American Eagle MOM JEAN so you don’t have to

– If you’ve been watching
me for any length of time, you might know that your
girl loves a mom jean, oof. Something that I feel like I’ve been doing since I began wearing mom jeans, maybe a year or two ago, is I’ve constantly been on the hunt for the perfect pair of mom jeans. I still haven’t found them yet. I don’t know if the
perfect ones exactly exist, but I found some great ones along the way and one of my favorites that I’ve discovered somewhat recently, maybe like this last fall I
tried them for the first time, is American Eagle mom jeans. Now, this video isn’t
sponsored by them whatsoever. Every single thing you see
in this video I paid for with my own damn money, but there have been quite
a few requests actually because I’ve tried on
American Eagle’s curvy jeans, I’ve tried on some of their shorts. I’ve tried on a lot of their clothing. I’ve done sponsored deals with them before and throughout that time a
lot of you guys have requested that I do a try-on of
American Eagle’s mom jeans and I haven’t gotten
around to it until now, so I believe I have, I
think I have eight pairs of jeans to try on. Went a little overboard. I’m obviously not gonna
be keeping all of these, but I thought for the sake
of the video I would try to gather as much as I could from each category which I will get into. Compare how they fit, see any kind of sizing inconsistencies. You know, the usual drill. A very unfancy, informal review, but like hopefully gives you a little bit of information,
do you know what I mean? So, when I was doing my research, I discovered that on
American Eagle’s website they have four different
categories of mom jean. They have the regular mom
jean, the curvy mom jean, the highest rise mom jean,
which I’m very excited about, and the relaxed mom jean. So, I tried to order at least one of those from each category. All the jeans that I try on in this video will be linked for you down below in case you wanna check out. I’m not making any money off that either, but just as a friendly
gift from me to you. So, starting right off the top here, we’re just gonna jump right into it. This is the relaxed mom jean and this pair right here
is a rigid pair of denim, so I did size up in these. For those of you that don’t know, I’m typically a US size 14. I’m pretty dead on as far as
that goes across most brands. However, I have discovered
that pretty much no matter the brand, if it’s a
rigid non-stretchy denim, I do need to size up to a 16. So, I’ll clarify as we go on, but these retail for 49.95, but I got all of these
buy one get one half off. They always have really
good sales on American Eagle if you’re ever interested. I don’t know if they’re
gonna be the exact look that I want, but I might
be pleasantly surprised. I don’t know, we’ll see. Okay, let’s try ’em on and see. Okay so, wait a minute. I love these. I was actually not sure
how I was gonna feel about the fact that they were very relaxed and I know that the more I
wear these throughout the day, the more relaxed they’re gonna become ’cause that’s just how this denim works, but I actually really like this pair a lot and also something that
I’m gonna do in this video that I haven’t done in the past is show all different angles so you can see a front/side
angle right here. Here’s the back angle
of what it looks like and I think that I tend to try and do this when I’m doing my try-on videos because it’s more flattering. Obviously I’m going to
face the camera too, but I just wanna show
you what it looks like from all angles too. I do have a pooch, as you
can see, it’s all good. A lot of us have ’em, we can move on. It’s definitely a strange
sensation having looseness along the back here ’cause
I’ve always been used to wearing skin tight jeans, but you can be much more mobile in them which is fantastic, honestly. ‘Cause, as we all know,
moving around in mom jeans is actually torture and hell on earth. It’s all fun and games until you have to tie your shoes. I’ll just leave it at that. So, I’m not really not
mad at these at all. I’m considering keeping them, but I’m also, if you
guys have been watching my more recent videos,
trying really, really hard to make sure that I’m
not gonna keep something or buy something unless
I’m absolutely in love with it, can see myself
wearing it all the time. I do think that sizing up to the 16 was a really good move for me. I still have a tiny gap in the back, but nothing like I usually do. We got a lot of thinking
to do, let’s move on. Next for the highest rise mom jean. I believe this was the only
option available for these. Although I can’t remember. I’ll leave it on the screen here. Yeah, they’re called the
highest rise mom jean. They’re a bit more stretchy, so I did order them in a size 14. Seems like they’re slightly cropped and, by the way, I do
sometimes order my jeans in a size long depending
on what look I’m wanting to accomplish with them, but I don’t really mind a cropped look. I typically, if I were to
order like my perfect jean where my jeans were hitting the ground, I would order a long, but I
don’t mind the cropped look. So, I really do like the raw
hem of these on the bottom. They do feel like a actual denim material, but you can tell that they stretch a bit, so I’m actually really
excited about these. I love American Eagle’s high-rise jeans. Their super high-rise are amazing and probably some of
the highest rise jeans I’ve ever tried on before, so highest rise, just, I want it to go up to my neck basically. That’s all I ask. Highest rise, I’ll be the judge of that. Well, these are damn near perfect. I really like these as well, so great, love that for me and my wallet. I really like the cropped
nature at the bottom. I think they’re very appropriate
for spring and summer. I like the wash of them. They are pretty high-waisted. I don’t know how much
higher waisted they are than other jeans that I’ve had. Especially the super
high-rise skinny jeans that I’ve tried on from them. But they’re high-waisted, like
my belly button is down here. Typically when I try on
high-waisted jeans at a lot of places, it’ll be like kind
of right at my belly button but these go far above it. Like, I could wear a crop top. I feel like American Eagle and Madewell do the high-rise jeans the very
best, I absolutely love it. So, here’s kind of what a
little side view looks like. Here’s the back. Typical design on the booty. I kind of wish they would change that lowkey, but you know what? That’s their signature. Really like these, not
much else to say about ’em. 10 out of 10, let’s move on. Now this next pair. You might be saying, “Carrie, you have tried
many white pairs of jeans. “You hate them all, why are
you doing this to yourself?” the answer is I don’t know. These are a curvy mom jean and I thought since it’s mom jean material that maybe the denim
would be a bit thicker and that it would be a little
more forgiving, I don’t know. There’s absolutely zero shame whatsoever in having cellulite, but
I don’t necessarily love to highlight it and be
like, “Hey, everyone.” But these don’t look
too bad, I don’t know. They do kind of seem like it’s still gonna be the same thing over and over again. It kind of is just like
normal skinny jeans material just in a mom jean cut
because these are stretchy. I forgot to mention that. So, I did order them in a size 14. I don’t know, like I
really wanna find a pair of white jeans that works because I think they’re just so fun and they’re just really stunning too, especially for this time
of year, so I don’t know. I wanna be pleasantly surprised by these. I wanna be blown away, we’re
gonna see what happens. Okay, hold up, hold up. These are probably the best white jeans I’ve ever tried on, I’m not gonna lie. They are nice and stretchy which is great. I love their stretch material. It’s still kind of
reminiscent to a mom jean. It’s not as stretchy
as their skinny jeans, but it’s definitely a lot stretchier than the other mom jeans I’ve tried on today and these are good. I mean, you can barely see
anything in the back here. I really don’t care if
you can see a little bit. I just feel like a lot of
white jeans accentuate it, but I actually kind of like these. Now maybe necessarily with this top, but with something
pastel-y, something springy. I’m kind of feeling it. I think the 14’s
definitely my perfect size in these as well. I feel like they’re going
up my butt a little bit and my camel toe, I’m not gonna lie. It’s kind of a problem you
run into with mom jeans, but here’s the side view right here. Here’s the back. I would consider them if
I had a tiny bit more room in the waist ’cause I can
sort of feel a little bit of indigestion coming on,
you know what I’m saying? So, I’m gonna take these off, but I will give props where props are due and these are probably the best white jeans I’ve ever tried on. Can’t believe I’m saying that. Next up we’ve got another curvy mom jean ’cause I wanted to give them a fair shot and not just do white and nothing else. So, this is just a kind
of like standard mid to dark wash pair of mom
jeans, these are a size 14. They’re regular high-rise. They seem really similar, actually, to the highest rise ones that I tried on. The wash is like slightly different, but this is a curvy mom jean. So, it’s like a little bit
more snatched at the waist. Little bit more room at the hips. I don’t typically have that
standard, curvy body type, but if I’m gonna review ’em, I’m gonna look at all of ’em, so keep that in mind as
I go on and put these on. All right. I’m so screwed for this video. These are really good,
like really, really good. Like if you were just looking for a standard pair of curvy mom jeans, nothing too crazy about them, nothing too fancy, just a couple
little holes in the knees, these are about as good as it gets. I will say again, similar
to the previous pair, I just think because of the curvy fit, I would prefer to have a little
bit more room in the waist. Although a lot of people
say that I shouldn’t go for a more curvy fit because
I do always get that gap in the back of my jeans, but I also have it with
these jeans as well. Totally fine, but I just wish
that these were maybe like a centimeter or two looser in the waist because I’d 100% keep them. But I don’t know, jeans do stretch out, so I’m kind of feeling like
maybe I should give them a shot because these look so good. Like, they look good with this top. I feel like they go with almost
quite literally everything. Here’s the side view of
them, here’s the back. My butt looks pretty
good, I’m not gonna lie. I really like these. There’s not much else to say than I have a lot of decisions to make. Next we are into just the
standard mom territory. So, we’ve covered relaxed
jean, highest rise, curvy and now the rest of these are just gonna be the standard mom jeans. I found this pair which
looked very interesting and intriguing to me and so
these are almost giving me vibes of myself when I was about seven years old wearing OshKosh B’gosh overalls. That’s sort of the vibe I get
from this, I’m not mad at it. They sort of have like a
paper bag type of look, in my opinion, but they’ve
got these really fun kind of like pastel stripes down them which is actually so amazing for spring. It’s very, very subtle though, so you could wear it with any color and it wouldn’t really matter. I am excited about these. I ordered these in a size 14. Upon feeling these, there’s
really not much stretch at all. I mean, maybe a tiny, tiny bit, but this is like the love
child of a very rigid jean and a stretchy jean if that makes sense. Their typical stretchy
jeans are really stretchy, so I think that’s just what
threw me off, so all right. All aboard the choo-choo train, let’s go. Okay, so this pair actually has
really, really surprised me. I’m not gonna lie, when
I was putting it on, I was like, oh, these do
not feel stretchy at all. I don’t know if they’re
gonna go over my hips, but look at this fit. Like, this is pretty good. So strange ’cause this
material is different than any of the others
that I’ve tried on so far. It’s not a denim, denim, but
it’s not stretchy either. It has a slight stretch. I feel like this needs to be the universal test for stretchiness. ’cause if it can’t go
at a 90-degree angle, it’s not stretchy to me. I guess it has a slight give, like you could get in and out of your car without it being an Olympic sport, but I’m really pleasantly
surprised by these. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna feel about this double button thing. I think in comparison
to the last two pairs to the last two pairs that I tried on, that are the curvy fit, this is definitely
better-suited for my waist size. Here’s the side view, nice,
big pockets too by the way. We love that. Here’s the back. I don’t even know what
the back looks like. I forgot to look in the mirror. These are definitely on the maybe list. I’m gonna have to really,
really think about these. Just pray for me at this point. Next we have a fun and
funky sort of 80s-inspired, maybe 90s-inspired pair of jeans that are an acid wash pair of mom jeans. They are not stretchy at all. It just says regular high-rose mom jean in the shade uber cool. Okay, so these have a fun
little detail on the front. Now, these are actually, they look like something you would see at a flea market or a thrift store that was somebody’s from ages ago, but I actually think
that, that’s kind of cool that they’ve recreated it so well. So, these have a fun little
detail on the back here. They’ve got some cool, fun pockets. I really love how American Eagle is kind of stepping
outside of their standard kind of comfort zone when it comes to jeans and clothing. I feel like they used to be
very much like Polo shirts, standard boot cut jeans. I mean this was obviously like
when I was in high school, but they’ve really branched out a lot recently, so I like that. This is like a fun, funky style. I don’t know the last time I have owned a pair of acid wash jeans,
but I’m excited to try ’em. Let’s try something different. Well, this took a turn for the worst. I guess there was bound
to be one bad pair, but these are a size
16, I sized up in these and, as you guys can
see from the other pairs that I’ve tried on, the
16s in the rigid denim were a perfect size and
these don’t even button, so that’s where I’m at. I was actually really
looking forward to these, I’m not gonna lie. Like, they had the fun little
western detailing going on. That’s where we’re at. They’re not stretchy at all, they’re not high-waisted at all. I’m so puzzled as to how these are a 16. It’s just really frustrating. I know that’s it’s like this happens in literally
every single brand, but it’s just frustrating when you try on tons and tons of pairs of jeans at a store and most of the sizes
are pretty consistent and then it’s like you
just try on a random one and it’s like so starkly different. Like, I would need to go up at least one, maybe two sizes in this and I’m a size 14 and I
would need to wear either an 18 or a 20 which is pretty crazy. So, just something to keep in mind, but let’s move on. All right, second to last. We have just a regular,
black pair of mom jeans because I have a very ripped up pair. Oh, these are very ripping up. Mine are a bit more of a faded wash and I just thought that these would be a little something
different to offer, so wow. Okay, not sure if you can see that, but these babies are shredded. The thing I worry about with that is just like these parts here, just completely ripping open because that’s what happened
to me with another pair of mom jeans that I have ’cause obviously when you sit down, there’s a lot of pressure on those areas, so it kind of just ends up ripping open and then you have just a massive hole in the front of your jeans which, if that’s what you’re
looking for, totally fine, but I just thought I would
throw a black wash in there because I wanted to show
a little bit of a variety and since they aren’t stretchy, I did size up to a 16. I’ve also just noticed
that they have little, it looks like booty rips back here or I guess on the back of the thighs. So, we’re gonna see how that goes. Let’s try it out. All right, so here’s the
deal with these jeans. If these jeans didn’t have
the rips all over them, they would literally be perfect. I’ve been looking for a
pair of black mom jeans that fit like this for so
long that aren’t too faded, that they’re gray. This fit is honestly so fantastic, but the rips just aren’t it for me. If they’re your style,
it’s totally amazing. They have the rip right here which actually isn’t at the butt. So, we’re good there. There’s rips on the back of the knee and, honestly, getting
into these jeans was like going through a maze. I kept sticking my foot somewhere and they would be poking out the back and then it would poke out the front and it was just kind of a mess. They’re cute jeans overall,
like the fit is good. It’s a standard size 16 fit for me. It’s just crazy that these
are the same category, the same exact mom jean as the last pair, the same exact size and they fit great, but those I literally
couldn’t even button. Here’s the side view of them, very cute. The back, come on now,
but they’re not perfect, so I’ve gotta just keep searching. I am, again, trying to be
much more selective this year by what I purchase, so these gotta go. Let’s move onto the last pair. And last but not least here we have just a regular old pair of mom jeans. These are kind of just ripped up. I was trying to find what you would think of when
you think of mom jeans pair and so this one just has some rips down the front of the knee which, again, will probably, if I ever
end up keeping these, turn into just a giant hole in the middle. I got these in a 16 regular. I love this wash, this
is the wash of my dreams. This also says uber cool, so I don’t know if that just means it’s like the style, but then that one was very
different, I don’t know. But I thought we’d
ended on a classic note. It’s like sort of what you think of when you think of mom jeans. It’s just that kind of light wash denim, not stretchy, a little bit of rips in ’em to give a 90s effect, so let’s see how these end
our mom jean adventure. Here we go, the final
pair, they are very tight. Very tight. I’m sure after wearing
them throughout the day they would loosen up a little bit, but I feel like I’m in a suction machine. A torture contraption, if you will. I got them on, like
they definitely are on. They’re buttoned, but, as you can see, I am
spilling out everywhere. It is very uncomfortable. I don’t know if I have the desire or determination to wear these long enough for them to stretch out. I think it’s just not my size. There are so many different measurements when it comes to a size 16 or a size 14. Like, shouldn’t it all just be the same? And then we would all just
have such easier lives. I mean that just goes to show that the number means nothing. It’s really absolutely pointless and that’s the reason why I like making my trying on different sizes videos and my inside the fitting room videos and try-ons like this. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about the feeling that it gives you. It’s about how you exude
confidence when you wear it or you get to express
yourself via your style when you do put them on. So, the fact I would
need to size up to an 18 is no big deal. It’s just wild to me that you can wear like
a 14, a 16 and maybe even an 18 in the same brand. But yet you’re like the
same size consistently. You know what I mean? Interesting, very interesting. (light music) So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already,
I would love to have you. Thank you so much to everyone who requested I did this video,
it was actually really fun. Quite an experiment. If you have any other requests as far as like different types of pants or jeans or dresses or
bathing suits or stores or brands that you want
me to try on in a video similarly formatted to this one, definitely let me know
in the comments below. I love you guys so, so much. Thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in the next one, bye. (optimistic music)

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