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HVAC Talk: Let’s Be Real- Manufacturers and brands of HVAC Equipment

HVAC Talk: Let’s Be Real- Manufacturers and brands of HVAC Equipment

Hi and welcome back to HVAC Talk: Let’s
Be Real! My name is Renee. I’m one of the owners
of LCS. And I’m John, the install supervisor. All right! So, this week we are going to touch on another
customer question. We actually had the same question twice, which makes it a
good topic for the week. So, the question is, “What is the best brand of equipment?”
Now, we’ve touched on this before, however; it goes a little bit further as far as,
“Man. I’ve read really bad reviews on this brand,
so I don’t want it.” or “I’ve read really good reviews on this brand, so
this is what I want.” So, John, we have listed many different brands of
equipment up here. Tell me a little bit about how we have them categorized. Well, right now, we’ve got them categorized by manufacturer. See Carrier, Bryant, Payne and Heil, they’re all made by Carrier. Daikin, Amana, and Goodman, probably heard of all of them, but they’re all made by the one company.
Same with Lennox, Ducane, AireFlo, Allied, Concord, all made by the same company. Every one of these you go through, you’re pretty much gonna find the same thing.
Okay. So, what we’ll get sometimes (and I’m going to use Lennox as an example, just
because we’re a Lennox dealer) so, somebody might say, “Hey! I’ve read some
great things about Lennox, but Ducane, I’ve not read some great things about
them.” Well, the thing is, is they’re all made by Lennox. Right? And so, they’re made in the same factory. A lot of the same parts are used with these different
brands. Does the same thing apply for Carrier, for example? Absolutely. Yeah. So,
you might find a great review online for Carrier, and then you’ll find a negative
review for Bryant. So, it might make you think that one is better than the other,
but they’re actually made in the same place, right? It’s like, think of this as
like an umbrella, and this is everything under that
umbrella. Now, let’s go over and I’m gonna pull up a website really quick. I’m just
gonna do a quick google search, and let’s pull up and see what we can find on
furnace brands. Okay. So, we’re back and as you can see, I’ve just done a quick
google search of best HVAC brands 2018. Well, the first box that pops up right
here is, and you can show that they show Carrier, Daiken, Amana,
Goodman, Heil, Trane and Lennox. And so, they quickly
listed…Well, hi Minnie! She wants to come check out our website… we’ve quickly listed
five different carriers that they say are the best brands/the best AC brands
for 2017 and 2018. Now, that doesn’t mean that, you know they show a Lennox XC21,
that doesn’t mean that all of Lennox’s other products are inferior, it just
means that this particular website has highlighted these brands and these
particular units. Now, you might go down here to some other sites. If we would
scroll down, there’s so many different sites that you could choose from. One of
them might say that another is superior over another one, but it’s really going
to depend on what site you’re on, who those people work for, and what their
opinions are. So, let’s go back over to John. Okay, so we’re back over here. So, you just saw, you know we can pull up a google search, you can find whatever you
want to find. If you want to read something bad about one of these
manufacturers, you can certainly find it. If you want to read something good about
one of these manufacturers, you can certainly find it, and you’ll find that
information for any of these. Would you agree? Oh yeah. Okay. So then, what are we looking for? If we agree that equipment is equipment with some different bells
and whistles and different things. They’re going to heat your home. They’re
going to cool your home. There’s lots of different efficiencies
and options, and things like this. John, what are you looking for when you’re
looking to make an investment like this? The equipment really doesn’t matter. It’s
gonna be the same no matter what, as long as it’s installed correctly. You trust the company that you work with. Are they insured? Are they bonded? Are they doing
the right thing? Have they sized your equipment correctly? Okay! Perfect! So, that’s really what you’re looking for, and ideally, this equipment’s
going to last for a while, so you want a company that you think you’re gonna feel
comfortable working with for a while. It’s no fun to have to look for somebody
new every year. Oh no. Right? Everybody’s warranties are pretty much the same. So, you want to make sure you stick with a company that you like and get along with. Absolutely! So remember, if you have
any questions about equipment, HVAC companies, they’re your professionals.
They can answer those questions for you. Help you out with what options each of
these different manufacturers have. Companies cannot be a dealer of every
manufacturer up here. So, we are primarily Lennox and Amana. You go to a different
company, they may be Carrier and Bryant. You go to a different company, they may
be Trane and American Standard. And so, that’s just the way it is. So, depending on if you’re tied to equipment, and maybe it’s because you
had a great experience. You know, maybe (again I wanna use Lennox as an example) you’ve had a Lennox. It’s been a fantastic piece of equipment. You
want to stay with it. You’ll need to use a company that’s a Lennox dealer.
Same thing with Trane, or Carrier, or Daikin, or any of those, right? Yes. Okay. So, I hope that helps answer some questions about brands of equipment, and what to
look for when you are looking to purchase new equipment. Until next time,
we’ll see you again on HVAC Talk: Let’s Be Real!

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  1. The video did not mention any brands from Johnson Controls such as York, Coleman, Luxaire, and Hitachi.

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