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HTD : An Italian Vintage Inspired Brand

HTD : An Italian Vintage Inspired Brand

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YouTube! Today we’re talking about HTD, a brand that
born from Federico Del Guerra and Federico Zulian, who met during the
their studies have found this strong passion for watches and the
racing world. The whole thing is surrounded by the fact that of
next to the laboratory, where the htd project, there was a workshop
historian of Florence, who precisely Inside, there was a great
motorcyclist of the sixties, the which passed on to the two boys a
strong passion for the world of racing and especially for the use of
chronograph. If you want to know more about founders of the brand and how
the watches were designed and created I invite you to watch the video of Matteo
Fratini, you must know him, The Watch Strategist, who did
an interview with the two founders. I really invite you to see it,
that at work very well done and according to me is a very interesting video if
you want to know more about this project.
Today I want to talk to you more in the specific to what was mine
experience, of what it is HTD, from my point of view and
what watches are. Definitely what they offer in terms of
technical is quite similar to what we have already seen on the market since
aesthetically and from the point of view of view of the feeling are really
interesting. The thing that most, according to me, it’s one of a kind is the fact that
they understood that the experience of purchase and all that’s behind it
the purchase of a timepiece is the part fundamental. In fact the price is
justified by the fact that we have a assistance and assembly made in
italy in the heart of Florence, from competent people with a lot of
experience behind it. This makes us understand why
positioning of this brand and of this price.
I met Renzo, a watchmaker. very experienced, taking part
of HTD’s project. He for mention one small step in his
great career has been assistance Zenith Italy since the late sixties
until the mid-seventies then the first El Primero, overhauled in italy,
have passed into his hands so surely you have someone with
a lot of experience behind it. The great thing is that Renzo right from the start
he quietly showed us all the his lab, all the equipment
that he uses, he explained to us in detail details how these work
equipment, it was really a very very helpful person and then
all day long we’ve been able chat, exchange views
on every kind of watch and it’s the thing more beautiful because in the end, Renzo, more than
everything is a watch enthusiast. In addition to Renzo, then, in the afternoon.
reached so many other people. It’s it was a very nice experience to be able to
chatting, talking to people with a lot of experience at
shoulders, among which I want to mention Silvano, a collector really really
exceptional, both with me and with Matteo really tell us
more in detail the history of certain calibers. Silvano is a big fan
of Longines to name one caliber that has wanted he told us about the Longines 13zn, really a spectacular caliber… then told by someone like him, it gains even more value The thing that surprised me the most, talking with Silvano, it was the fact that it was
really excited that inside these watches produced
from HTD was Seagull St1901. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a 1 a replica
1 of the famous Venus 175. Silvano was surprised that you could have
in a modern watch, with some modern features, a caliber that is
identical and equal to a Venus 175. there are states of improvement by
Seagull compared to Venus 175, as all addition of a few rubies and the improvement
from an oscillating . But in general both the venus and the Seagull
they’re a great caliber to start with, is a mechanic, column-wheel ,
robust, reliable and precise, so in this respect
in my opinion htd picked a good caliber to start with. Speaking more in the
specific to watches we have three versions of Hesegraph, which are the most Chrono
simple and then we have the jungle that is a limited edition of 333 pieces. The
dimensions and the base of the case are the same for all watches.
we have in fact a diameter of 39 mm, a 48 mm lug to lug and then the watch
dresses really well. The thing that suits me the most interested, as soon as I got here, it was
was just testing the watches, feel your wrist and see what they were wearing.
and from this point of view they are really well done.
The feeling is certainly interesting are very well made, the case is
fully polished to full of the 60’s style that they wanted
bring the htd guys back. Dimensions are contained and perfect on the wrist.
There will be many versions of the models in fact there will be the possibility of
choose from the site whether to have the plastic glass, the sapphire crystal, the case back
on sight, the steel bracelet and are all variants
that can make the buyer still happier and bring a result
even better ending, from this point by sight. As I said, they’re well-proportioned.
and it feels good on the wrist. The dials are different
We have: the pure speed, which is what it is all about. black, which is one of my favorites. Very…
very nice well finished dial, I think it’s a very good chronograph.
We have the cannoli that would be panda version that picks up very well
a little Paul Newman style, obviously it’s a little different,
Fortunately, I might add. But it is truly truly spectacular the
dial working is something Very, very, very interesting. I was impressed with the quality of this dial. Then we have the X-RA, which is in the colours of Soccer. Omega time, a very, very
particular and the basic concept then if go watch the Matteo Fratini’s interview
, it’s the breaking out thing, to have that half hour, those 45 minutes from
dedicate to ourselves and therefore it is very nice is the thought behind it
that watch. And the dial very particular in fact is one of mine
favorites. And then we find the Jungle, like I’ve already said it’s a limited edition and it’s
what most reflects the thought of tool watch then a watch a little more
sturdy, with a ring nut, a little sportier, a little bit more inspired
even in that respect. I, until now, have told you a little bit about the
my experience and what are the watches, in a very general way, in
how prototypes they are, but what is the real added value that
we bought an HTD? is the assistance they offer, is the shopping experience
that’s in every timepiece. Indeed htd has understood that it is fundamental and is a
which is missing very often, especially because of the Internet, because of the fact that
more and more you buy from the other side in the world, without really being able to sit down
or know who really thought or designed that watch. The lab,
through their website, that I invite you to visit, if you are
interested in watches or even if you are interested first and foremost in knowing
the boys, it will be open to the public, through reservations, and in
some specific days , it will be laboratory opening available
to go see and learn about, to person,
all htd personnel and see how they actually assemble their own
Watch. In my opinion, this is a value really interesting, I was
interested in HTD mainly for I knew exactly what I was getting into.
meeting from the technical point of view and aesthetic of watches, as having
a Seagull, having a steel case, they would certainly have been
interesting watches, but I was surprised when I heard they wanted
implement this experience that can really change the whole feeling of
watch on your wrist. so you have a watch on your hands,
to get to know a brand more closely, so young, with so much history at
shoulders in the heart of florence is something that
was missing in the Italian community and especially in the world.
in fact, in my opinion, htd has a potential really really really high. So much so
if they really can implement the question of visiting the laboratory
might even become a museum for an enthusiast.
any tourist who knows there is htd that opens the doors on that particular day and
he comes on holiday to Florence, maybe by signing up, booking, you can
come closer to watches, know all the staff and
is one of a kind. I wanted, at the end of the video, to make a
very special thanks to the two Federico they believed in me. for me
it was a truly fantastic, I hope I can respond to the
sooner and to become a point of reference for the Italian community
as far as HTD is concerned. As always guys, let me remind you that if this video
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can report here on the HTD channel and thank you for your vision and attention
See you next time!

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