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How to Switch Between Apple Watch Apps on watchOS 5

How to Switch Between Apple Watch Apps on watchOS 5

Hey What’s up Guys! Dhvanesh here from iGeeksBlog if you are looking for a way to jump back
and forth between the apps on your Apple Watch, keep watching this video and I will explain
two quick methods to switch between the apps. Let’s see how to use dock to Switch between
apps. the dock holds up-to 10 apps – either those
you have favorited or recently opened apps. You have to press side button just below the
Digital Crown. Now swipe down or up and tap on the app that
you want to use. You can also remove app from the dock by swiping
left and tap on the close button. Now let’s take a look at how to jump between
two recently opened apps. Launch any app then Press the Digital Crown to return to
the app screen. and launch another app Now double-press the digital crown, and you’ll
return to that first app. Well, that’s all there is to it. Like this video, if you find it helpful and
subscribe to our YouTube channel for all things Apple videos. I’m signing off and will catch you later.

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