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How to Spot a Fake Rolex GMT-Master II

How to Spot a Fake Rolex GMT-Master II

Hi my name is Zach. I am a watchmaker at
Crown and Caliber, and today we’re going to be talking about distinguishing the
difference between authentic GMT-Master II and a replica. So one of the first
things we look at of course is the aesthetics. We look at the dial and the
markers. The luminescent on the replica looks very inconsistent on each one of
the markers. It looks very poorly done. Whereas on the authentic it’s very sharp,
very crisp, very well made. And even the craftsmanship of the case you can see it
has very nice lines as far as polishing. It has a exceptionally high quality
steel whereas with the replica the steal is a lot lower quality and the lines are very
sharp cornered, not as well polished. You can almost feel the difference. Whereas
on the authentic it’s very smooth and very
well crafted. The rotating bezel operates very nice and smoothly. It’s very similar
to the replica. It’s just a little bit harder to operate. The click system is
most likely different. For both the watches, they do both have the correct
model number at 12. However the authentic Rolex no longer has the
serial number at six anymore. Whereas the replica does. That is an error on their
part because the newer Rolexes have the serial number on the inside of the watch
resting above the dial on the reflector ring. And next up, of course, you dive on
to the movement. The inside, the inner workings of the watch. This particular
movement should be a 3186 GMT. Very classic traditional Rolex
movement, and the interesting thing about this particular replica is it actually
does have a Swiss movement in it. This is an authentic Swiss movement, but so this is
not a particular movement that Rolex uses. This particular movement
should not be in this particular type of watch. And a lot of replicas this is fairly
common. They’ll actually purchase an authentic watch and essentially just try
to duplicate it as closely as possible. It’s also common that you’ll have a
watch with an authentic case, but they’ll put an unauthentic movement in it, and
vice versa. And that’s why at Crown and Caliber we take
authentication process very seriously, and we want to make sure that we’re
giving you the best quality product that we can.
And of course give you that peace of mind and that rest assurance you can
have something that will last a lifetime.

Reader Comments

  1. It would be useful if you started the comparison with a birds eye view shot and some macro shot instead of having it shown sideways and from a distance. overall ok video

  2. missing the most important point, fake watch has a different gmt hand position compare with the real one(real one:hour hand underneath the gmt hand)

  3. just uncrown the watch, move it to the first stage and check if you can change the hours with the minutes hand still moving, there is you proof.

  4. So you've just proved that a gen watch isn't worth the money. I'll take a quality Rep any day. Looks pleasing to me and a Swiss ETA movement is reliable and functional. I'll keep my thousands for more important things.

  5. I Love (Geneva Swiss Made) WATCH Mechanics However I Know I Can't Afford Rolex Yet And I Would Buy A Fake One If It Was Made As Good As The One Shown Mainly Because I Love The GMT Style Looks And Because It Does Have A (Swiss Made Movement) Whats Important Here To Me Is If It Didn't Have That Paticular Movement I Would Pass…I Would Also Say There's zero Comparison To A Real Rolex (Ofcousre)But With That Paticular (Swiss Made Movement) I Would Own It…

  6. Who cares you're a fool to waste that much on a watch rather have the fake had one for ten years still worked when I sold it all you pay for is the Branding the watch is just steel about ten dollars worth

  7. It's a useless comparison as the Replica is a low-grade Replica with a Chinese copy ETA 2836 movement (note – not Swiss movement, some watchmaker he is?) The current top of the Replica crop all have 1:1 Rolex clone movements that not only look the same but are parts exchangeable with the real thing. The case & bracelets of the top Replicas are made of 904L steel, same as Rolex uses and the case is actually sourced from the factory that supplies Rolex. What is very disturbing for Rolex is the fact that the Chinese have taken a massive slice of their market, and I am not talking millions but billions. They have proven that Rolex is a predator who sells massively overprized watches, spends billions on advertisement and promotions to keep the status quo, you don't believe for one second that the movie stars or sports stars photographed with their Rolexes have actually paid for them do you?? No they are asking YOU the dopey pretender to pay $12,000.00 for a SS watch with a $ 300 mechanical movement.

  8. Thanks for these useful videos! I'm a big Rolex fan and had some doubts about the pedigree of a recent acquisition. But I used some of your advice and was relieved to find it's genuine. Great work.

  9. Clearly the only reason fakes can be this good and cost so much less is that the 'real' ones are way, way, way over-priced!

  10. I also noticed on the fake Rolex, the laser etched logo at 6 o'clock, on the crystal was very visible in the video. I have two (newer) Rolex watches and the etched logo are invisible to the naked eye and I don't believe they were visible in any shot in the video. That was the first thing I noticed, right off the bat.

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