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How to Solve Crossword Puzzles

How to Solve Crossword Puzzles

How to Solve Crossword Puzzles. Crossword puzzles can help build your mind
and improve self-control, language skills, and confidence. You will need A crossword puzzle and a pencil. Step 1. Solve the easy clues first, starting with
number one and moving “across.” Step 2. Begin with number one in the “down” category
and answer all you can in the first pass. Step 3. Progressing from the puzzle’s top left, fill
in words that intersect with already completed answers. Words that contain a lot of vowels are used
frequently in crossword puzzles. Step 4. Take a break periodically. If you try too hard, the obvious can seem
unintelligible. When you return to the puzzle, note how quickly
some answers occur to you. Step 5. Check for anagrams in clues. Anagrams show up through descriptive terms
or names that must be rearranged to divine the intended answer. Step 6. Use words associated with the title of the
puzzle. Work with a friend – sometimes two heads
are better than one when solving a crossword puzzle. Step 7. Continue filling in answers, moving left to
right and top to bottom. Step 8. Practice crosswords to get better. The more puzzles you do, the more familiar
you’ll be with standard puzzle clues and answers. Did you know People who work on crossword
puzzles more than four times a week may be less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease.

Reader Comments

  1. Alzheimer disease is a disease in your brain. An estimated 26.6 million people worldwide had Alzheimer's in 2006; this number may quadruple by 2050.

  2. Umm…I thought this video would help me solve the crosswords in the newspaper but this video failed. Sorry Howcast but this was not helpful to me and I guess I will never do well at crosswords.

  3. thanks alot how cast! this actually help me! i used to HATE cross words now i LOVE them! igore the loser who say that this is bull shit! they can go to hell for all a care! keep up the great videos!

  4. lol well in canadas red bull commercials at the end they need to put red bull does not really give you wings

  5. @stfuih8ulol wow I'm really sorry. I don't even remember posting that (I do remember the video, so it wasn't some hacker or anything), but it was horribly insensitive. I'm sorry, I'm removing the comment so that people won't be offended in the future 🙁

  6. Hahaha, I remember back in the day, Utah was full of people who couldn't solve crossword puzzles. Then, one fateful day, the old medicine man came to town and stole all of our ink. To this day, no one can solve a crossword puzzle with anything other than a pencil because we have no ink.

  7. you can't say that,cause there are people out there who never bothered to understand how crossword puzzles work even though they know what it is. Imagine you haven't played basketball ball in 15 years, you may know what it is but after 15 years you forget how to play it and will need to review the rules again, the same thing goes with crossword puzzles.

  8. I started doing one a day earlier this year, and noticed my train of thought improve dramatically. I can now articulate my points in real time, without having to put too much time into "scripting" them. It helps during debate and argumentation.

  9. This video was kind of self-explanatory. 🙂 I think a lot of people complain on many Howcast videos how simplistic and common sense many Howcast videos are. Remember the Books for Dummies books. The Howcast videos are kind of like that book series but in video form.

    Back to the video – I have always loved working on crossword puzzles. I have some crossword puzzles books, and I have often filled out the crossword puzzles that are printed or published on newspapers and magazines. They are good exercises for the brain. I also love trivia game shows & contests. I also like solving puzzles, mysteries, and doing research. I also read more than I write or talk. So, I read many websites each day & absorb a lot of information this way each day & I kind of have a photographic memory. Once you tell me your name the first couple of times and also facts about yourself, I'll often remember that information forever. When I was young I liked playing that Memory card game. I also enjoyed doing Spelling Bees & memorizing stuff. Memorizing things is good for your brain, too. I also, most often, can detect, decode, and see right through people & get hidden messages, the first time, many times, when people write secret messages in their posts to me & others. So, I'm pretty decent in cracking & solving puzzles and codes. I also am very observant & pay very close attention to details and notice descrepancies right away when something someone says or writes doesn't match what they said previously. I'm usually a good B.S. detector. Anyways, doing crossword puzzles each week is good for your brain. Reading a lot is good for your brain. Watching many videos on various subjects on YouTube is good for your brain. Reading nd learning new stuff on Wikipedia each week is good for your brain. Taking online courses is good for your brain. I think you get the point. Crossword puzzles are good for you.

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  11. Novv at the age of 52, suffering from an occasional memory lapse. i VVould have a task in mind but then I'd totally forget vvhat i vvas planning to do. But still my accuracy rate in crossvvords (inc. the vveekend ones from NYT, Nevvsday, LAT, etc.) is around 98% and in good time (except for the Saturday Stumpers). It's sort of like a VVallenda Brother vvho says he's afraid of heights but vvalks tightrope anyvvay.

  12. Seems pretty straight forward.. We were struggling with the crosswords you find in newspapers to start with. We found that a good way to start is to create crosswords for each other, For example we created them with which means that we would receive crosswords from each other in the mail. and The clues were created by us "What is my favourite band?","favourite colour?" this kind of thing. Also, it was kind of exciting to get it in the mail.

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