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How to show multiple clocks on multiple desktops in Windows 10

How to show multiple clocks on multiple desktops in Windows 10

Hey guys, Eddie the Magic Monk here.
Today I want to share with you how to get multiple desktop clocks so that you
can drag them to different desktops so if you like me you probably have a few
monitors and what I found was that the clock this bottom right hand corner
clock that shows up on your taskbar only shows up on one of the desktops which is
a little bit annoying because sometimes if I’m playing a game on one monitor I
might need to see the clock on another monitor so to get these clocks what you
need to do is you need to download a tool called rainmeter
so if you just google rainmeter you will probably find it it says rainmeter
desktop customization tool so if you click on that and if you just click on
download and click on the final release download so don’t download the Beta
because um you might crash your system or something so just do the final
release download it and once you have downloaded it install it and then you
should see this icon pop up on the bottom right hand corner of your desktop
so um it will have this picture here in a form of the raindrop so if you
right-click on that okay you can go into layouts or skins and it shows you what
skins you have and if you go to an illustro clock you can enable your clock okay
and once you enable it you should be able to see it on your desktop so
you’ll be able to see the clock that you can drag around and you can drag this to
another desktop if you want so you might say well how do you get all these other
fancy clocks so the way you would do that is you need to search for some
custom skins for your rainmeter so if you go back to Internet Explorer or
Chrome and this time you can just google you can just google rainmeter skins ok
and click on the first link that comes up that links you to DevianArt so
click on that and then you will see that there are skins for all sorts of
purposes and if you click on time and dates right these are all the different
clocks that you can get so let’s say I want this clock you can click on that
and then if you click download ok it starts downloading the clock so if you
want to install this clock just click on it and open it oops um somehow my
rainmeter is too old for that so let’s say I want
this clock download run oops what’s going on what’s my rainmeter version okay I’ve decided to get this clock but
um if you have downloaded the latest version of rainmeter the same problem
shouldn’t occur but let’s say I install this clock and once you have installed
it if you don’t see it on your desktop straight away right click on rainmeter
and go into skins and find the clock that you’ve just downloaded which i
think is called Eridian and just click on clock and you can see it on your
screen ok on your desktop and you can drag this to other desktops if you want
ok thanks for watching guys see you next time.

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  1. you don't crash your sistem if you download beta release, haha. plus latest version of windows 10 solved that problem and now you have clock on each monitor, but anyway thanks for tutorial.

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  3. hay otras opciones similares para windows 10

  4. mmmmm….. dude i recommend you to put link in the description why I'm i saying that to you you have 24k subs

  5. Is there a way to set each clock for a different time zone? I use 4 clocks: EST, Central, Mountain, and Pacific for my work.

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