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How To Shave With a Straight Razor-Is it Shave Ready? ASMR Shaving Sounds.

How To Shave With a Straight Razor-Is it Shave Ready? ASMR Shaving Sounds.

Greetings! I’m Geofatboy I make shaving
videos and self shaving supplies. Visit for all your shaving
needs. Have a Great Shave, Have a Great Day! Greetings Gents!
I’m Geofatboy for Today let’s mix it up a little bit let’s do
something different, we’ll have a little bit of fun. I am going to open this razor
up it’s a Böker Shave Nation straight razor
in the sealed package this is how it comes when you order one, this is exactly
how it comes in the mail or by UPS or whatever. Anyway this is what it looks
like. What I’m going to do today I’m going to break the seal I’m going to
shave with this right out of the box and we’ll see how it works because people
are always calling and asking or emailing and saying Do your razors come
shave ready from the factory and what I say is the Dovo rep and the Böker rep
they tell us that these razors are shave ready from the factory. Nothing else
needs to be done to them so I want to prove that out today and see how it
works. What I will use is something new this just arrived.
Simpsons Alexander Simpson this is new the shaving cream this is the sandalwood
scent and then I will finish it up with the same Alexander Simpson
sandalwood post shave balm, and of course I will use staying along the Simpson’s
category and the brush I’ll use is a Chubby 2 which I’ve had this brush for
quite a while. One of my favorite brushes. We’ll put this to the test and I’ll use
the Shave Nation since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day I’ll use this red Shave
Nation shaving bowl and we’ll mix up a lather. I’ll warm up my face and let’s
get to work! Let’s unscrew the cap on The Simpsons Hmmm smells good!
Not too strong, say comparing it to Taylor of Old Bond Street TOBS not as strong definitely. It does say ultra glide shave cream a rich sandalwood accord
with supporting notes of geranium, patchouli, musk and tonka bean.
So that sounds like fun. I’m gonna scoop a little bit out with my spoon right here. I’m
gonna load that right down into the bottom of the bowl in the lather spot,
down at the bottom like so just like that. Let’s soak a brush in some hot
water I’ll just drop it in there here’s what
it looks like when it’s dry, and here’s what it looks like when it’s wet.
Simpson brushes, the knots are really tight, thick, dense, very even across
really great for retaining moisture as you can see. It’s a badger brush
Silvertip badger. Alright so I’m going to pour this out, shake out just a little
bit of the water will go right into the bowl and see what happens. Didn’t take long already up and around
the sides. Let’s drive that right down to the bottom. Very nice! In just a few short seconds
we’ve got a nice lather. Check it out, very nice. It smells good just a mild
scent on this sandalwood. Boy it sure lathers up nice though. Wow!
look at that. Crazy check it out look at that lots of lather. Okay let’s
set that down. I’m gonna warm up my face real quick we’ll get right to the shave. As
you can see I’ve got quite a substantial beard growth, several days here so I can
really put this razor to the test and see what it will do, right out of the box.
No question about the lather we’ve got enough of it that’s for sure! We’ll see how it applies very nice coverage goes on very easily nice and thick. Drive that lather right into the beard as
I said I have pretty decent beard growth. So I want to make sure the lather gets
in between all those whiskers, saturate, condition, soften, get them ready for
the shave to come. The figure 8 method-infinity maneuver
spread everything out very nice. Excellent let’s Clear the Runways! So we
can see those sideburns. Let’s break the seal on this razor. I like the fact that
they come sealed, I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so I feel like a straight razor is a very personal item like a toothbrush and no one should be using it
or opening it before you do. As a matter of fact I believe on the Dovo I’m
not sure about the Böker I think the warranty might be void if
someone opens it and does anything to it before you receive it. Tough to
open this the first time, it’s quite sealed up, nice and tight. All right here
we go. Put this back down, put this away. Here’s the razor and even this is sealed.
OK it says it’s got some German writing on it.
I don’t sprechen sie Deutsch but it does say it looks like it says quality
control and I can’t I can’t make out the rest of it but that’s what it says.
Quality control so you can see that it is sealed here. I’m gonna break this part
open. All right there we go, I’ve broken the seal two seals one on the outside
and one the inside. Here’s the razor there’s the Böker Tree emblem and
there’s the Shave Nation is it on there? Yep! There’s the Shave Nation logo on
there’s a look at that. We worked with Böker to get these razors made. 5/8
round point, carbon steel, easy to sharpen and the perfect size for
navigating around your face. Not too small, not too large. 5/8 is the width of
the blade from the top to the bottom right here, and here you can see the
Böker logo as well right next to the Shave Nation. Alright so here we go. I’m gonna just start right at the right sideburn I’m going to cut that side
and we’re going to work our way down. One finger in front and three in the back
just so I can see my sideburn a little better, and just cut that sideburn right
there stretch the skin a little bit and work the way down. You can hear the
feedback from the razor as well. Like I said heavy beard growth, lots of stubble
right there, see that? Let’s rinse that off now switch to two fingers and we’ll
work our way right down the front here down the neck line excellent nice and smooth just one pass
so far, more stubble. Now I’ll switch to the left hand for the left side again
just one finger in the front till I cut that sideburn so I can see it easily and
then I can switch to two. Stretch the skin a little bit. Very nice, more stubble now
the chin down the neck. I’m stretching my neck just by doing
this Okay very good Now the mustache area, we’ll scoop right under the nose here very good, now the left side. You can just inflate the cheek a little
bit if you need, like I need to puff out this area so I can get it well. There you
go. That helps. The flatter the surface the
easier the straight razor will work. let’s re-lather for the second pass. Plenty of lather left Very nice. Clear the Runways! And dry
those fingers. Okay now we’ll go across the grain for
the second pass. Again I’ll puff out the cheek a bit very good. Now the left side. Since I have this cleft and a curve I
can’t really go across that area so I have to go on an angle a little bit and then dig out the cleft. Let’s get the moustache. Now on the neck I’ll go against the grain.
Let me just lather this up a bit. Here I’ll hold it like a Japanese-style razor and
we’ll just go right against the grain. Right hand left side, and then left hand
on the right side. Lets lather up those cheeks.
We’ll go against the grain on those cheeks and get them super smooth. Same
way, right hand left side, against the grain, I’ll stretch a little bit. Ahhh! That’s what gives you that
really super smooth finish right there. Left hand right side. Excellent! Now a final rinse with hot and then cold water. Let’s try the Shave Nation
Wide Stick Alum Block. Put this under the cold water, then just glide that
about. Seal off any little nicks, tighten the skin. Fantastic finish to the shave
right here. Just let that soak in 30 seconds or
so and we’ll will rinse that off. Let’s pat the face dry. All right so
check it out nice and smooth, three passes and you can see look it check it
out I’ve got a few little razor little bumps here, they look like little ingrown
hairs, and that’s pretty standard when you let your beard grow for a few days
those hairs are going to curl under and grow back in. But we’re able to navigate
over them with the straight razor and didn’t get any cuts or anything as you
can see. I’ve got one two three like four little bumps look like a little ingrowns
and most likely within a day or so they’ll disappear. They’ll just go away.
All right let’s apply this Alexander Simpson sandalwood post shave balm. Flip the cap. There’s a look at it. Mmm that smells great! Very very fresh.
Fresh scent, kind of reminds me of the barbershop. Something about it. It’s a
nice cream, good lubricating factor to it. Give you some protection during the day.
good stuff! Smells great it is really a clean fresh
scent. This new Alexander Simpson shaving cream the Sandalwood performed quite
well, as did the Sandalwood Post Shave Balm. Excellent – thumbs up for both of these.
Nice sandalwood scent not as strong as a Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood but
still very pleasant and you can see that the cushion was there it was right on
the dot went on very easily and provided a really nice shave these also it comes
in Bay Rum and Lime as well. So if you want to pick those up just click under
where it says Show More you can grab it there any of these other items- the brush,
the cream, the bowl, straight razor, any of that click down below where it says Show
More and you can grab it there. Okay here’s a final look at the razor the
Böker logo the tree right on the handle Shave Nation on the blade. Five eight
round point, excellent razor if you’re a beginner just starting out, that’s why we
had these razors made so you can use this and become accustomed to it, and
then later on you want to spend some more money and get yourself something
with a real fancy handle, you can go ahead and do that. But this will shave
right out of the box and most likely your beard’s not going to be as heavy as
mine was, I had three or four days worth of growth, but if you shave every day,
every other day, the straight razor as you can see will take it off no problem.
Before safety razors and then cartridge razors came around, this is how everybody
shaved with a straight razor like this! So it will give you a close shave
whether you have one day’s worth of growth, two days, three days, a month
whatever. If you’ve been growing your beard for a year, this will take it off
no problem. It just cuts it off right at the surface of the skin, very sharp does
a great job, and as you can see it kind of just rolled over my bumps here so if
you’re gentle with it and you get the proper angle you can go right over the
bumps you won’t cut yourself. Alright I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you very much for watching. Visit for all
your shaving supplies. I’m Geofatboy, Have a Great Shave, Have a Great Day! Please comment and subscribe!

Reader Comments

  1. The razor is definitely well-packaged. Very good feedback, even on subsequent passes. The lather looked a bit dry. Is that how you like it or is it just the camera lighting that gives that impression?

  2. Dear Geo, which is the best razor and blades for daily shaving for a skin that gets irritated as soon as a blade touches it?

  3. How many shaves do you think you've done on camera? Must be totting them up 😃 I must have watched you shave more than I've watched myself.

  4. Thanks for sharing the video, Geo.
    Shaving with a straight is definitely nostalgic and very efficient.
    I recently picked up an antique German made razor at an estate sale. The branding is F.v. Beckher – Solingen.
    The blade is in good condition, but it needs to be honed. Does Shave Nation offer a straight razor honing/reconditioning service?
    Thanks again.

  5. i can see the blade stalling/ jumping. i would have at the very least stropped the blade because the edge has surely curled since it was sharpened. a blade edge will curl in just a few days if not hours. I've owned a few new Bokers and Dovos i had to set the blade angle and hone prior to use every time. you're a brave man Geo. i feel a blade stall like that and she goes to the stones post haste.

  6. Before safety razors and cartridges most men had beards – long before the hipsters we know and love today, because getting a cut was not a trivial matter in an age before antibiotics.


  7. Good vid. I like the color of that bowl. 😁 Did you see Nick Shaves tagged you in a video? 😎👍🏼💈👌🏼

  8. Hi Geo- Great straight razor shave; thank you! Very nicely done! A small request, please, in your next straight razor shave video, could you show us how to set the correct angle of the blade to our face with the razor? Understandably, it looks different from the 30 degrees or so that we use when DE shaving. Many thanks, as always, Geo, and have a great President’s Weekend! 🇺🇸Best regards!

  9. I think you can donate your beard hair for barb wire 🙂 it looked and sounded like you we’re not having any slickness at all. But you did’t cut yourself so looks are deceiving. Always nice to learn a few new things :’

  10. I have a question. With care and maintenance, how much life can you get out one of these (dovo, or Boker) if it's stropped and sharpened by a professional?

  11. According to a the Simpson's brush directions, the company advises that you do straight up & down motions when applying lather to the face, like painting with a paint brush, not a figure of 8 like you do. Just saying. Great shave!

  12. EXCELLENT!!! A treasure worth of information, even in the moments of silence other than audible feedback. The facial imperfections/bumps explanation really helped me understand what GEO is demonstrating with angle and pressure. Thanks again Geo.

  13. Thankyou for alls yours videos Geo! Quick question, i think i saw in 1 of your video that after putting water on the soap and drain it,we could rub fingers on the soap and after rub on the face as a substitute for shaving oil. Is that correct? I just cant find the said video about that.

  14. Wow. I've been watching your videos for years, and I've never seen any marks, redness, rashes, ingrown hairs, or any other kind of shaving imperfections. I had serious skin envy watching your vids. You're human after all Geo.

    Love your work matey.

  15. I’d like to see you hone that same razor , and shave with the same amount of beard growth. It seems to me there would be a big difference in shave comfort.

  16. It’s aleays a question of what you regard as shave ready, I received my Böker Waldorf direct from Bôker, and I could shave with it, but nearly as ready as my usual, and I’m not using jnats, just a coticule or and Arkansas and crome oxid (not diamond spray) but after first pass, I desided to give it couple of strokes on the crome oxid and leather strop, and now it was ready

  17. I work with this stooge who constantly prattles on about beard videos he watches on YouTube. I tell him to ditch that sorry, frazzled mess on his face and get himself a razor. Watch a few of these videos. They are simply relaxing, works of art.

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