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How To: Setting the Clock (Touchpad) — Mercedes-Benz Owners’ Support

How To: Setting the Clock (Touchpad) — Mercedes-Benz Owners’ Support

Hi, I’m Jim, for Mercedes-Benz. I’m going
to show you how to set the clock in your vehicle. This video is for models that feature a touchpad
central controller. If you have a different model, please see the other videos.
COMAND can set the precise local time automatically via the vehicle’s GPS system. This function is set when the vehicle leaves
the factory… but if for some reason, you’d like to set the time manually, you can turn
this feature off. I’ll show you this in a moment. To change any time settings, press the Vehicle
button on the console… or select Vehicle from the top menu on-screen. Then select Time
from the lower menu. To change your current time zone, select Time…
and then Time Zone. A list of locations appears, with a dot next
to the present setting. Turn the rotary selector to your desired location, and press to select.
The Daylight Saving Time feature can also be turned on or off… within the automatic
mode. From the Time menu, select Daylight Saving
Time. Then select from the three options: • Automatic changeover.
• On, which moves the clock ahead one hour. • Or Off, which shows the standard time.
To manually set the time, select Time from the lower menu, then Automatic Time Settings.
Click the checkmark off to turn the feature off. Now, select Set Time Manually, and an analog
clock appears on the screen, with a digital readout above it. Turn the rotary selector
to set the hour… then slide it right to change the minutes. When you’re done, press down… and the
clock is set. If you prefer a 24-hour readout for the digital
clock, select Format. Now you can select formats for the time and
date. Press the controller to save your selection.
For more information… please see your COMAND Operator’s Manual. Remember, there’s also an on-screen Digital
Operator’s Manual in your COMAND system. If you have further questions, your Mercedes-Benz
dealer will be happy to help. Thanks for watching.

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