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How to set the clock on a lamona oven

How to set the clock on a lamona oven

Hello, so the clocks have gone back. And, like me, you’re probably wondering how
to change your clock on your Lamona oven. I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet (yeah
you can, can you hold the camera there?) What you do is hold down these two buttons
here, and then (can I do it?!) In a minute. And then you press the minus and take it all
the way back an hour. And in the next video, I’ll show you how to
reset the clocks on your kids. Oh, you don’t want that. So now it should work. Hang on. Oh. I don’t know how you turn off that one. Anyway, so you hold down those two. And then. Hold down those two, and then you can take
it back. Or forward. So there you go, enjoy!

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for that – been looking everywhere as to how to set the time on this oven. Good to see you're always pressing the damned AUTO button on the cooker as well!

  2. Awesome video, have the pleasure of watching it every time the clocks change or the mains power is turned off. Thanks!

  3. Thanks a lot man. I didn't have to hold down the first 2 buttons though, just had to press them together once and release, then plus or minus to adjust the time. Then the hand(manual) to get it back to normal display mode. Cheers.

  4. Thank you! On your oven you can set timed cooking (e.g turn off after 1 hr). Is there a way to set delayed start (e.g turn on after 1 hr)?

  5. Brilliant, have been pi$$ing about on and off for a year to change the time. On my model just have to press the two buttons and then straight away go back or forward in time with up and down arrows (aspreviously noted on one comment thanks also

  6. Thanks so much. Moved into this house in summer and when the clocks changed tried pressing everything and couldn't work it out… thanks for bothering to do this and put it on youtube, my clock now tells the right time! 🙂

  7. Genius.  Moved in to this house April 2013 – just set clock for first time!!!  Send us your bank details and I'll reward ya!!!  Thanks a lot.

  8. I bought a Lamona oven in September 2015 and I only have to press the two left hand buttons, release and then set the time with u+ and – button. I don't have to hold them down.

  9. Thank you – thought I'd tried every combination of buttons, but obviously  hadn't 🙂  You saved my sanity!

  10. Oh THANK YOU! This was driving me mad!! Yeah on my one you just have to press the two buttons once and then adjust the time, no need to hold them down. But still…i was not ever going to just figure it out! So thanks again!

  11. You are a hero. Picture the scene : Sunday morning breakfast our delightful self-catering cottage. The cooker's been off for a power cut or turned off at the wall, and you actually can't use the oven or grill until you set the clock. This official manual…..

    …. mentions pressing different buttons which don't work. The buttons in your video do work and were a breakfast-saver this morning. Thank you.

  12. You little beauty! Thanks for thinking of others and helping us out! Was driving me mad and the thought of waiting til march for the time to be right again was doing my head in 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  13. you can hold down those two buttons on the left, and then for the next couple of seconds it is in "clock adjust" mode. this way you don't have to hold down the other 2 buttons the whole time.

  14. This video remains a life saver. We,be just had a power cut and I still have no idea how to set my oven clock without this video. Thank you!

  15. Great thanks but on mine it didn't work by holding them down but worked by just pressing the 2 together the the clock symbol shows up

  16. Thanks sooo much. Staying in a short let apt with a lamona oven, and absolutely could not figure out how to make the thing work! This made my day.

  17. Thank you thank you for saving Christmas dinner! Staying at a cottage with one of these ovens and kids eager to bake cookies (not to mention the roast) and had been flummoxed for ages.

  18. You saved my bloody life. It wasn't exactly like yours, because it's a slightly different model, but I managed to use what you showed here to make it work haha. Cheers mate!

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