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How to set and manage alarms on your iPhone — Apple Support

How to set and manage alarms on your iPhone — Apple Support

♪ Music playing ♪ Voiceover: Need to set an alarm?
Let’s get started. To quickly set an alarm,
just say, “Hey Siri, set an alarm
for 7:00 a.m.” Siri: OK. I set an alarm
for 7:00 a.m. Voiceover: If you’d like to
manage or customize an alarm, tap Clock, then tap Alarm in the lower left corner
of your screen. Tap add in the upper-right
corner of your screen, and choose the time you want
to set the alarm for. ♪ You can also customize an alarm
by making it repeat, giving it a name,
choosing a unique sound, or enabling Snooze. To set a recurring alarm,
tap Repeat and select the days you would
like your alarm to go off for. Tap Back
in the upper-left corner to customize other settings. Tap Label to give your alarm
a name. ♪ Tap Sound to pick
which sound plays when the alarm goes off. You can use a song
from your Apple Music Library or select a ringtone. [RIPPLES RINGTONE] Your alarm volume will mirror
your ringer volume, so make sure it’s turned up. If your iPhone is switched
to silent or Do Not Disturb
is turned on, the alarm sound
will still go off. Now return
to the previous screen and select if you want
to be able to snooze your alarm. We’re going to keep it on. Then tap Save and
you’ll see your new alarm. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click a video
to keep watching. ♪

Reader Comments

  1. Huge problem:
    iOS‘s alarms will stop making noise after 15 minutes, remaining at the alarm screen with „Stop“ and „Snooze“ buttons, yet not playing any sound anymore.
    Apple, fix that!
    I was late a few times because of that – I have a deep sleep!
    I am using Alarmy in the mean time which works perfectly and keeps making noise until I am actually awake.

  2. Would be nice if you could select a playlist not just one song

    Also be able to set HomeKit scene or lights so when the alarm sounds it also turns on lights

  3. Thank you so much for this, I never knew how to Repeat only for the days I needed the alarms for, this is great!

  4. Hi, how do I change the Bedtime alarm ringtone to any of my Apple Musing song? Common alarm ringtone has the Apple Music choice, Bedtime alarm does not. 🙁

  5. Apple I am righting this coment to tell you appoint my iPhone 5c I am 12 and I thing you should give the iPhone 5c one more chance with iOS 11 please it is not fair please apple I hope you read comment or love comment if you read or like it your fan

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