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How to Set An Alarm on an iPad

How to Set An Alarm on an iPad

In this video tutorial, I’m going to show
you how to use your iPad to set an alarm to remind you to take your medications, to get
up or to just to go do something fun. So from the home screen you are going to tap on the
clock icon. It opens up and I can see that I don’t have any alarms set right now. At
the bottom of the screen I see an icon that is red for the alarm. Go ahead and tap on
it once. It will open up the screen and allow you to set the time for your first alarm.
Lets say you want to set an alarm to get up at 10:20. So you just find 10:20 on the dial.
Make sure to change the time from PM to AM and then click on “Repeat”. You can choose the days of the week that you’d like the alarm set for. If you want it to go off every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example. And then decide if you want to be able to snooze. If you hit snooze, it will go off every 10 minutes until you turn the alarm off. You can label
(name) your alarms. So for example we could say as a reminder to go to Yoga on time we
can put the name of the alarm in. One of the last things that you can change is the sound.
Rather than choosing the radar sound, you can customize it. So if you tap on the word
radar, you can change that sound to a different sound. Again, save and you will now be able
to see your new alarm on your calendar to remind you what you need to do.

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