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  1. Who can't figure on how to make this work, read this:

    Download (click) the 1st link from the description for the .json file.
    Click the 2nd link from this video's description and download only the Client file from that website (gamepedia etc).
    Then place the .json file 1st on your 1.13 folder on %appdata% you made, then RENAME the "CLIENT" file you downloaded from the 2nd link to "1.13" without .jar behind. Just rename the Client file to 1.13 without .jar after that, that's it.

    LIKE THIS COMMENT IF IT WORKS so other people can see it and get help.

  2. Mine Says
    Getting syncinfo for selected version
    Queueing library & version downloads
    An update to your launcher is available and is required to play 1.13. Please restart your launcher.
    what should I do?????? =(

  3. Wait can i do this and play this even in offline mode(means that it has no wifi connection) even i downloaded the 2 files

  4. Man, you are the best…
    And I like the way you type everything on Notepad just try increasing your typing speed..

    And yes, please tell how to download every other new update that comes up..

    Thanking You,
    A Minecraft Player…

  5. Bro thanks this helped me a lot your great. And a great co-incidince a vidio that helped me a lot in my life is published on my own birthday. THANK YOU

  6. It won't work! 🙁 I followed the steps carefully , every time I launched it, it always crashes. pls help

  7. it worked dude at first i messed up a bit and it didn't work and i got angry but then i decided to check again after a bit of looking around i found the right version at i worked. thanks a lot you got a new sub

  8. When I press 'Play', it would download but it wouldn't actually launch Minecraft. When looking into the development console, there was a line of code at the end:
    [08:40:11 SEVERE]: Gave up trying to download for job 'Version & Libraries'
    [08:40:11 SEVERE]: Job 'Version & Libraries' finished with 1 failure(s)! (took 0:00:07.281)

    What do I do to get this fixed?

  9. Thanks, it worked. Can you do a video how to create your own multiplayer server so friends can join?

  10. Omg it works! But does it work for 1.14.4?
    Because my friends play in a server where you need 1.14.4 version but I can't get in the server…

  11. Hello! Ik this video is from 2018, but, now I have a problem with 1.15 and 1.15.1, the versions doesn't charge. Can u pls help me with that? Thx.

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