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How to navigate your iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR — Apple Support

How to navigate your iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR — Apple Support

Voiceover: With iPhone X and later you’ll use gestures
to navigate, multitask, and access all of your favorite
features and apps. Let’s explore. To turn on your iPhone,
press and hold the side button. Then swipe up from the bottom
to unlock your screen, and authenticate with Face ID
or your passcode. To start, let’s take a look at
how to move between apps. To see all of the apps you have
open in the background, swipe up from the bottom edge
of the screen and pause. You can tap on any app
to open it. From time to time, you might need
to force close an app. To do this,
just swipe up on any open app. When you’re done,
swipe up from the bottom edge to get back to the Home screen. This gesture will bring you back
home at any time from any app. If you have multiple
Home screens, swiping up from the bottom
will bring you back to your main Home screen. You can also quickly cycle
through apps. Swipe along the bottom edge
of the screen to open your most recent app, and keep swiping to switch
to another. You can do this
from the Home screen or while using any app. To go to Control Center, swipe down from the top right
of your screen. From here,
you can quickly adjust settings and other handy iPhone features. Swipe up to go Home. To see your notifications, swipe down from the top
of your screen. Here, you’ll find
any recent notifications you may have missed, including notifications set
to be delivered quietly. Then swipe up from the bottom
to go home again. To search for something, swipe down from the middle
of the screen to bring up Spotlight,
like this. And swipe up to go home. Next up, Siri. To use Siri, just say,
“Hey Siri,” and make your request. Like, “Hey Siri,
text Brandon, “Can’t wait for you to visit
this weekend.”” Siri: Ready to send it?
[SIRI TONE] OK, it’s sent. Voiceover: You can also use Siri by pressing and holding
the side button. Open the Weather app. To take a screenshot, press the side button
on the right and the volume up button
on the left at the same time. Your screenshot will appear in the lower-left corner
of your device. You can press and hold
the screenshot to share it, tap it to add drawings,
and text with markup. Or swipe left on the screenshot
to dismiss it and find it
in your photos later. To buy something in a store
using Apple Pay, double-click
on the side button, glance at your iPhone
to authenticate with Face ID, then hold the top of your iPhone
near the payment reader. To put your iPhone to sleep,
press the side button. To wake it back up, just tap the screen
or raise your device. Then use Face ID to unlock it. Your iPhone can also
quickly call emergency services, like 911,
should you need them. To do this, continue to press and hold
the side button and one of the volume buttons. But before you test
this feature out, be careful. If you keep holding down
the buttons, your iPhone will play
a loud alert sound and will automatically
start an SOS call to your local
emergency services. You can tap Cancel to dismiss. If you ever need
to force restart your iPhone, press and quickly release
the volume up button, press and quickly release
the volume down button, and then press and hold
the side button until you see the Apple logo. To turn your iPhone off, just press and hold
the side button and either of the volume buttons
until the slider appears. Then slide to power off. And now you’re a pro
at navigating your iPhone. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click a video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪

Reader Comments

  1. It seems lame that somebody might me watching this, but I have never had an iPhone I always go for android so nkw that I do I wanna learn how to use it right😂

  2. Is there anyway to go back while your in an application ex if I’m in messages and get a new message is there any trick that allow me to exit the message I’m in and go to the next message

  3. I am moving from android to iPhone and I know how to navigate everything it’s just I like watching these videos just Incase I miss anything

  4. LOL….annnnnd why are they doing this?. I got my 8Plus unlocked (it's law in Canada) and bought a Sim card that was useable in Fiji…..sign up for a 2nd plan??….I may be good looking but I am not stupid…look forward to 2020 when Apple will announce they no longer support 8 Plus and lower….Gonna get me a 1998 Nokia flip phone and be hella cool 🙂

  5. I talked to a REP @ AT&T and this guy told me that my new iPhone XS MAX is not 5G even though AT&T shows it on the iPhone he said when 5G rolls out you will have to BUY a NEW iPhone that is 5G ready. None of apples iPhones as of today are able to work on a 5G network. This is the reason why APPLE & AT&T are giving away a FREE iPhone XR with the purchase of a iPhone XS or XS Max with a new activation. APPLE is way to GREEDY as AT&T to ever give away a FREE iPhone. That is when I realized we have been taken those of us that fell for this free iPhone XR bull crap.

  6. 3:47 You can turn off the sound and also add in a feature that pressing the side button 5 times will also start an SOS call.

  7. How to create full screen contact pics for incoming calls in Iphone XR ? Have tried many times was unable to do .Team seeking for a urgent help.

  8. I have an iPhone 6 with typical Apple deficiencies. How do I store my videos in the default videos folder by creating subfolders and storing them for example like this: Videos/Music Videos | Videos/Movies/Action | Videos/Movies/Sci-Fi | Videos/Tutorials/Blender Videos/VFX ? I can bet a million cents I'd first need to buy an Android phone to accomplish that without getting a good headache!? Also the TV app seems to sometimes see the other Movies perhaps subfolder, sometimes when I sync with iTunes all that stuff just dissappers and I have to resend it and am now not so keen on synching anything. I can hardly even see my photos using the iTunes app, iMazing is slightly better (but of course not a Apple product), I also tried installing the emulator PPSSPP but every now and then, the profile in Settings is trusted, but the app is not verified. What is it with Apple and other people's apps not being even able to sideload using the large music player iTunes. Frankly iTunes is a source of major pain and heartache for me because even drag and drop direct to the phone storage does not work, file managers cannot access the all so mighty protected folders that I actually need to manage, since the useless device was not only costly but is also mine. I was hoping to look into developing apps for Apple store, but seriously these limitations and protections are overkill, not to mention the percentages Apple charges developers who sell their apps in their store. Please, go and purchase the new Android phone called the Asus ROG II, learn from that as much as you can and next time when you launch another line of phones, remember who pays for the crap at the end of the day.

  9. Not done yet. I tried sending something via Bluetooth from many Android phones and also my PC's Bluetooth adapter, but to date, nothing works. It seems Apple devices only talk to other Apple devices, unless you slice in the awkward iTunes. Why does the Bluetooth not work with other Bluetooth enabled devices? Maybe Apple has their own Bluetooth protocols apart from the ISO standards, so this functionality is another feature bewitched by restrictive and selfish design principles. The internet of things does not mean the internet of Apples only, how about the Oranges and Bananas? Aren't they part of some of your customer's gadgets? So why make features so protective and inaccessible. I honestly miss my Windows Phone 1020 for most of these basic reasons. Great hardware, absolutely nonsense software. I am now waiting till I get my money right so I can zoom past the barrage of these devices and invest in something actually made for people, not Apples.

  10. اخواني الكرام السلام عليكم اني ربحت هاذا الجهاز دزولي رساله ربحت تليفون هديه والله فرحت ودزيت رسائل الكود وقالولي الف مبروك الهديه لقد فزت معانه وقالولي أعطني سكنك ورقم الجوال والبريد الإلكتروني صار ٣ أيام ومفيش اي شي ارجو من يقره تعليقي افهمني لان والله والله والله شاهد عليه اني معوق ويتيم الاب وحالتي ضعيفة 😭😭وماده ماملكه وحالتي تعبانه والكم الاجر والثواب عند الله سبحانه وتعالى ورسواله اجره عظيم لأنك ساعدت شخص محتاج وفقير ومعوق 😭😭ويتيم ارجو الرد بدون زحمه وربي ايوفقك

  11. I have the iPhone XR now! 😀 But In black…we brought it yesterday (me and my family) my parents had the iPhone 11 and my sis has the iPhone XR!

  12. I have an iPhone se, but I might be getting a iPhone XS. So it’s going to be difficult at first without having the home button

  13. Really helped to navigate on my XR. My instruction were in french, German and Dutch because my phone came from Hungary (Hungarians hate English so that’s why) and I couldn’t read the instructions from the box.

  14. Why dont you turn on the battery% on the taskbar @ the top of the screen? Dont you think its pretty annoying to open controll center all the time to check battery %

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