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Hey there GRRR travelers, welcome back! I am in Kolkata, India. One thing I find as a travel blogger is that
I’m really attached to my internet. I’m always on social media and because I need to upload things, and I’m scheduled
to upload them, I kind of need internet badly. So when I arrived into Kolkata and realized that my hotel didn’t have internet anywhere in the vicinity and there were no internet cafes that I could
run to, it was like this whole first world problem. But I recently got an Indian SIM card. This means that I can finally use the internet. But even though I’ve got an Indian Sim and
a data plan, my whole conundrum was how to get it on my
laptop and what if all the other hotels and guesthouses
that I go to don’t have wifi either. And I freaked out for a moment. So today I thought I’d go ahead and talk to
you about cellphone hotspots aka mobile internet and USB internet sticks. I have an iPhone 5 C. The great thing about my iPhone is that it
allows me to use my phone as a hotspot. There are many smartphones out there that
kind of allow that capability. You’ll have to check with your settings but
my settings, This is my mobile hotspot if I want to turn
it on. WiFi and bluetooth are off. I need to turn
them on. So I turn them on. Now my mobile hotspot is activated. and if I want to go ahead and hook in my laptop
then I will have to use this WiFi password right here. On my laptop I will look for the name of my
iphone, which is conveniently labeled iPhone 3. I’m not sure why there’s three because this
is my only one. If you notice here and the top it says personal
hotspot, one connection. That means I’m ready to surfy the internet. So lets pop out the browser window… and
there we go. There we go. That’s the internet. The 3G speed is pretty darned fast actually. But that’s how you hook up your personal hotspot. If you don’t have a phone, that allows you
hotspot capabilities then I would definitely get a mobile hotspot. I think Huawei is a popular brand and the reason I know this is because a friend
of mine has it and he’s constantly traveling and uses it
all the time. He swears by it. The third option is to
have an Unlocked USB Internet stick . If you buy a midi or usb internet stick, one
big thing to note is that it’s unlocked because that means you
can use it in other countries. In past years, India sold these internet sticks
which you could use to plug in to surf the web, on your laptop but the thing was that it was
only locked onto India’s service providers. Whatever sim card you get, I always recommend
you save the outer shell. These day sit comes in three different sizes
and you’ve got regular, mini and smaller than that you’ve got the nano. My iPhone fits the nano but my USB internet
stick uses a regular sized. The way you use a USB internet stick is that
you place your sim card in this little slot here. Mine pops open an application which you can
use to search for a signal on this sim. Once it’s connected, it lets me know it’s
connected… and that I can go ahead and surf the web. Most internet sticks come with that app already
included on it. There. It’s looking , looking… So hopefully that was helpful for you. If it was give me a thumbs up or like. Subscribe to my channel . And until then, may the GRRR be with you.

Reader Comments

  1. For those in the USA that are traveling overseas and not staying too long in one country Google Co might be the best solution. Can you give us info on getting an Indian SIM and cost of data etc. Thanks

  2. Hi..I use a internet stick on my Mac as well…there great…I know you have to do a lot of other stuff on your laptop but I love my iPad…hope your well? And thanks for the email…stay safe…

  3. Did I miss where you said why you recommend keeping the SIM card "frames(?)). I know a bunch of YouTubers that should watch this! Thanks for the information!

  4. Sometimes i have to watch your videos 3 times in a row cause your beauitful face distract me from listening hehe…

    But Great advise. This will be super helpful for me as i travel to Thailand & Philippines in May.

  5. That was awesome! I just tried to make sure I could set up a hotspot with my phone, and it was definitely very easy. I didn't want to wait until I got to some other country and then not be able to do it! I was amazed at just how easy it was to do, and then watched this video through my phone's hotspot to my laptop. You finally got me off my butt to figure out how to do it by watching this video!

  6. Catching up on your vids been so busy.. Just got to Bangkok a few days ago.. It's so dang hot! lol

    Another great vid! 🙂

  7. I just subscribed. I like your videos. They're very informative and travel friendly. Thanks and will look for to more.

  8. The only problem is what if the data is not capped and not only that you're not getting free Wi-Fi you're having to pay monthly we need another way because 16GB of data isn't enough for my liking because the data can run out quickly especially using a hotspot device.

  9. Sorry I don’t get it. If you have a phone with WiFi hotspot capability and you just want for example to make Whatsap calls why do you need a portable WiFi gadget ?

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