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How To Install WhiteStone Dome Glass For the Apple Watch Series 5. Installation and Review!

How To Install WhiteStone Dome Glass For the Apple Watch Series 5. Installation and Review!

Hi Guys! I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for clicking on this video! My name is David, and Welcome to UTECHPIA! I just got the brand new Apple Watch Series
5, Nike Plus Edition, in the 44mm screen size. Yep! This is an awesome watch and I LOVE this thing! So, naturally, I wanted to protect the screen
without any compromises! I want the vibrant colors, the brightness,
the sharpness, and the touch sensitivity to all be intact, with the screen protector installed. So, searching on Amazon, I found there are
lots of screen protectors out there, but, honestly, I had a hard time finding the perfect
one! Some are plastic films, which feels rubbery
and are prone to developing bubble underneath. Some are made of glass, which is great, but
they don’t cover the entire watch screen so they look terrible. I was really excited when I heard that WhiteStone
also makes their famous Dome Glass for the Apple Watch! I’ve been using the WhiteStone Dome Glass
for all my phones and really love the quality of their tempered glass screen protectors. The Apple Watch version of the Dome Glass
uses the exact same technology as found in their popular phone screen protector. Which means it provides excellent protection
without taking away from the brilliant device experience regarding the screen brightness,
clarity, and touch sensitivity. Also, if you ever need to take off the screen
protector, it comes off easily without damaging your Apple Watch. This one works for the Apple Watch Series
4 as well as the Apple Watch Series 5. WhiteStone makes the Dome Glass for the both
the 44mm watch face as well as the 40mm watch face. They even have a Limited Lifetime Warranty,
which means that if your Dome Glass ever gets damaged or get worn out, you could a request
a replacement through WhiteStone’s website. And they’ll take care of you, they are really
good with customer service. The only downside to this awesome screen protector,
is that the installation process, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, especially if it’s
your first time installing one of these! But don’t worry, we’ll do the installation
together and I’ll walk you through each step of the way! Here are two quick tips to get you started
right off the bat! The First tip is to make sure that you do
the installation in a dust free environment, so watch out for windows and air vents that
might blow dust onto your screen while you are doing the installation. You definitely do not want that. And the second tip I have for you is that
you can use a USB power bank to power the UV Curing Lamp. That way you can do your installation anywhere
you want without looking for an electrical outlet. Here’s what comes in the kit:
1) UV Curing Lamp 2) Micro USB cable for the UV Curing Lamp
3) A detailed manual with step-by-step instructions 4) Installation Manual for the Metal Bumper
Case 5) Alcohol wipes
6) Cleaning Cloths 7) Dust removal stickers
8) Level Bar 9) Absorption Pad
10) You get not 1, but 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors! (This is perfect If you have two apple watches!) 11) Metal Bumper case
12) Two bottles of adhesive, you only need one, the second bottle is for backup incase
you mess up and need to try again. 13) The Bottom Tray and the Top Tray. Make sure you note how the top tray is oriented
with the bottom tray. Also note the arrows on the Top Tray, which
indicates where on the watch screen you will be putting the liquid adhesive. 14) The Bottom Tray, keep in mind how Top
Tray is oriented in relation to the bottom try. Alright, let’s get started! Step 1: Make sure you are on a leveled working
surface. I used the “measure” app on my iPhone, but
you can also just roll a bottle of adhesive on the surface to make sure it is leveled. Step 2: Remove the watch strap and turn off
the watch. Step 3: Use the alcohol wipe to clean the
screen, all the way to the edges. Step 4: Dry off the screen with the cleaning
cloth. Step 5: Carefully place the watch into the
Bottom Tray. Step 6: Place the absorption pad into the
Bottom Tray. Step 7: Line up the Top Tray by matching up
the fixed tape part of the Bottom Tray with the level bar insertion part of the top tray. Press down on all 4 corners to make sure it’s
seated all the way. Step 8: Use the dust removal stickers to remove
any visible dust on your screen. Take your time, you want to make sure there
are no visible specs of dust. Step 9: Insert the level bar into the fixed
tape of the bottom tray. Make sure it slides in all the way! Step 10: Take your adhesive bottle, and unscrew
the gray cap. Don’t worry, the liquid adhesive wont come
out, yet. It’s locked in there until you unscrew the
other end of the adhesive bottle. Step 11: Hold the adhesive bottle vertically
over the center of the watch, paying attention to the arrows on the top Tray. Hold it very close to the screen so that the
liquid adhesive won’t splash when you release it. Now, carefully unscrew the black upper cap
of the adhesive bottle and allow the liquid adhesive to pour out from the bottle onto
the watch face. Step 12: Wait for the about 5 seconds for
the liquid adhesive to finish pouring out, and then remove the bottle. Step 13: Carefully remove the liner on the
backside of the tempered glass screen protector. Step 14: Starting from the bottom, which is
furthest away from the fixed tape, place the glass onto the level bar. Step 15: This is the most difficult step of
the entire installation! So watch this step several times to make you
fully understand it, that way you can get it perfect on your first try. Here’s what you got to do: Push down the bottom
part of the bottom tray, and then once the liquid adhesive touches the tempered glass,
immediately pull out the level bar and stop pushing on the Bottom Tray. The reason why it’s difficult is you got do
both actions at the same time. So practice it before you do it on the actual
installation. Step 16: Wait for 30 seconds as the adhesive
to spread completely. Make sure you do not touch the screen while
the adhesive is spreading. Step 17: Place the UV light over the watch
and turn it on for 15 seconds. Step 18: Remove the Top Tray and the absorption
pad. Use the hole at the bottom on the bottom tray
to gently take the watch out of the tray. Be super careful as the adhesive isn’t fully
cured yet. Step 19: Use the Alcohol wipe to clean any
excess adhesive. Be sure to wipe along the edges, but again,
be gentle as the adhesive is not fully cured yet. Step 20: This is the final curing step, place
the UV lamp over the watch and turn it on for 1 minute. Step 21: And That’s IT, you’re done! Just power on your Apple Watch and you’re
good to go! Now you can enjoy the perfectly installed
WhiteStone Dome Glass screen protector on your Apple Watch. Everything looks amazing! The screen is just as bright as before, the
colors are vibrant and everything looks clear and sharp! The screen feels smooth and responsive, just
like touching the native Apple Watch Glass! You can install the included bumper case for
extra protection. However, the case is a loose fit, so it rattles
when the watch vibrates; which makes the watch sound like a toy. [ bumper case vibrating ]…. Yet, without
the bumper case, itis easy to see and feel and touch the edges of the screen protector,
which I kinda not like. So I’ve been going back and forth about using
the bumper case. Since the bumper case is a loose fit, if you
bump it just right, it falls off pretty easily. And of course, the bumper case makes the watch
look a tiny bit larger. But if that’s not your thing, that’s totally
fine: you can use the Dome Glass Screen Protector all by itself. But this review isn’t about the bumper case.. It’s about the Screen Protector; and I can
confidently say that the Whitestone Dome Glass Screen protector is simply the best screen
protector out there for any price for the Apple Watch Series 5 as well as the Apple
Watch Series 4! The Question I have for you guys is: do you
use a screen protector on your Apple Watch? If so, which one? Alright guys, that’s the end of this video! Let me know if you have any questions. And if you haven’t already done so, please
consider subscribing to UTECHPIA! Your support is always, always appreciated! Thanks so much for watching! And I’ll see you guys, next time! Hey, Hello! Are you still there? Oh, there you are! I see you! Thanks for sticking around. Well, if you want to see more videos, check
out these! And, yeah, these are pretty interesting videos. I hope you like them, and thanks again for
watching! I totally appreciate it! You guys are AWESOME! Welp, I’m going to head out now, so I’ll see
you later, Bye!

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  1. David, Great breakdown man love the information hard to pick the right one . Big like 12 my friend hope you have a Fantastic Weekend. 👍😀

  2. Thanks for the awesome video David! Do you think this screen protector would work with other bumpers? (mainly the X-Doria Defense Edge) The issue with my current screen protector is that when I put the bumper on, I immediately get air bubbles on the screen protector because it hugs the rounded edges of the screen protector too tightly. Any input from your end would be really helpful!

  3. If I want to remove the glass to replace it, is it difficult? when removing the glass remains rest of the glue on the surface of the watch?

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